[How to] correct or rectify errors in CIBIL report



In my earlier post, I explained – How to check your CIBIL report & score online.

Once you have downloaded the report, you should check whether the information mentioned is correct and belongs to you.

Have you noticed any entry which does not belongs to you ? Are there any errors ? Are you in CIBIL defaulter list because of wrong data?

In this article, I will explain How to rectify such errors in your CIBIL report

1) Get a copy of your CIBIL report:

Read my post – How to get CIBIL report / score online

2) Identify the discrepancies:

Once you get the report, you should go through the report carefully. Check Basic details like Name, DoB, Address, Transactions etc are correct.

Errors / Mistakes can fall in any of the 4 categories

  • On your personal information
  • Account details
  • Ownership status
  • Duplication of accounts

3)  Raise a dispute:

If there are any mistakes, you can raise dispute with CIBIL.

Logon to Cibil’s dispute resolution.   https://www.cibil.com/online/file-consumer-dispute.do

Enter details – Name, date of birth, address,

In addition, you need to enter –  ‘control number’ (It is a 9-digit number found on the top right hand side of your CIR) and the nature of the dispute.

4) Dispute Resolution

Once the dispute is filed, CIBIL will carefully verifies the details provided by you. It gets in touch with the concerned lender and lets them know about dispute raised by you.

After the bank authenticates the dispute raised by you, CIBIL will rectify the discrepancy and inform you accordingly.

The dispute resolution process takes about a month to get complete. After you receive the status of dispute, it is advisable to check the CIBIL report again to ensure that data is corrected.


It is important to check your CIBIL report periodically ( at least Annually) to see if the data in CIBIL report is correct. If not, then get it rectified as soon as possible.

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  1. DEAR SIR,
    I had taken loan before 7 years from HDFC -PERSONAL LOAN NO.-12760294, Rs.1.50 LACS. & HDFC credit card NO.4346781005484803. & ICICI PERSONAL LOAN NO.- LPRAJ00011865522 & ICICI credit card no.- 4477478258713001.
    so ,I did clear the all loan.& I have taken no dues.so kindly delete my name from cibil.

    • If you have no outstanding amount and if you have not defaulted, then you should not have default record in CIBIL. You should get the CIBIL report and check the records.
      If the details are not correct, then you should complain to the lender.

  2. Dear Sir

    I have found dispute in my report on cibil , where i have not applied for loan but its showing in my enquiry says i have applied for loan , where i have not applied .

    as example on 12.03.2015 its says from icici bank two time i have applied for loan in same day 6,10,000 how its is possible .

    same some tcfscl bank i have not applied but its showing i have applied for loan .

    SCB i have not applied for loan but in my enquirey its there .

    because of this i am not able to take loan its look like i am eager to take loan from bank , please let me know how to remove this ti make my enquiry report correct .

    misuses of my document has been done from some banks where i am not aware please let me know the soloution .

    Ashish Dhawan

    • You need to contact CIBIL and respective bank to find out when it is showing as applied. normally bank will have records as to when it is applied. It seems that someone has misused your documents.

  3. Dear Sir,
    I have taken personal loan My Pan Card no- is ABDPV9072B in march’2006 . My Account No- is 9272872 and Customer ID is 1052523. Regular EMI had been deposited and meanwhile I have transfered. Since lot of yeary have been lapsosed I have aggrement letter and I dont have name of Banks . I want to inquire from lender . If lender will wright ,I will deposit Balance Rs.2209 shown CIBIL Credit Score.
    Kindly send me the name of the Bank .

    • It is not possible to get the bank details from these data. You need to get the CIBILI report and the bank name may be in there.


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