[How to] check LIC policy details & status online, sms & phone



If you have an LIC policy and you can check details / status of your LIC policy via LIC portal (www.licindia.in) , by phone or by SMS.

You can check the status of your LIC policy online by policy number, make the premium payment online, print receipt, check premium payment calendar, surrender value details, bonus etc.

Policyholders can enroll policies on their own life only. If the policy pertains to a different person viz. spouse, children etc, then he/she is requested to register a separate user-id and enroll the respective policy/ies under that user-id.


A. How to check the LIC Policy Status Online – on LIC Portal (www.licindia.in)

You just need to follow simple steps to use the features online – Register Online on LIC portal & add Policies. That’s it.

Step 1:  Register on LIC website / portal

a)  Go to LIC website   & Click on “New User”  –  https://www.licindia.in/index.html

You need following information for registration on LIC Portal

  • policy number,
  • premium amount,
  • date of birth
  • email id

Password should be atleast 8 digits & contains atleast 1 numeric character


Step 2:  Enroll Policies

Once you are registered, logon to the LIC Portal

Click on  “Online Services”.  After Login, you will see the menu options in right hand side. 

Click on “Enroll Policies” & Enter the details like Policy Number, Premium amount & Name of Life Insured.

Once the policies are added, you can view the policy documents, payment due date, premium calendar etc.



You can also Pay the LIC premium online.

You can check the Receipts of LIC premium paid ONLINE.  Here, you cannot see any physical payments made.


B. How to check the LIC Policy Details via Phone

If you do not have access to Internet or want to check your LIC policy details over phone, you can call LIC customer care to check all the details

LIC HelpLine Number –  1251  from any BSNL/MTNL Phone.

Contact number of nearest LIC Offices



C.  How to check the LIC Policy Status via SMS

Do not use SMS option as this doesnot give enough information. Also, Mobile company will charge you Rs 3 to Rs 10 for each SMS.

You can also get LIC policy details via sending SMS to following numbers in specific format:

 SMS Format

For Individual policy enquiry through SMS, Type


 Send To 56767877  (“Policyholders can make same enquiries by sending SMS to  96649 96649)

  •  Premium – Installment premium under policy
  • Revival – If policy is lapsed, Revival amount payable
  • Bonus – Amount of Bonus vested
  • Loan – Amount available as Loan
  • NOM – Details of Nomination

For e.g. if your policy no is 9898787878 and you want to get name of the nominee for the policy 

Type: ASKLIC 9898787878 NOM and send it to 56767877

SMS for Pension Policies:

To get Annuity plan status you need to type following in your mobile SMS


 Send To 56767877

  • IPP Policy Status, (STAT)
  • Existence Certificate Due, (ECDUE)
  • Last Annuity Released Date, (ANNPD)
  • Annuity Payment thru (CHQ/ECS/NEFT) (PDTHRU)
  • Annuity Amount (AMOUNT)
  • Cheque Return Information (CHQRET)


Have you done LIC policy enquiry online ? Have you created login & done online registration on LIC portal – www.licindia.in ? Have you checked surrender value of your LIC policy ? Do you want to knwo bonus acrued on your LIC policy. You can do all this by registering on LIC portal licindia.in licindia.com

If you have any queries related to LIC policies, feel free to post it in the forum.

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    • Hi Ajay, No you need to create separate login for your wife.

      Only policies related to 1 person can be added in one user ID.

      I think LIC should give some option to add policies for your family members.. May be in future, they will offer such facility.

    • Hi Rahul,

      DO you mean that you want to check your Mutual fund investment statement ? Have you given yoru email ID in MF investment form?

  1. LIC is portal is useless one wont get important details i dotn know how their SMS service work but i have registered and enrolled my all policies and i dont get updates as and when required… i have also registered my mobile number but i dont know i have ever recieved even premium pay alert….

  2. Hi Vivek,

    I am holding an LIC Jeevan Anand Policy and it will complete 3 years in Dec 2014.
    I am paying the premium quaterly and annually the total premium comes to be Rs.15572.
    The maturity amount of the policy is 3 Lakhs and the time frame is 21 years.
    I just took it for the sake of saving some tax.
    Now I dont want to continue with this policy and want to surrender it because I think its just a waste of money and I can utilise this amount to invest some where else like equities

    Can you kindly tell me the process for surrendering the LIC policy
    And if I surrender after completing 3 years how much amount will be reducted and what will be the amount
    which I will be getting back.

    Is it advisable to continue holding the policy without paying any more premiums and after maturity take the amount + interest
    Or should I surrender now ?

    Need your assistance


    • Hi Prakash,

      LIC Jeevan Anand (Table 149) is combination of Endowment Assurance and Whole Life plans.

      Guaranteed Surrender Value:
      The policy may be surrendered after it has been in force for 3 years or more. The guaranteed surrender value is 30% of the basic premiums paid excluding the first year’s premium.

      So, in your case, if you have paid 3 year premium ( Rs 15572*3 = 46716), the GSV will be Rs 9343

      In practice, LIC will pay a Special Surrender Value – which is either equal to or more than the Guaranteed Surrender Value. The benefit payable on surrender reflects the discounted value of the reduced claim amount that would be payable on death or at maturity.

      So after adding the discounted amount of bonus etc, I think it will be roughly Rs 15000.

      You should register your policy on LIC portal & check what is the Loan amount. The loan amount will be 90% of surrender value.
      You can also visit the branch and check the surrender value.

      If you make the policy paid up = you will get the partial sum assured + declared bonus. so in your case it ahould be 300000/21*3 = 43000+bonus aaround 35000 = total 78000 after 18 years.

      If you take the surrender value & invest in PPF / Equity funds for next 18 years, you might earn higherr amount as compared to Paid up policy amount.

      So, you need to first check how much is the accrued bonus till now, and what is the surrender value 7 what is the paid up value.
      then we need to do the calculation.

      Most probably it will be better to surrender and then invest in PPF / Equity funds etc.

      • Hi Vivek,

        What do you mean by when you say “make the policy paid up”.
        I did not understand the calculations which you have made under the paid up section

        I have my policy registered in the LIC portal.
        How can I check the total accrued bonus till date and the surrender value from the LIC portal ?
        You said to check the loan amount from portal. What is the need to check that and how to do so ?

        What if I do not surrender the policy but keep it as it is without paying any further premiums and wait till the maturity period is over. Is it feasible and if yes will there be any penalties ?
        What are your suggestions ?


        • Hi Prakash,
          Paid up means – if you do not surrender the policy but keep it as it is without paying any further premiums and wait till the maturity period is over. In that case, at the maturity, you will get proportionate sum assured + bonus accrued till date.
          To know bonus, logom to LIC portal. Click on “View Enrolled policies” , then in the Vested bonus section, you can see the bonus.

          But I think, they have removed the option to get Surrender value & Loan value.You can call the customer care to get the Loan value. Because if you ask for surrender value, they will say – visit nearest branch.

          First you need to get the surrender value & paidup value, then it will be easier to decide.

          • Hi Vivek,

            Just checked the vested bonus for my policy in LIC portal and its Rs.28500

            So what would be a better option :
            a. To keep the policy paid up or
            b. To surrender the policy

            Which one would you suggest ?


          • a) if you keep policy paid up, at maturity you will get approx Rs 71000 (300000/21*3 = 43000 + bonus around 28000) after 18 years.

            b) if you surrender now, you will get around Rs 17000.

            If you surrender now and invest that money for 18 years, you will get approx Rs 80000 (at 9% interest) or Rs 120000 ( assuming 12% return on equity funds)

            So, it is better to surrender now & invest in Equity fund for long term.

      • Dear Sir
        You said ” Most probably it will be better to surrender and then invest in PPF / Equity funds etc.”

        is there any life insurance in PPF , if after 2 year any kind of life risk then what will return by PPF
        & what by LIC ?

        I think LIC will pay 3 Lac in this case just in 2years

        • Hi Arvind, the comment was made because the member has invested only for tax purpose. Also it was for comparing the investment returns calculation
          You are right that there is no insurance in PPF / ELSS. Therefore, it is better to buy Term Insurance which is the cheapest option.
          For 10 lakh sum assured, term insurance will be only Rs 2500 per year. the rest can be invested in good investment options.

    • Surely, We can make it happen to get your full money back after surrending the policy. R u interested for free DAB.

  3. Sir
    I have received a call from Insurance Control Authority (ICA) regarding my fathers Insurance policy they have provided me an policy number.I have no details of my fathers LIC policy details how do i check the policy details and status.
    Kindly Help..

    • Hi Arvind, Such unsolicited calls can be fraudulent, so please beware. Donot give any mone to them, if they ask for it for providing more information.
      If your father has any policy, you should know. If not, just ring LIC customer care / visit LIC branch & give that policy number, and they can check.
      Most likely, this will be a fraud call.

  4. Hi Sir,
    Thanks for the reply they dint ask about the mone but he has given me his landline no which starts from 070-4******** He asked me to call by keeping all documents ready.
    Actually my father got expired in 2009 so i dont have any documents or any details about the policy.
    He says dat your fathers policy got over and you will not find any info at LIC office because it has been sent to Insurance control authority and even he said that the nominee for the policy is my mother.

    • There is no insurance control authority. there is no STD code 070.
      I think this is a fraud call. DONOT give any documents and specially any bank details / money to them.

      What documents do they need ? Ask about the office address ?

  5. HI SIR,
    POLICY NU.988029264
    health policy
    POLICY NU.988029268
    card nhi me la


  6. sir good morning this is personal loan requirement so please contact me this my 9911682850 my name is shekhar kumar my sister marige so please help me

  7. Sir,.

    I want to register my policy in lic website. but it say wrong date entered. But i check the details again it correct.

    Policy is Jeeven ankur, premium 4039 hly.

    Please guide

  8. I have opened an account by my wife username in LICindia.com 8 years back, that time site was allowing to enrol other family policy number also, but currently site not allowing to enter by username and how to unregister my name policy from her account. since I tried to register the same policy with my new account then error message is displaying “policy is already registered”. when try to find wife password after entering all details properly it is showling “details not matching”.

  9. Dear sir my policy no 540577233 is old address kerala to change new address qtr no 42 type 2 Nisa Hakimpet Cisf campus R.R.dist Telagana 500078 please arrange it my mobil no 7382060366

    • You need to visit your nearest LIC office and submit the application alongwith the original policy document, keep a copy for your reference.

  10. HI sir,
    i am sarat. i have a policy jeevanswathi ( i.e. wife & husband policy) . i pay my policy in three years. one year back my wife was dead by accidently. i surrender my policy now. Because i am not interest the death benefit and also i have no death certificate of my wife. how can i surrender my policy. In the lic office they asked the death certificate. plz tell me solution.

    • Hi Sarat, Sorry to hear about your wife. If her death is by accident , you may get the death certificate from the hospital.

  11. sir please give more details for my policy no 655745927 i have received 15000/- rs fifteen thousand again i want my policy details how much i will pay every month and last due date also imform me

    • Hi, Which LIC policy do you have. Please give more details regarding Policy name, period when policy taken, maturity , Sum Assured etc, premium amount and duration

  12. hi,

    i have taken lic policy thoruhg lic agent and he was paying my money.

    how to register in lic.

    i dont know whether he has given my email id or not.

    how to register pls help me

  13. Sir,
    Below are the details of my LIC policies.

    Name of Policy : Jeevan Mitra Double Cover Endowment +Profit+Acc.Benefit,
    Date of Invest.: 28-01-2000
    Total Risk Cov.: 300000
    Mode of Paym : Yearly
    Premium : 15254
    Maturity date : 28-01-2020

    Jeevan Mitra Double Cover Endowment +Profit
    01-07-1996, 100000, Half Yearly, 2536, 01-07-2016

    Jeevan Nidhi Policy (Guaranteed Additions for 5 yrs with Profits)
    15-02-2005, 250000, Yearly, 10094, 15-02-2030

    Jeevan Saral (with profit)
    02-02-2010, Monthly, 2042, 02-02-2030

    Endoument Plus, 23-08-2011, 150000 (one time)

    Bajaj Allianz Wealth Gain (Single Premium)
    07-09-2010, 50000 (one time), 07-09-2086

    TATA AIG Life Mahalife Gold, 44625 Yearly

    I need your valuable advice on following points:
    1. Which all Policy is beneficial for us to continue and why?
    2. Which all policy to redeem and why? If we redeem suggest the option which gives us more returns than continuing these LIC policies ?
    3. How much valuation will be if we redeem these policies now? Also if their is any hidden charges for immature redemption of the policy.

    • Hi Pramod, On basis of long list of Insurance policies, with low sum assured, it seems that you prefer to INVEST in Insurance policies ?

      1) What is the main purpose of taking these policies ? Investment / good returns or Life Insurance ??
      2) Do you have life insurance / term insurance for atleast 5 times your annual income ?
      3) Do you have other investments like PPF, FD, Mutual funds etc ?
      4) After redemption of any policies, where are you thinking to invest the money ?

      5) Please send details

      a) Policy : Jeevan Mitra Double Cover Endowment +Profit+Acc.Benefit, Date of Invest.: 28-01-2000, Total Risk Cov.: 300000, Premium : 15254 Yearly) Maturity date : 28-01-2020

      b) Jeevan Mitra Double Cover Endowment +Profit 01-07-1996, 100000, Half Yearly, 2536, 01-07-2016
      c) Jeevan Nidhi Policy (Guaranteed Additions for 5 yrs with Profits) 15-02-2005, 250000, Yearly, 10094, 15-02-2030

      d) Jeevan Saral (with profit) 02-02-2010, Monthly, 2042, 02-02-2030 – How much is Sum assured for
      e) Endoument Plus, 23-08-2011, 150000 (one time) – How much is Sum assured and maturity ?

      f) Bajaj Allianz Wealth Gain (Single Premium) 07-09-2010, 50000 (one time), 07-09-2086

      g) TATA AIG Life Mahalife Gold, 44625 Yearly – How much is Sum assured, date of investment & maturity ?

      Are all these policies under your name ?

      • First of all Thanks for such an immediate reply.
        Yes all the policies are in my name and all these LIC policies are taken to save Income Tax. I come under 5 – 10 lac P.A. salary slab.
        Now, I have taken a home of Rs. 10 Lacs for 15 yrs and I have to pay Rs 10,900/- P.M.
        Investment in PPF every year is Rs. 1,50,000/-
        For saving Income Tax do I still have to continue all these LIC policies or else straight away I should withdraw it.
        If we redeem all these policies then I am interested in investing Equity M.F. (HDFC equity, HDFC top 200, IDFC, Axis, Tata Ethical)
        Please suggest which is the best option among all these for maximum returns but this is our second priority. First priority is to save Income Tax.
        Does in PPF and home loan my Income Tax get covered?
        Presently, we have no term plan and my life insurance is (all policies total). I am interested in term plan kindly suggest.
        But presently our priority is mediclaim.
        I have a Company group insurance policy with the cover of 2 lacs.
        I want an additional cover of 3 lacs of Mediclaim and some I have shortlisted (L&T, Tata AIG, Apollo). Myself 40, (Wife 35, undergoing treatment to conceive) Kindly suggest which is the best mediclaim policy based on claim settlement ratio and customer friendly

        • 1) If you invest in PPF 150000 every year, that’s the maximum you can claim under 80C. So all the premiums you pay will not be any beneficial from tax deduction point of view. See the list of investment options under 80C & limit

          2) You can claim separate deduction u/s 80D for mediclaim.
          Note that normally medical will not cover pre-existing diseases/ treatments.

          3) You should plan to take a term plan for atleast Rs 50 lakh. You can check HDFC Click2protect, ICICI Pru iProtect, SBI Like eShield. Online term insurance are lot cheaper than normal term insurance.

          4) So as noted above, the existing insurance premium are not giving any additional tax benefit. They give some form of life insurance for small amount. So you can consider redeeming all the policies and take a term insurance + invest the balance in other investment options like Equity Mutual funds for long term.

          5) Please send the Insurance policy details as requested in previous comment. For some policies Date & Sum assured are missing.

          • Sir,
            Below are the details of my LIC policies.

            Name of Policy : Jeevan Mitra Double Cover Endowment +Profit+Acc.Benefit,
            Date of Invest.: 28-01-2000
            Total Risk Cov.: 300000
            Mode of Paym : Yearly
            Premium : 15254
            Maturity date : 28-01-2020

            Jeevan Mitra Double Cover Endowment +Profit
            01-07-1996, 100000, Half Yearly, 2536, 01-07-2016

            Jeevan Nidhi Policy (Guaranteed Additions for 5 yrs with Profits)
            15-02-2005, 250000, Yearly, 10094, 15-02-2030

            Jeevan Saral (with profit)
            02-02-2010, 500000, Monthly, 2042, 02-02-2030

            Endowment Plus, 23-08-2011, 190000, 150000 (one time), 23/8/2031

            Bajaj Allianz Wealth Gain (Single Premium)
            07-09-2010, 250000, 50000 (one time), 07-09-2086

            TATA AIG Life Mahalife Gold, 26/5/2011, 510000, 44625 Yearly, 26/5/2074

            As I understood our current PPF investment and Home loan will be sufficient for reimbursement of Income Tax.
            As I have informed you in earlier comment presently we are looking for good mediclaim policy.
            Term plan is also in our radar. We have already short listed but because of limited information we are unable to finalize mediclaim policy so please help us in this regard.
            M.F. options given in last comment given by us kindly suggest the best.
            After withdrawal of all these policies whether it is correct to invest 100% in equity and if not then what are other good options

          • Hi pramod,
            With all these policies, your total risk cover is only Rs 20 lakhs. and you are paying approx. 1 lakh yearly + one time rs 2 lakh.

            1) It is better to take a term life insurance plan with adequate coverage (say Rs 50 lakhs). it should cost you approx. 10000 per year.
            2) The charges for surrendering LIC policies are high. The first 2 policies are closing soon so you can continue. Other LIC policies, I will comment later.

            3) Bajaj Allianz Wealth Gain – is Single Premium Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) – In this which investment funds have you chosen ? there are 7 funds? You can surrender the policy after 5 years and get the fund value. How much is the current fund value ?

            4) TATA AIG Life Mahalife Gold – is a traditional whole life insurance plan in which you pay premiums for 15 years and get a life insurance cover till the age of 100. You also get a guaranteed annual income throughout your lifetime.
            The surrender charges are higher – Guaranteed Surrender Benefit of 30% of total premiums paid less First Year’s Premium. Please check with them the surrender value as of now.

  14. Hi, I want to know that if i have LIC money back policy. How to know when i am able to receive that amount? I have checked its website but i have not found any option and there is no any option through sms.

  15. Hi Vivek,

    How long does it take to get the amount credited in the account once i surrender the policy. i surrendered one of my policies last week.


    • Hi Dipti, it normally takes 1-2 months to get the amount credited or cheque from LIC. Which Life insurance company it was for ?

  16. I have taken loan from lici.how can i check loan status and repay the loan amount through online service? please someone show the path.plz plz.

    • Hi, Which policy it is ? Policy name? Company? duration? premium paid? when stopped etc etc

      please given full details so that I can suggest.

  17. what is the no of premium we have to pay for policy term 18 years and premium paying half yearly. presently i am paid 4 half year premium for policy term 18 years and now i changed premium paying terms from half yearly to yearly what is the remaining no of premiums i need to pay for policy term 18 years.

    • I think in this case, you will have to pay premium for next 16 years ( so 16 yearly premiums)
      Which LIC policy do you have ? What what your half yearly premium & how much is your new yearly premium.

  18. I had taken a policy on my wife’s name. She was suffering from TB and was curred 2years before the policy was taken. It was not informed while taking the policy to the medical examiner. Shall I do it now?

    • It is better to declare them so avoid any future issues. As it is already cured, this should not cause major issues. However, it may increase the premium slightly.

  19. Hello Sir,

    I have bought LIC’s jeevan anand policy (plan 149) on 26/02/2009 for the tenure of 20 years, annual premium of 7653 Rs., having the life cover of 150000. and maturity amount will be 150000+Bonus.

    I have paid 6 annual premiums (7653*6=45918).

    Now my question is SHOULD I STAY CONTINUE IN THIS POLICY or PAID UP this or SURRENDER this ???

    Please guide me.

    • Lic Jeevan anand plan is the combination of both Endowment and Whole life policy.

      In Lic Jeevan anand policy, sum assured and bonus will be given to the life assured as Maturity benefit and Life cover chosen will be continued till the death of the life insured. i.e., Whenever the life assured dies the nominee will get additional sum assured.

      If in case the death of life assured occurs during the PPT (Premium Paying Term), the nominee will be paid with sum assured along with accrued bonus and the policy will be closed.

      I donot like these policies as they do not provide adequate insurance and donot give good returns on investment.

      LIC’s jeevan anand policy (plan 149) give bonus rates of around 44 per 1000 which means 4.4% interest (much less than PPF, FD).

      Also, the insurance cover is just 1.50 lakhs which is very low.

      Ideally, you should get a term insurance plan and invest the surplus in other investment options like, FD, PPF, MF etc.

      Surrender Options: On surrendering after three policy years, LIC will pay a guaranteed surrender value equal to 30% of all premiums paid after deducting the first year’s premium. In some cases, the insurance company may also pay a special surrender value which will depend on the duration for which premiums have been paid.

      I understand that this will be huge loss but it was wrong decision to invest in this policy. Make sure that you buy sufficient term insurance plan.

  20. Continue….with last post….

    I am 28 years old….

    Thinking to buy a term plan of 50 lac, for 30 years tenure.

    Which should the best plan, HDFC click to protect plus or LIC’s e-term plan??

    LIC is more costly than HDFC. but having better claim settlement ratio…

    Please suggest.

    • No doubt, LIC has better reputation and only public sector Life Insurance company. However, you can consider HDFC as well as it is also one of the large private sector life insurance company.

  21. Sir,
    my self Prashant Sharma,having a money back policy of LIC in 2002 n regular i am paying my premium faithfully.
    my question is
    how can i know that how many policies has i deposited?
    is any chart of excel sheet available on LIC site for same?
    please suggest.!

    waiting of your reply..

  22. hi..today i rcvd a called from LIC (as they said)…they talked about vested bonus which is of around 1lac of my all policies…they said i have to take another policy which is of minimum 30000 and they took three names HDFC, birla and another one…and askd for cancelled cheque copy and id proof and other relevant docs.
    To redeem this bonus they said first i need to pay 30k which will be refundable and remove the agent from between.
    Is it a fake call? or true?

    Please let me know

    • Hi Tripti, Don’t take seriously such fraudulent calls. LIC will not say you to take policies of other companies. also they will not ask to pay for claiming vested bonus.

      Just avoid these calls or tell them that you will report to the police.

  23. Hi i paying my premium from last 7 years. while registering a new user it showing Wrong date enterd. I entered policy number, premium,DOB,Mail id. can you help me on this. Thanks in Advance.

  24. sir i hv a lic policy jeban anand 149-72-25 policy no 469629415 i hv stared this on 11/12/2010 sum assurance 5lakhs term 25 years……i hv paid 5premium 20,663 anually…… now i am not interestd to continu this &wanted to invest in ppf…is it profitable to sarrenderd now or keep this unpaid till matuarity…….i hv enquired to my lic branch for vested bonus it is 95000 plz reply thnx in advance Rajat

    • Hi Rajat,
      Jeevan Anand is the combination of Endowment Assurance and Whole Life plan. It provides financial protection against death throughout the lifetime of the life assured with the provision of payment of a lump sum at the end of the selected term in case of his survival.

      However, these plans are not very beneficial from the returns perspective.

      As the maturity is still 20 years away, you can surrender this policy & invest money in alternate instruments like PPF. In addition, you should take pure term life insurance which will cost much lesser.

  25. I would like to know my father’s lic policy status
    Policy no.570536693
    Please send me the policy status detail on the above mentioned email id

  26. I have 2 plocies. I am unable to enroll the policy getting below error. Please help on this.

    ENROLLED – Your policy is successfully enrolled.
    1. The Instalment Premium as per Policy Document should match with the Instalment Premium entered by you in the previous screen (correct to the paisa)
    2. The Date of Birth given by you in your Profile should be the same as the date of birth for the policy you have enrolled. 3. In case you are enrolling policies of your family members and if you have not entered and saved their date of birth, please proceed to �??Update Profile�?? option (on the right side bottom) and click on option for �??Married / Un-married�??, a new option will open for recording the details. After that if you select �??Number of Children�?? (maximum 5) option to record their date of birth will also open.
    Kindly check the above and try for enrollment again

    • Hi Shakthi,

      What is your objective to take the Child future plans? Do you have any plans in mind.

      Normally there are better investment options for securing child future.

  27. Dear Sir

    I get new policy my policy number 999108579
    Ever today i have not recd policy certificate
    pl gives us idea to get physical certificate

  28. Concern, I want to know the status of my LIC redemption status without registration. I only know the policy number.
    Can I able to find it out ?

  29. hello
    my query is actually my wife have lic which was open by my mother in law when my wife was child….now my mother in law got expire and my father in law paying that premium…..so my question is can he take that LIC money without my wife signature and knowing her?? reply me soon

    • Hi Sachin, Whether the Life insurance is in name of your wife and also whether the signature has been updated when she was 18.

      Also, normally the payment is done by cheque, so cheque will be issued in her name.

    • There are 2 person – Policy holder and Life insured. So if the parents have taken policy for child, then parents will get the money on maturity.

  30. Hi Vivek,

    I am holding one LIC policy (Market Plus: policy no 615923527) from 2009 to 2013 (matures), I hv paid all the premiums, I hv all the recipts but I didnt get the bond papers initially. Now I want to withdraw what should I do??? Please help

    • Hi Neha,

      LIC Market Plus 1 is a unit linked pension plan wherein the pension is payable after a specified period. Four types of investment Funds namely Bond, Secured, Balanced and Growth Fund are offered.
      1) Please let me know which option have you chosen?
      2) How much premium did you pay ? whether yearly or one time?

      Note that in this policy, On vesting of the policy (in your terms maturity), the Fund Value will be utilized to provide a pension. However you will have option to get 1./3 of money in lumpsum & rest in pension.

      Please contact your agent or nearest LIC branch if you have lost your policy documents.

  31. i have forget my earlier online registration details. i now want to crate same registration.please advice what is the procedure.

  32. Hi Vivek,

    i recently took Jeevan Anand life time coverage plan for 16yr and total premium is 5 lakhs . i have paid only two qtly premium.i saw your comments about jeevan Anand plan it is not good plan and low int rate. Actually this plan is suggested by Lic agent. he told this is good plan. I’m do not have knowledge of lic plans, mutual fund and ppf. can you please suggest need to continue this plan or close it. if i need to close what can i do and also please suggest better investment plan.

    Note : I’m not aware of any lic term plans,ppf and Mutual funds.Please explain elaborate manner.

    Anand M

    • Hi Anand,

      Please confirm when did you take this policy as LIC Jeevan Anand (Table 149) is discontinued and LIC New Jeevan Anand (Table 815) is in force.

      You mentioned you are paying the premium quarterly – so what is the amount of premium. Also What is Rs 5 lakhs ? Is it sum assured ?

      • hi Vivek,

        Thank you for your reply.Actually i took policy on 05-03-2015 and quarterly premium amount is 9525 rs and just i paid only two quarterly premium . The overall policy premium amount is 5 lakhs. Exactly i dont know the table details of my policy (New Jeevan Anand) whether it is (table 149) or (table 815).

        • Ok. It is table 815 policy. Your age – 34 years, Sum assured- 5 lakhs, term – 16 years, Quarterly premium 9525.

          LIC New Jeevan Anand (Table No: 815) is a guaranteed return endowment plan with bonus facility. Life cover continues till death of the policyholder.
          On maturity, the policyholder will get Basic Sum Assured plus vested Simple Reversionary Bonus plus Final Addition Bonus.

          Typically LIC policies donot give returns more than 4-7% and this policy is no different.

          Unfortunately, if you surrender policy before 3 years, you will not get any surrender value. If you surrender after 3 years, you will get some value e.g. 30% of paid premium after excluding 1st year premium. E.g. if your yearly premium is 40,000 and you have paid 3 premiums, i.e. 120,000 your surrender value will be 30% of ( 120,000 – 40,000 ) = 30% of 80,000 = 24,000 only. – a loss of 96000.
          It is better to take a loss of Rs 20000 rather than 96000.

          I know that you have already paid Rs 20000, but if possible you should surrender this policy and make the investment and insurance separate.

          1) You can take a life insurance (for adequate amount). e.g. for Life insurance of Rs 10 lakh , you will pay les than Rs 5000 yearly.
          2) Rest 35000, you can invest in risk free instruments like PPF or equity funds for better growth.

  33. i hv lic money back policy 75-20 for which premiums have been paid for 16 years 6384/ per annum and bonus accumulated is Rs 68000/. what is its surrunder value . kindly guide

    Date of commencement of above policy is 2/1999

  34. unable to update mobile no being a registered user. It is saying invalid mobile no. What is the exact format for registering mobile no for SMS alert in my profile. Whether I have to fill 0 or 9 or some other character in addition to mobile no or leave it blank ( i/e. Blank before (ISD)). Kindly advice.

  35. Sir, I am registered user of LIC portal. Today, when I was want to see the status of policy.Only black screen is being shown. I am having colored monitor. How to solve this problem.

  36. my name hardipsinh harisinh puwar
    my grand father name puvar dhirajsinh gambhirsinh
    i dont know my grand father policy detail and some policy so please dispetch me detail all policy

  37. Dear Sir,

    This is my LIC policy no

    906003182 and

    we required the my all dues amount of my policy.


    Shailesh Nigudkar

  38. Sir, please send my password which was already submitted my forgot password details.i got message my password had been sent to my email.But i hadnot recieved.

  39. we have take a policy for myself but we have no any prof like policy no. scheme etc can I gett them online by name add. D.O.B i we have paid 3 kist to agent

    • Hi Amit, How come you donot have any policy details. have you not received the policy document? If you have lost the document, then you need to contact LIC nearest office to check the details. This cannot be done online.

  40. Ramjan Khan
    on July 28, 2010 10:20:19

    Dear Sir,
    My name is Saroj Devi. My LIC Policy No. is 218634072. I acknowledgement time period back money policy return. Please send detail of back money policy.

    Thanks & kind regards,

    Ramjan Khan

  41. Hi Vivek,
    I have already registered in portal but user ID & Password forgot. If I click to forgot User ID than new user ID gose to my mail ID but no any msg received from my mail ID. So I can not confirm wich mail ID details available in LIC primium please help.

  42. hi sir.
    i am Asif raza from Jamshedpur, currently i am working in Saudi Arabia. i want change my bank account detail in my money back policy. previously i had an bank account in PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK Chattisgarh branch. After 3 month it’s ATM validity wil be expired. so i don’t to want receive money back in this account. but recently i have opened a bank account in SBI JAMSHEDPUR BRANCH when i came back to india for annual vacation. my lic agent told me to give cancelled check of SBI account. unfortunetly i haven’t received the check book. kindly show me the other option except check book …….


    • Hi Asif, You need to submit the cancelled cheque to change the bank account. Can you not request it online or over phone.

  43. dear sir,

    i have lic policy no 804149085 dt 15/march/2010 pl let me know the fund value at the time of expire/matured..

    thank you

    s n rao

  44. hi vivek,
    I m seema i wanna ask u…if i doesnt have aadhar card, pan card documents,then can i purchase Lic policy?

  45. I have superannuated from service three years back and have been receiving regular payments from LIC from the annuities purchased thru group superannuation benefit fund by my employers. Also I have been receiving benefits from LIC Jeevan suraksha scheme. I wish to gather details of these policies for my records. I am unable to register at LIC website as a new user, as I do not have any running policies. Can anyone advise me how to obtain details of the annuities in my name.

    • You should contact LIC customer care and they may be able to help you. Please keep your policy details handy while calling them.

    • Hi Manisha, This facility is not available online at LIC portal. You need to visit LIC branch or call their customer care or get in touch with oyur LIC agent.

  46. i want to register my child policy but every time i entered date of birth its showing invalid date of birth.
    i try to enter my wife date of birth as she is proposer of the policy.then after its showing invalid date of birth.them i tried mine also not worked.what should i do.

  47. Hi Team,

    While trying to register the policy number 973425373 and 972450372 online, I am unable to add them as it displays the error message as ‘Invalid Policy Number’. It is same as printed on the policy document, not sure why this error is being displayed.

    Can you please help and let me know how to proceed?


  48. Dear Experts, I am trying to register my Mom’s LIC account, but am not aware of the DOB which has been enterted at the time of registration, can someone please help me how to get the DOB with LIC Policy Number

  49. Invalid Policy Status! This policy number cannot be used for Online Registration. Please try with another Policy number.
    Please help me


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