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[How to] check LIC policy details & status online, sms & phone

Last updated : 30th September, 2016 If you have an LIC policy and you can check details / status of your LIC policy via LIC portal ( , by phone or by SMS. You can check the status of your LIC policy online by policy number, make the premium payment online, print receipt, check premium payment calendar, surrender value details, bonus etc. Policyholders can enroll policies on their own life only. If the policy pertains to a different person viz. spouse, children etc, then he/she is requested to register a separate user-id and enroll the respective policy/ies under that user-id. ... Read More »

New EPF Withdrawal forms – withdraw PF without employer signature

Last updated : 7th October, 2016 EPFO recently launched “New EPF Withdrawal Forms”, ( Form 19 UAN, Form 10C UAN and Form 31 UAN) which can be used to withdraw PF amount without employer signature.  Employees will no longer need the approval of their employers to withdraw money from their Employees Provident Fund (EPF) corpus. Conditions to use this new facility to withdraw PF without employer attestation: You must have UAN number activated.  (See – How you can activate UAN) You must link your Aadhaar number with UAN.  You must provide your Bank details with UAN. You KYC have been verified by ... Read More »

EPF Mobile App – Check EPF Balance and Activate UAN

Last updated : 7th October, 2016EPFO has released mobile application (M-EPF) for employees, employers and pensioners. This app can be downloaded either from Google Play store or it can be directly downloaded from Laptop/ PC for manual installation from the link below: Once you download the Mobile App, you will get the welcome screen. You can see that there are options for employees, employers as well as pensioner. When you click on the “Employee ” section, you can see two options  Activate UAN Balance / Passbook   1) Balance / Passbook –  You can click on Balance / Passbook, to see ... Read More »

[How to] check PF balance via short SMS code

Last updated : 7th October, 2016EPFO has recently launched SMS services for its members who have Universal Account Number (UAN).  In 2014, EPFO launched the UAN facility where a portable Universal Account Number was allotted to all the members. Once you active your UAN, you can use different services such as PF balabce, PF passbook, monthly SMS of contributions etc. Read my article on How to activate your PF UAN. The newly launched EPFO Short Code SMS Service is available only to those members who have activated their UAN (Universal Account Number). To use this new SMS facility, the member ... Read More »

[How to] check CIBIL Credit Score & Credit Report Online in India

Last updated : 30th June, 2014 CIBIL TransUnion Score (Including Credit Information Report) is your detailed credit history & repayment discipline. Every individual has the right to access his Credit Information Report (CIR). It is through this that a person can check and analyze whether he is in the defaulter list of the concerned bank or not. Before you apply for a Home Loan, Car Loan, Personal Loan or a Credit Card, check your Credit Score. CIBIL Credit Information Bureau (INDIA) Limited (CIBIL) is the central repository of credit information of all borrowers. It contains data of the credit history ... Read More »

[How to] correct or rectify errors in CIBIL report

Last updated : 2nd May, 2014 In my earlier post, I explained – How to check your CIBIL report & score online. Once you have downloaded the report, you should check whether the information mentioned is correct and belongs to you. Have you noticed any entry which does not belongs to you ? Are there any errors ? Are you in CIBIL defaulter list because of wrong data? In this article, I will explain How to rectify such errors in your CIBIL report 1) Get a copy of your CIBIL report: Read my post – How to get CIBIL report ... Read More »

[How to] pay LIC premium online – with & without Registration

Last updated : 9th April, 2014 Are you still lining up in long queues to make the LIC premium payment ? Are you not using the online feature to make the LIC Premium payment. In this post, I will explain the steps to make the LIC premium payment online. You can pay LIC premium online if you are registered user on LIC Portal or without any registration – (LIC has started this new feature)  A.  For making payment after Registration on LIC Portal Registration on LIC portal is simple. Just follow the 2 steps mentioned in my earlier post –  ... Read More »

[How to] Change PAN Card Address – Online & Offline Process

Last updated : 9th April, 2014 Have you moved house recently or joined in new company in new city, make sure you also update your current address in your PAN Card. Address on your PAN Card is your primary contact address for Income Tax department, so it is important that you keep it updated. Updating PAN card address is simple – You just need to submit the prescribed form with ID & address proof and nominal fees. Below are the steps / process for updating the address in your PAN Card. You an submit the PAN Change Form either Online ... Read More »

How to open PPF Account online at ICICI Bank

Last updated : 9th April, 2014 PPF is a risk-free and tax-free investment product that provides reasonably good returns. Read my other Post on -Why Should you invest in PPF You can open a PPF account either directly through a post office or through a bank. Opening a PPF Account with a bank is lot more convenient than through a Post Office. This is  because a PPF Account with a bank facilitates online funds transfer from your savings  account to your PPF account. ICICI Bank Limited has been authorised by the Ministry of Finance to open PPF Account & now ... Read More »

[How to] transfer funds to PPF account online

Last updated : 9th April, 2014 In today’s net savvy world, visits to banks are becoming less and people are interested in transacting online.  You can also transfer funds to your PPF account online if you have PPF account in SBI or other Banks. You can deposit money in PPF account online via netbanking. If your PPF account is in Post office, then such online funds transfer is not possible. In my last post, I concluded that PPF is one the safest, tax eficient long term investment. Read the complete article. Scenario 1: If your PPF Account is in SBI ... Read More »

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