[How to] check PF balance via short SMS code


EPFO has recently launched SMS services for its members who have Universal Account Number (UAN).  In 2014, EPFO launched the UAN facility where a portable Universal Account Number was allotted to all the members. Once you active your UAN, you can use different services such as PF balabce, PF passbook, monthly SMS of contributions etc. Read my article on How to activate your PF UAN.

The newly launched EPFO Short Code SMS Service is available only to those members who have activated their UAN (Universal Account Number).

To use this new SMS facility, the member should have the details like Aadhaar, PAN and bank account digitally approved and provided by the employer.

How to use this new SMS facility for PF

Please note that you can only use this facility, if you have PF UAN.It you dont have PF UAN, you can activate your PA UAN.  Else you can check your PF Balance online

You need to send the SMS in predefined format from your mobile number registered during UAN activation. The EPFO on receipt of such SMS will send the members details available with EPFO along with details of KYC seeded, Last Contribution and Total PF Balance.

You need to send the message to 77382 99899 in the format – EPFOHO UAN <LAN>  where <LAN> is first three characters of preferred language.

Language – The Members has been given an option to know the details in 10 different Indian languages namely English, Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam and Bengali

For example, if  you would like to receive SMS in English, you should send an SMS as EPFOHO UAN ENG to 77382 99899.  

If  you would like to receive SMS in HINDI, you should send an SMS as EPFOHO UAN HIN to 77382 99899.

If you are facing any issues you can contact EPFO helpdesk service at toll free no. 1800118005 from 09:15 AM to 05:45 PM on all seven days for any query relating to UAN / KYC Services.

In my previous post, I explained the following:

How to check PF balance online and get the balance on SMS

How to check PF ePassbook Online

How to activate UAN and check PF balance via UAN

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      • Dear Sir
        mene 12 Aug ko pf k liye form bhar diya hai. Mera pf balance abhi tak Jama nahi hua hai. Sir please document form Jama hua hai ya nhi vo check karke bata dijiye. Or pf balance kitna hai vo bhi. Anyatha muje kya karna hai vo batayega sir.
        Mob No. 9662919063
        pf no. RJ/14110/4670

  1. Dear Sri ,
    Mera ek problem he ? Mera father ko operation kor nekaliye 50,0000/-
    Merokho joruri he .iseliye plz. My pf amount check kor do.
    Pf no:9125
    Employee name:Raj pegu
    Services;-Globe detective agency.
    Phone number:8012756903

  2. sir,
    mere pf balence nehi dikh raha hei,ap thora chek karke denge kiya pls sir , 8880187552 this mobile namber ,reply me sms

  3. Pf no ap/hy/56070/157146
    Apply dt.9.4.15
    Mobile no 8478889403
    Is very ursent my pf money plz kindly request to u sir…

  4. DEAR SIR,


    • Please try steps above DS/NHP/937132/000/0001O57

      This PF number is related to MOBILE COMM TECHNOLOGIES(I) PVT LTD.

    • the PF number does not looks complete. Please check again. Also who is the employer.

      Please see the post above to check the balance.

  5. Hello Sir I want to update my mobile number because i have lost my number and also forget my password therefore im not able to update new mobile number please help me what to do. im waiting for your reply 🙁

  6. hello Sir i want to change my mobile number because i have lost my number 🙁 and also forget my login password therefore im not able to check my transaction please give me solution. im waiting for yout reply 🙁

  7. RES.
    WRONG BIRTHDAY 02/05/1978
    RIGHT BIRTHDAY 05/02/1978

  8. pls check my pf sir
    Name roushan kumar
    ma foi management consultants ltd
    employee code 173863
    Dr reddy’s laboratories
    Epf no – TN/35791/140816

    • As you are undr MAFOI, your PF number should be TN/MAS/0035791/00B/0140816

      Please confirm with your HR and then check the PF balance online using the steps in the post above.

  9. I am unable to find the balance of my PF with the above link as the option not thrown up for hyderabad. ( region ) shows only guntur, vishapatkam , rajmundry and one more option. help in this regard my pf no is AP/HYD/37897/006382
    I request to help in this regard.

  10. hi… sir

    i m vishal trivedi and i dont have acess my pf account and balance i dont know how can check it and i have couple of times visit epfo wwebsite but not get any detail pl…….pl,,,,,, sir help me…

  11. Hi vivek,
    I worked in three companies from the duration of 2010 to 2015 Jan. Not working now. While I was in company 3 I applied for pf transfer claim from company 1 and 2 to 3rd company s of account. Now transfer claim page in epfo portal shows the current status (in feb)for transfer claim from company 1 to company 3 as ‘your request is in transit between epfo out and in offices’ after the approval from both companies whereas the next claim status for pf transfer from company 2 to 3 got stuck with the approval from previous company msg . no further actions .
    What does the message indicate as I now can’t able to view the balance of pf account of company 1 and 3.
    I got UAN from second company .in UAN only company 2 details were there, I listed company 1 details , it’s showing doj and date of leaving as correct whereas when I listed third company , date of joining showing as doj of first company.
    now all of balance links shows the balance for company 2 only. How can I view the pf balance of other two companies? Also like to know whether pf transfer has done.
    Please reply.

    MH/BAN/0035415 /000/0048930
    My pf amount is 15233
    But i have dont getting my pf amount
    Please tell me when my pf credit in my account??
    Please give me a proper date
    I need pf

  13. dear sir my name-bapan chhatait, my pf a/c no mh 19900/ 679580
    company name-larsen & toubro limited ,site -amravati , state- maharasthra
    plz chake my pf account
    my mobile no -7387544094

  14. .Hi Vivek, thanks a lot for this useful post and patiently responding to your reader’s queries. Appreciate it.
    One query..
    I gave a miss call on 01122901406 to check the PF Balance.
    Instead of the balance details, I got a message as follows:
    “Member ID xxxxxxxx pertain to exempted estabilishment. PF Balance Service is not available for Trust.”

    What does this mean and how can I check my PF balance as I am unable to see the balance on EPFO Portal too.
    Please advice.
    Thanks again,

    • Hi Divy, It seems that your PF is not managed by EPFO but by company trust. Who is your employer?
      Check with your HR who manages the PF for that company.

  15. Dear Sir,

    My employer has generated new UAN no though First UAN no is provided to him. I have transferred the PF of previous company to first UAN No. but the PF no showing is present employer. Is there any problem. I am not able to generate the Passbook. Both the UAN no is activated. In first UAN is it showing Member Passbook not available. and in second showing You request for passbook already in progress. 5 days lapsed. Also I have followed the steps as mentioned above to know PF balance but not getting the SMA. Please guide me what to do?

  16. Sir mera p. F. N. 250397 e s l c .n 381040312 a/c n. 994 he o r mobile. No. 8819871875 h email kripya mera please.p f no sms see bhej de


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