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How to update contact details in LIC policy

Last updated : 30th September, 2016 In today’s fast changing world, many people change jobs and move to different places and cities, it is important to update the new contact details for all your investments. Traditionally it was very difficult to change the details with the public sector banks or insurance companies. Most of the people in India will have at least one LIC policy in their family either for own or any other family member and if you wanted to change something on the policy, that was nightmare. With LIC becoming more customer friendly, if you have correct mobile ... Read More »

[How to] transfer PF Acount Balance online

Last updated : 7th October, 2016  From Oct 2013, You can apply for transfer of your EPF account from one employer to another employer ONLINE using EPFO OTCP (online transfer claim portal). The process of applying for PF transfer online is simple : Check eligibility for online transfer  (at least one of the employers should  have their digital signatures registered with the EPFO) Register yourself as a member at EPFO site, Fill up the online transfer form—Form 13—and Submit it for attestation with the employer that has registered its digital signature. After your details are verified by your employer, EPFO ... Read More »

[How to] withdraw PF Balance

Last updated : 7th October, 2016 When can I withdraw my PF Balance ? As per PF rules, when you switch job, you only have ONE option – “TRANSFER to new Employer PF Account”. PF withdrawal is only allowed, if you are unemployed for at least 2 months. However, many employees withdraw money from old PF Account just by declaring that they are out of job for 2 months. They submit the withdrawal form after 2 months of leaving the last employer. As the PF data is not centralised, or no unique PF ID number is in place, it is ... Read More »

PF Name change form, Date of Birth, Address correction & update process

Last updated : 7th October, 2016 Many PF members face challenges at the time of PF transfer or PF withdrawal due to errors in the name, date of birth etc. Have you faced similar issue? Do you want to change the name or date of birth in your PF account? Have you changed your surname after marriage and the new name is in bank account but not in PF account? In this post, I am providing more details around process and form to change and update your details in PF account – Name, Date of Birth, Communication Address, Email account, ... Read More »

[How to] download PF statement (e-Passbook) online

Last updated : 7th October, 2016 EPFO is now providing facility to download your PF statement online. You donot need to wait for year end to get the PF statement. You can also check your PF balance via SMS using their on line facility. Read post PF ePassbook It is an Online PF statement which shows details of PF transactiosn monthwise.  It is available to Active members only (not for settled, inoperative accounts). Register online on EPFO Site http://members.epfoservices.in/ Enter your mobile number, Date of Birth & Select one of the following Document Number & then Click on “Get PIN” ... Read More »

[How to ] withdraw PF early during employment (pre-mature withdrawal) ?

Last updated : 7th October, 2016 Money in your PF account should be kept for your retirement purpose. However, do you know that you can withdraw amount from your EPF account during the employment in case of certain emergencies? If you meet certain conditions, EPFO can sanction the pre-mature withdrawal. In this post, I am trying to explain the situations where you can withdraw PF amount early during the employment. Pre-mature PF withdrawal is allowed for specific purposes and if the individual furnish all relevant documents and satisfy the necessary requirements: 1)  Two months without any job An employee can ... Read More »

How to activate or check PF UAN status online

Last updated : 15th March, 2017 In this post, I will explain how can you get your EPF Universal Account Number (UAN) online and how to check or activate or register your UAN and how to check the UAN status online. Also, I will explain how to check the PF Balance online using UAN.   In Dec 2016, EPFO has also launched a new unified portal where you can get PF passbook, check KYC, UAN Card etc – read my post.  Mar 2017 – PFRDA has now notified process to transfer EPF to NPS (New Pension Scheme) – Read my ... Read More »

[How to] access UAN when mobile number changed

Last updated : 7th October, 2016 If you have forgot your UAN password, you can access your reset your password by using UAN and registered mobile number. http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in/forget_pass_uan.php However, if you loses your mobile number or change your mobile number then it is difficult to access UAN. A. Online Option EPFO has provided new link for UAN helpdesk http://www.epfindia.gov.in/site_en/ http://www.epfindia.gov.in/site_en/For_Employees.php?id=sm2_index You need to select the problem type as “Forgot password and Mobile number is changed” Ente the details like new Mobile number, UAN, Name,Father name, Date of Birth. After the submission, you will get an OTP for the verification. ... Read More »

[How to] withdraw PF amount without previous employer’s signature

Last updated : 7th October, 2016 Are you in situation that you want to withdraw your PF Account balance but cannot take previous employer’s signature : you left the company without proper notice period & now previous employer not signing your EPF Withdrawal documents you left company long back your previous company is closed or any other reason You can still withdraw your PF amount without signature from your previous employer. 1. Fill the required forms –   Form 19 (for EPF withdrawal) and  Form 10C (for EPS Withdrawal) 2.  Get it attested by any one of the following :     ... Read More »

[How to] Save Capital Gains Tax on Sale of Property in India

Last updated : 19th September, 2016 Over the years, property is one of the high ticket items in one’s investment portfolio. Now the buying / selling are more frequent with good appreication. However, the investor needs to consider taxation aspects when buying & selling properties. Any profit earned on sale of property is taxed as Capital Gains. The amount of tax depends of holding period of the property.   Short Term Capital Gain Long Term Capital Gain Holding Period Asset Held of less than 3 years Asset Held of more than 3 years Tax Added to Income and taxed at ... Read More »

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