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How to link mobile phone number to Aadhaar

As per the recent government directive, all the existing customers have to link Aadhaar with their mobile numbers. Aadhaar-based e-KYC is essential for subscribers going for new SIMs. Further, the government has asked mobile operators to re-verify existing prepaid and postpaid customers, with the help of the 12-digit number. The re-verification exercise is scheduled to be completed by early 2018.

In case you don’t complete the process before Feb 2018, services on your mobile will be  disconnected as per the directive from Government of India.

So, if you have to link your airtel mobile number to Aadhaar or your idea number to Aadhaar, you need to follow the steps mentioned in this post.

Linking your mobile number to Aadhaar for the first time:  To link your mobile number with Aadhaar, you need to follow simple steps as below:

  • Visit nearest mobile company store
  • All you need is your Aadhaar card/number and your mobile.
  • You will be required to complete Biometric verification.
  • You will also receive the verification code (OTP) on your mobile that would be required to complete the process.

In addition, goverment has tried to make process simpler as follows:

Re-verification of existing mobile users: Telecom service-providers have been instructed to initiate a scheme to use OTP-based re-verification of mobile subscribers using SMS or IVRS or on their mobile app. This means that if one mobile number is registered in the Aadhaar database, then the OTP method can be used for re-verification of that number as well as other mobile numbers owned by the subscriber.

Re-verification at subscribers’ doorstep: Telecom operators have been directed to offer the facility at the subscriber’s doorstep for the convenience of those with disablity, illness or old age. Operators have been asked to put in place an online mechanism (through website, and other means) for people to request for such service.

Agent assisted biometric authentication: In case of agent-assisted biometric authentication for SIM re-verification or issuance, telcos have been asked to ensure that full e-KYC details of subscribers are not made visible to the agent. Nor should data be stored on the agent’s device. In the current dispensation, e-KYC data of the subscriber, including photographs, are visible to the agent of the telecom operator.

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