[How to] check CIBIL Credit Score & Credit Report Online in India


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CIBIL TransUnion Score (Including Credit Information Report) is your detailed credit history & repayment discipline.

Every individual has the right to access his Credit Information Report (CIR). It is through this that a person can check and analyze whether he is in the defaulter list of the concerned bank or not.

Before you apply for a Home Loan, Car Loan, Personal Loan or a Credit Card, check your Credit Score.


Credit Information Bureau (INDIA) Limited (CIBIL) is the central repository of credit information of all borrowers. It contains data of the credit history of all borrowers associated with the member banks / financial institutions.

CIR is a factual report which gives an idea on the credit payment history of the borrower which has been compiled from information collected from different credit grantors.

Based on your credit history, CIBIL gives you a score between 300 and 900. The higher your score, the greater are your chances of loan approval.

How to get your CIBIL Credit Score & CIR online / offline

Following are the steps to get CIBIL Score online :

  • Fill online form by visiting the CIBIL website   –    https://www.cibil.com/online/credit-score-check.do
  • Enter the Details
    • Name, Address, Date of Birth
    • Contact Details
    • Loan Account or Credit Card Number ( for Online Verification)
    • ID & Address Proof – (For offline Verification
  • Pay Rs 470 using your credit card, online banking or debit card
  • After completing the form and paying Rs 470, you need to fill the authentication details. You would be given 5 questions based on your credit history and you have to answer at least 3 to get the authentication done

After getting the authentication done successfully, you will get the CIBIL score through e-mail within 24 hours.  

If you pass authentication – You will be able to download the report instantly. Just ensure the pop-up blocker is disabled in your browser before you do so. The credit report is also emailed to you at the email id mentioned at the time of purchase.

If you do not pass the authentication – You can then upload your KYC compliant identity and address proof along with the online payment confirmation form. The online payment confirmation appears on the screen post you complete the authentication process indicating if you passed or did not pass. Post verifying the documents, your CIR will be mailed to you in 7 business days via Express Delivery / Speed Post / Courier.

Offline Request

You can also opt to purchase your Credit Score and CIR by

If you are purchasing the Credit Score (and CIR) through our offline channel, then we will dispatch your Credit Report in 7 business days after receiving and verifying your KYC documents.

Section in your Credit Report

 ‘Accounts’ section of your credit report –   contains existing and past credit facilities that you have availed from various loan providers. For example, if you have a home loan and a personal loan, your credit report will reflect both accounts on your credit report along with details such as the name of the lender, type of credit facility, dates of opening and closing (if applicable) of each account, current balances, status of the accounts and your payment history. Your credit report summarizes your credit behavior across these accounts for the last 36 months.

 ‘Enquiry’ section of your credit report will be populated when a lender accesses your credit report from CIBIL in order to evaluate your loan application.  If you have applied for a home loan of Rs. 10,00,000/- then the ‘Enquiry’ section of the credit report will be populated to show the name of the lender you applied to, along with the enquiry date (date on which the lender has accessed your credit report, enquiry purpose (in this case it was a home loan) and the enquiry amount (which would be for Rs. 10,00,000 in this case). All enquiries made by lenders in the past are displayed here.

Can I just buy CIR (Credit Information Report)
Yes, you can purchase only the CIR.

The CIR will just represent your credit history as reported by the Banks and Financial institutions. To purchase the CIR, you would need to download and mail the duly filled form (at the address mentioned in the form) along with KYC compliant identity and address proofs and a Demand Draft for 154/-.

What to do if the information is credit report is incorrect ?

Read my post – How to rectify errors in CIBIL report?


Over the last few years, Credit Scoring has gained importance in Indian maret & it is now extremely important for a borrower to keep tabs on the credit report. It is now mandatory to maintain a good credit score for getting all types of borrowings from banks, whether it is a home loan, car loan, personal loan or business loan.

It is better to check your Credit Information Report & Score on an Annual basis to make sure the information is correct.

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  1. I dont think these cibil reports are genuine. They will not update any thing except defaults.They will also show much interest when any body happens to apply for loan on line and immediately update the details of the party whether it is pproved or not.Finally cibil give a remark as credit hungry. When loani is not approved by a financial company usually the party will apply for loan from other company. Thisi does not mean that he is running for loans in hungry or hurry.CIBIL is acting like financial intelligence agency but not to help the borrowers.I request CIBIL authorities to make a note in their reports when loan is completely settled and the score may be reviewed. If cibil acts like this no one will get loan.

    • It seems that your experience with Credit repots is not good. I believe that CIBIL also records if a particular loan is settled.
      Applying too many loans in short period also affect your credit score.

  2. Dear Sir
    My PA N CARD no is ABDPV9072B and My A/C no – 9272872 and customer ID is 1052523. CiBIl is showing balance 2209 Rs. But it is a Personal Loan of March,2006 .I had depsosited regular EMI.After 3 years Recovery Agent has warned me and pressurized to give Rs. 1178 in cash but I denied and said I will give a cheque as I was transffered before 3 years .So I can not confirm from my bank Banks has not directly contacted to me . Now I have no agreement letter and I do not know the Name of the Bank.( the Name of Lender)
    Kindly send to me the name of Bank( Lender’s Name) My Mail is – vermabanshi@yahoo.in. I would like to inquire ,if there is balance i will deposit directly to the Bank. I will be thankful to u Sir

    • Hi, As you mentioned that you hve deposited regular EMI, then you should have the bank / lender details. Also, do you have any loans from other lenders.

    • Hi Mr Verma,
      Firstly, I would like to advise you to pull out your credit report as it shows all the bank accounts with their name and account number and also has your entire payment history.

      I am sure if you have paid entire amount then the current balance and overdue balance should be zero and it has any amount then you can visit the nearest branch of that bank and contact a customer care desk.

      You also have an option of getting credit counsellor who can help you to resolve this issue without you going to any branch.

  3. In March ,2006 they had taken ECS. 36 EMI for Rs 1266 only that were already paid in my point of view. In between I was transfered from my Ministry to other place so I could not updated my passbook. Therefore my salary account in the bank had been closed in 2009 . After 3 years some time in 2012 A recovery Agent contacted me on my Cell that Rs 1178 are balance . I want cash . I replied that Pl sent prove as my account has been closed before 3 years ,I am not able to verify and if u r right I will pay through cheque. He denied to receive cheque and demanded cash and warned me to damage my score in cibil. In between No Bank Authority contacted to me. Now 10 years have been passed since then. No banks records are available with me.Before 2 days I have seen CIBIL there are pendig 2209 Rs. shown against may name so I want to know the name of the Bank which has given me record to CIBIL and want to inquire personaly and if Bank will right ,I will deposit balance along with interest .Kindly provide me the name of the Bank . My pan card no-ABDPV9072B ,Personal Loan Account no is 9272872 and customer ID is 1052523.I will be thankful to u .

    • Hi, It is not possible to know the bank name from the cibil details. Normally the bank name is included in the report. if not, you should contact the bank where you paid the 36 EMI and confirm if there is any balance outstanding.

      if not, you can also contact CIBIL to dispute the entry and they may be able to provide the details.


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