[How to] download PF statement (e-Passbook) online


EPFO is now providing facility to download your PF statement online. You donot need to wait for year end to get the PF statement.

You can also check your PF balance via SMS using their on line facility. Read post

PF ePassbook

It is an Online PF statement which shows details of PF transactiosn monthwise.  It is available to Active members only (not for settled, inoperative accounts).

Register online on EPFO Site



Enter your mobile number, Date of Birth & Select one of the following Document Number & then Click on “Get PIN”

  • PAN
  • BAnk Account
  • Voter ID
  • Driving Licence
  • Passport
  • Ration Card
  • National Population register

You will get a PIN number on your mobile. You need to get a new PIN everytime when you access the details.


Points to Note

  • You cannot asccess the epassbook, if
    • your PF is managed by Private trust
    • the employer has uploaded the PF statement for May 2012 onwards.
    • left the job before May 2012
  • You can access epassbook
    • by using your mobile number & document number (there is no need to remember user id & password).
    • can view only one account details under one establishment.
    • can view up to a maximum of 10 accounts under different establishments.
  • One mobile number can be used for one registration only.
  • Get your other accounts transferred to the current one by using the Transfer Form 13.

You can also check your PF balance via SMS using their on line facility. Read post

Feel free to post your PF queries below in Comments Box.


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59 Replies to “[How to] download PF statement (e-Passbook) online”

  1. I would like to withdraw my previous PF account, which was maintained by my previous employer at punjab, please guide me to know the procedures and formalities.

  2. I have downloaded the E_Passbook, But it shows the details only till Sept 2013, I have left the Job at my previous organization in july 2014, I could know the actual balance till date by using SMS facilty, But In the E-passbook Downloaded, it shows only till Sept 2013. Please email (Praveen.palanchi@gmail.com)me How can I Download for the rest.

  3. Hi,
    I have left my previous company so i want to withdraw my pf amount. but while checking online it is showing ” then details of the entered account number is not available at the portal for verifying the account number as it is not uploaded by the concerned EPFO Office. You may contact the concerned PF Office that maintains your account.” Now what i will do?

      1. Thanks for your valuable suggestion.
        i left my last job on 31st august 2014.
        i tried on the link given by you but its giving the message “Invalid Input / Member name mismatch against this PY/BOM/0011394/000/xyzxyz”. but i have tried every alternative for my name.

        Any idea what to do next?

        1. That PF number is for Wipro. You may need to check with HR, if the PF is managed by EPFO or via Company trust.
          Also, check that in their PF returns, what name they have written. It should be similar to the name printed on payslip.

  4. hi,

    1> when i checked the account balance via SMS, it shown: EE: 44478 rupee but ER only : 32903 rupee,
    could you please tell why this difference was present there? [its till 31st march 2014]

    2> i could not able to check the e-statement
    it is showing below error while trying get pin: “communication error Member id:please try again”

    pls suggest some best troubleshooting method.

    3> after leaving org how many months it required to apply for withdrawn?


    1. 1. There will always be the difference between EE & ER as some portion of ER goes into pension etc.
      2. May be it is EPFO server technical issue, please try again
      3. You can apply for withdrawal if you are not employed for 2 months. If you join other organization, you should get your PF transferred.

  5. I m not getting sms from the website..How much time it will take to send sms to the specified number.?????????????????

  6. In case i dont my new company about my laast pf.then waht will happen.because in nlast company there no slips.i m having my pf number but it is not working

    1. If you have your PF number from last company, you can apply for PF transfer to your new company.

  7. Hello sir,

    This is Kishor Waghmare. I am unable to download my e-passbook from https://members.epfoservices.in/ website. Its saying the passbook is not available.

    I want to know how I can download the passbook to see my epf fund.

    also when i m checking the account details it shows:
    STATUS for Member ID: PU/PUN/0121153/000/0000183
    Data not available. For detail’s please contact respective EPF Office

    Please help me.

    1. Once you login to the website, you can request generation of passbook and it takes 2-3 working days to display. Have you tried that option?

  8. Dear All,
    My PF a/c number is MH/91327/23044 I am in ranchi jharkhand and my company is registered in Mumbai… I talked to my HR he says that our PF account exists in Mumbai thane– I tried both options with thane but it is not showing up….moreover my pf a/c number starts with mh and thane code starts with TH……..

    Plzz help I want to check my PF balance

    Amit kumar

      1. Hello Vivek,

        My Queries are below :-

        (1) The Account Balance shown in SMS is with interest or without interest.

        When i withdraw the PF then will i get more amount then shown or same as in SMS.

        (2) How to withdraw the Portion of ER going to Pension ?



  9. I’m unable to get my PF balance through SMS. Secondly, unable to download my e passbook.

    1. Hi Gautam, You can submit PF transfer request online. However, the withdrawal request needs to be submitted to your previous employer.

  10. Hi, I have tried so many times however unable to find exact details for below PF account. When I select Karnataka then I am not sure which office name I need to select which will match below. pls help to advise

    1. If your employer is Infosys BPO Bangalore , then your PF number might be PY/BOM/0034177/000/44955
      Please also confirm with your HR.

  11. SIR,

    MY PF NO.NG/AUR/0080870/000/0047337 already sent pf forms duly filled & singed on 5th September-2014 to pf authority.

    but till date I have not received pf amount. pl confirm when we may get or probable date.

    Kindly confirm
    plese consider my request and inform at an earliest.

    Thanking you,
    Satish Nadiger.
    Cell: 9449973514
    E mail: satishtn50@gmail.com

  12. R/Sir
    MY P.F. A.C. NO. MH/41441/9051 PLS SEND MY P.F. BALANCE IN MY MOB. NO. 8059488882

  13. hello sir,

    i lost my pf no. and the company in which i worked is a dealer, its dealership also gone. Nw i want to check and withdraw my pf. balance. The dealer for which i worked is a berial engineers pvt. ltd, guwahati, assam.
    kindly help me how i can check and withdraw my money.
    shyam sundar sharma

  14. While downloading E-PASSBOOK it shows following message.

    Please help .

    Your pass book is not available on the portal. Your request has been recorded. Based on the request the concerned EPFO Office will upload the pass book. You will get an SMS for downloading it once the pass book is available on the portal.


  15. Hi,

    I have left the my previous organization in 2014 Oct and. Same month joined in new comapny and shared the UAN number which generated in my last company. Till now UAN is not updated in new PF account number. When i check in online “is under process” since 6 months. What is the max time to update this?

    I have transfered my PF amoun to new account in January and status:
    Claim ID : GNGGN150450000264
    Status : Claim Form 13 for Transfer to New Account Number: AGAINST Old Member Account No (GNGGN00055720000206979) has been approved. Payment is under process.

    How many it will take to complete the process?

  16. Greetings Sir,
    I am the Junior Executive of our organisation. I would like to know how to check if all our employees have activated their UAN or not. We have instructed them how to activate UAN and helped them also. But it would be very helpful to find out who are all yet to activate. Kindly help me. Thank you.

    1. I donot know if there is such facility to check if employees have activated their UAN. You may ask them to submit the screenshot after logging to UAN. (but depend on number of employees you have)

  17. My PF is long pending in several companies. I wish to withdraw all amount. I have tried according to the guidance as provided on portal but still unable to understand how to check balance and withdraw my amount. Acount no. are as given below:
    1) MH/PUN/120598 MD India Healthcare Services Pvt Ltd – Pune
    2) DL-22082/0079 Salter India Pvt Ltd – Delhi
    3) MRNOI001164500000000361 Swam Pneumatics – Noida

    Kindly help me for the same.

    Warm regards
    Sanjeev Gupta (Engineer)
    M: 9311207547

    1. Hi Sanjeev, Are you currently working somewhere? It will be better to get it transferred to new employer.

      In case, you want to withdraw, you will need to submit the PF withdrawal for to your previous employers. If you are not able to get the balance, you can get the details by raising a grievance at


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