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[How to] check PF balance online in India via UAN, SMS, Missed Call, App



EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organisation) provides option to check you PF balance online. Once you enter your details, you will get your balance via SMS on your mobile number.

Whether you want to check your PF balance for Delhi,  Gurgaon,  Noida, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Gujarat, Mumbai, Andhra pradesh, Pune, Karnataka, Kolkata etc,  you can use the steps below to get your balance via SMS.

Please note that some big organizations have their own PF trust and they do not keep money with EPFO. In such cases, you cannot check the balance online by using EPFO portal.  You need to contact your HR to know your PF balance.

How much money goes in your PF Account?

  • Employee Contribution – 12% of your Basic
  • Employer Contribution – 12% of your Basic ( Out of this 8.33% goes into EPS upto Rs 541 per month)
  • Interest on both the contribution

You can check your PF balance online using steps below. 

Steps to check your PF account balance online

The best and easiest way to check your PF balance online or via SMS  is below

1. Get monthly alerts automatically via SMS –  If you are registered at UAN portal, then you will automatically get monthly alerts for your PF balance and status. It takes 45-60 days to get SMS for first month when you first register for UAN portal.  Check How to activate or check your UAN Status online

2. Check PF monthly passbook:  You can check your monthly passbook on UAN portal or Member portal.  Now EPFO has disabled this feature under UAN portal and you can check PF passbook on the separate PF passbook link beloiw  (See “Member Passbook” Option




As per EPFO Portal to check Passbook:

  • This facility is to view the Member Passbook for the members registered on the Unified Member Portal.
  • Passbook will be available after 6 Hours of registration at Unified Member Portal.
  • Changes in the credentials at Unified Member Portal will be effective at this Portal after after 6 Hours.
  • Passbook will have the entries which has been reconciled at the EPFO field offices.
  • Passbook facility not be available for the Exempted Establishments Members / Settled Members / InOperative Members.


3. Missed Call Facility:  Call at 01122901406 –  Members registered on the UAN portal may get their details available with EPFO by giving a missed call to 01122901406 from their registered Mobile number. If the UAN of the member is seeded with any one of the Bank A/C number, AADHAAR and PAN the member will also get details of last contribution and PF Balance. The Missed Call service is intended to further ease the process since only a missed call at 01122901406, at no cost to the member, would provide him the details.


4. Short Code SMS Send to 07738299899:  The facility is similiar to Missed Call facility. UAN registered Members may know their KYC details available with EPFO by sending an SMS at 7738299899. The content of the SMS is EPFOHO UAN at 7738299899. is the first three characters of the preferred language. The facility is available in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujrati, Marathi, Kannad, Telugu, Tamil, Malyalam and Bengali. For Example if member intends to recieve the SMS in Telugu then he/she will send EPFOHO UAN TEL at 7738299899. EPFO sends the details of the member available with EPFO.If the UAN of the member is seeded with any one of the Bank A/C number, AADHAAR and PAN the member will also get details of last contribution and PF Balance. Facility is available in 10 different Indian Languages.  How to check PF balance via sending SMS short code ( You can send SMS to 77382 99899 in prescribed format)

5. EPFO Mobile APP:    EPFO has also launched mobile app and other mobile based services. Read more details.

If the account is showing as Inoperative

If you get the message that your Account is marked as in-operative account and you need to contact the respective epfo office. In this case, you need to send the request to EPFO Inoperative Desk at link below

Also, if you have now got new PF account, it is better to get the old PF account balance transferred. The PF transfer can be done online. See details at this link


How to activate or check your UAN Status online ( You can register for your PF Universal Account number & check PF Balance through UAN)

Mar 2017 – PFRDA has now notified process to transfer EPF to NPS (New Pension Scheme) – Read post.

[How to] transfer PF Account Balance online

[How to] withdraw PF Balance

[How to ] withdraw PF early during employment (pre-mature withdrawal) ?

[How to] withdraw PF amount without previous employer’s signature

If you have any queries related to checking PF balance, PF transfer, PF withdrawal, please comment below.

If you have any queries related to this article or any other personal finance query ( Investment, Taxation etc), please comment below

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  1. I am not getting any sms in my mobile requreied pf balance

  2. I have served from Oct 1987 onwards till April 2006, but I have got the scheme certificate under FPF from Oct 1995 onwards.

    I get scheme certificate from Oct1987 to Oct1995 ,0 or else I can claim withdrawal benefit, Can U clarify & helpme out.
    How to proceed further to get it settled.



    • Hi Niraj, Could you please let me know your Date of Birth.
      As there are different pension rules for those who joined the scheme BEFORE Nov 1995

  3. When Will the Pension Amout will get credited I Send on Feb 01.02.2014

  4. To Whom i Have To Contact For This

  5. Excellent step-by-step information. Thanks to the author / admin for uploading this information. Really useful. Best regards.

  6. Hi Sir,

    I am working in newly setup IT co, & my employer denied to pay any pf. In offer letter also, they have mentioned the whole amount as fixed pay.
    After pushing our employer, they agree to contribute minimum amount I.e. 780/- inr per month which does not stands 12.8% of my basic. My basic is more than 50000/- per month. So I want to know whether my employer is following the indian regulations or not?


  7. Hi Sir,

    I am working in newly setup IT co in Pune & my employer is contributing only 780/- inr per month in PF.
    My monthly basic is more than 50000/- and the pf contributed does not stand anywhere around 12.8%. In offer letter it is mentioned that the whole amount is fixed pay. Can you please help me in understanding whether my employer is following correct PF rules or not?

  8. Thank you very much for clarification.

  9. balance check website is not at all working…………

  10. Dear si
    My Name : Jasim uddin
    PF Account No: KN/13009/23189
    Please SMS Me My PF Account balance
    Mob No : 919916309625

  11. Hi Vivek Ji,

    I have checked PF balance lately by SMS as well as Passbook but my account is not showing updated info. How can I go about. my EPF office is Jaipur, Rajasthan. Please do guide.

    • Hi, The passbook should show the updated information. The balance sms may not be fully updated. Is there any difference in SMS and passbook?

  12. Hi sir,
    Very recently the cap of deduction has been raised from 6500 to 15000 .will u please tell from where I can get.this notification?

  13. sir i only know my pf no.
    every time its show input mismatch
    plz help me
    my pf no. is dl/34383/3454

    • Hi Naresh, Is your company name CPM INDIA SALES – MARKETING PVT. LTD ??

      If yes, your new PF Code should be DS/NHP/0034383/000/0003454
      To check the balance, see step 3 above.

      • Myself Pronab Hatamot Nandi, my pf no- SR/BRH/0036707/000/0000409 , I repeatedly tried to check my epf balance, but received no sms on my mobile no.9978480379

  14. I have checked many times my epf balance but everytime it showing invalid input however I am entering correct name my no is mh/44481/021930. Please check and revert me with my balance details

  15. Hello,

    I request you kindly assist me in getting the provident fund balance, i went to the EPFO site and put my PF account no. & mobile no. but it says name mismatch.

    I tried every possible way i would have written my name, but it says name mismatch

    My PF Account no.: MH/92681/20888
    Employer name : JP Morgan Chase.


  16. Dear Sir,
    sir i dont know how to check my pf account. so pls. help me the check my pf account,
    my pf no. is :MH/ 214847/165.
    pls. give me site for check the pf account.

    • hi Suresh, if your employer is Hammer facility, then your new PF number should be


      Pls also check with your HR

      Try this new PF number to check balance as per post above.

  17. Hi sir,
    I m working under distributor from last 3 years there is pf deduction in my salary but my boss did not gave me my pf no. Then how can I check my pf balance.

  18. Dear sir,
    I was working in axis bank for 4.8 years.till not withdraw my pf.My emp hr are not responding.pls help as in axis bank my pf no is not mentioned anywhere.pls help…..

  19. I was working with two company(SISTER CONCERN)1) POONA PRESS MFRS 2)AUTO PARTS I LEFT JOB IN 2002 I dont know my pf details we all are 20 persons not knowing details of pf please repley

  20. Hi Sir,
    Am working as outsourcing staff in Catholic Syrian Bank in Kerala. As per the pf details given by our employer my pf account number is KR/KCH/27235/95.And the employer told us to check the amount through epf passbook.So i registered passbook. But when i go for the option download passbook am not able to move forward as communication error is being shown. Can you please guide me regarding this.

    • Hi, Can you give full address of your employer, As when I am trying to search by name in PF link, the employer is not showing in the list,

      Can u pls also check if the PF in your organization is maintained by EPFO & not company’s trust.

  21. I don no how to chack my pf balance plz help me
    my company-ssms pvt ltd My pf no-34217 head
    office Delhi south br coad-4244 estabelt -1972 My id no-2887 My UAN no-100325358572
    Near ssms office Banaswadi bangalore

      Address – E-1,MANSAROVER GARDEN NEW DELHI181DL 110015

      Their new establishment code will be DL/CPM/0004244/000
      So, Your new PF number should be DL/CPM/0004244/000/0034217

      Pls try this number to check the balance as per post above.

  22. pf check my not open pleese help

  23. Dear Vivek,

    Greetings of the day! I have worked in an organization for 3 years and now working in different organization. Now I want to withdraw my PF amount of the 3 years. Is there any way to get my PF amount without employer interaction? Could you please let me know detailed process to get it?


  24. I don.t know my PF number. How can I get that from PAN card number ? Is there any way to get PF number through PAN ?

    • there is no way tp get PF number via PAN number, You need to ask your HR or check your payslip – it should be there.

      • If I don’t ask my HR, then my whole money is gone ? Any easy way to get that money ?

        • Hi Mohit, the only way to get your PF number is to contact your HR. Ideally, you should have it already on your payslip / Form 16.

          • If I change 4 companies, there will be 4 PF numbers ? Why not government link all PF accouo on the basis of PAN ? There must be a simple way to retrieve money from all 4 PF accounts in one go.

          • You will be pleased to know that government is planning to have an Universal account number for PF. As number of PF members are way large beyond number of PAN holders.

            If you change companies, the best option is to get the PF transfer to new company. so that you will have just 1 PF number.

  25. Abhaya Kumar Jain

    Dear Mr. Vivek,
    Hope you are doing well,

    I have a query regarding my daughter’s PF Acc number. I have got the est. code number of the organisation “River Dale School, Varanasi) but not able to get PF details. Request you to help on the same.
    Est Code: UP/ VNS /0018142/000

    Thank you,

    Dr. Abhaya Kumar Jain.

  26. Hi sir, I have applied for my Pf in month of January 2014 after 4years but it was submitted in month of septeme 2014 I checked my Pf claim status that they have received it on 13sept 2014 but still I have not got the settlement amount I tried calling both Pf office of Maharashtra bandra and my consultantcy Pf office people they will never respond my call and at consultantcy people also give the Pf office number how to contact the Pf office and how long will it take to get cleared my Pf settlement .. Its almost 45days pls suggest me

    Warm Regards
    Mohammed Usman

  27. Sir what is the maximum date of settlement of Pf is it is 18 days or 45 days because I have applied my Pf of other company In bangalore they I got settlement with in 15 days but in Maharashtra bandra Pf office is taking more than 45 days please give me any solution I stay in bangalore please suggest me what to do ..

  28. Hello,

    I tried every possible way I would have written my name, but it says name mismatch

    My PF No: MH/424/398514
    Employer name: Larsen & Toubro Limited

    Pls help me out to know my balance

    • Hi Prashant,

      You need to check with your HR the new PF code. it should be like


      Also, check with them whether company maintain PF with EPFO or private company trust.

  29. Hi vivek sir,

    I followed the process correctly as mentioned above but im getting crash report

    I did not withdraw my pf for more then 2 years will this be an problem

    Please help thanks in advance

    Pradeep m

    • It will not be problem. But the account will be inactive if no PF amount is deposited for 3 years. You can transfer the PF to your new employer.

  30. I failed to check my pf balance.

  31. Shaguftha Yasmeen

    Hi There,

    I tried all the steps correctly but i m getting below error, Could you please check and help me in this regard.

    Error message “Select count(distinct(member_id)) as num_records from `sms_log` where mobile = ‘8722266943’Table ‘./epf_member_balance/sms_log’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired”.

    Let me know if you need additional information in his regard.

    Thank you !!

    Shaguftha Yasmee

  32. Naresh Neelakantan


    I have the same query like Prashant for Larsen & Toubro account?
    My old PF Number: MH/424/20042316
    I cannot find any new possible combinations for the 7 digits.
    Please help.

    Thanks and regards,
    Naresh Neelakantan

    • Hi Naresh, There are 2 codes for L&T


      It may be possible that your company has a private PF trust (and not maintained by EPFO). In that case, only your HR can give you the details. Please check with your HR.

  33. sir/madam,

    My Pf No. is KN/BN/34272/450555 But not know Pf balance

    Plz help

    • Hi, If your company is ADECCO INDIA PVT. LTD., then your new PF number should be


      Pls also check with your HR.

  34. Hi ,
    I check with my previous company HR they are said the pf no TN/CB/0086140/000/0000012. But if i check balance in website, no sms received. and also i check the status it is also said no record found. can u help me.

    • If your company is JEEVAN INFOTECH INDIA (P)LTD.,then your PF number should be


      Pls check that.

  35. s amarendrakumar kumar

    I tried to check my of balance yesterday, till now I didn’t get any didn’t say any errors while I was filling it up

  36. s amarendrakumar kumar

    It showed your balance has been sent to your mobile through SMS,but I didn’t received any sms

  37. Jagadiswara Reddy


    I was previously working with Cognizant Mumbai and my PF number was TN/MAS/31309/199101. I worked there for 16 months and i applied for withdrawl of PF in Jul-14. It was around 26k. I got 6,700 credited to my account on 03-Nov-14. its been 3 days, still i did’t get my remaining amount. Will it take some more days to get remaining amount…? or do i need to complaint to EPFO..? even i tried 4-5 times to get the balance through SMS, but i did not get any SMS from EPF. kindly lguide me on this..

  38. Hi,

    I am getting this message “Your Account has been marked as In-operative Account. For details please contact respective EPF Office”. Can you pls let me know ,how to check the balence in this case.


  39. Hi Vivek,

    I am trying to check pf balance online for my previous employer TCS.
    When i try to check my pf balance it throws message:
    Invalid Input / Member name mismatch

    Am i doing something wrong?
    PF number : MH/BAN/0048475/000/0123456

    Thanks in Advance,

    • Hi priyanka,
      Check with your HR whether PF is maintained by company trust or EPFO. if company trust, the balance will be only available through HR & not on EPFO site.

      Also confirm the exact name in their PF returns.

  40. I am trying to check my EPF balance but it showa Data not available. Pls contact EPF office.

  41. i am checking my pf balance but not receiving sms on my number whereas website is saying sms will be sent & you received shortly.
    pls reply ASAP


  42. Hi,

    My PF No. is DL/CPM/0005894/000/0000190 but everytime when I entering this shows wrong and invalid. Pl help me to find out the balance amount and secondly my company changes his name three time and I am not withdraw and PF from any of the account currently I have three account. i want to know that should i withdraw the amount.

    Sunil Chauhan

    • 1) Is your company name – THE HOST RESTAURANT
      2) In case you have 3 PF number, then first of al, you should submit PF transfer form to your existing employer to get the PF transferred to 1 account.
      3) Check with your HR, the correct name submitted in their PF return.

  43. Hi,

    I am not getting SMS my PF Amount balance.After Submition it showing message like “Your EPF balance has been sent through SMS on your specified mobile number. You shall receive the SMS shortly”. Please help me

    Sudheer Achyutha

  44. My pf account no is DL/8572/16358. I found the new no as per ur instructions DS/NHP/0008572/000/0016358 but it is showing INVALID INPUT/MEMBER NAME MISMATCH? now what ? Pls check?

    • It is better to check with your HR, the exact name uploaded in PF return. mention that you are getting name mismatch error.

  45. Hi I facing trouble in getting PF balance. Error showing name mismatch. My account no is MH/PUN/301485/0389

    • If your company is Mahindra 2 wheelers, then your new PF account should be PU/PUN/0301485/000/0000389

      Also, It is better to check with your HR, the exact name uploaded in PF return. mention that you are getting name mismatch error.

  46. I have two queries

    First one is that these days how much approx time taken to clear the PF money as I am trying to withdrawl the money .

    And I am putting the pf number in the website and giving my name but its giving me error of mismatching.I dont know what is mismatching in it as I am giving my name and pf number from my salary slip itself.
    Please help

    • PF Withdrawal can take from 1 week to few months (depending on the HR approval / EPFO office etc)

      Regarding name mismatch, you should get in touch with your HR to confirm the name submitted in PF return file.

  47. Hi every time system is changing we are getting problem

  48. Sir,
    My pf number is PY/BOM/10275/67537.
    It’s showing invalid input/ member I’d.
    Please help

    • If your company is Wipro InfoTech, then your PF number will be PY/BOM/0010275/000/0067537

      Check with your HR whether the PF is maintained by EPFO or company’s private trust.

  49. I worked in an bpo in chennai TN for about 15 months i ws been transfered to thane office..tere was a better opportunity so i gave online resignation. They didnt accepted .i joined my new company. I resigned that compant with proper resignation 1 month later. After some days i received mail from past to past company that i ws been absconded .to get proper document pay due amount through DD i send DD, but they send absconded letter. Nw i want to claim and withdraw my pf amount. Wen i type my pf number as TN it says no records i tried my next company in bhayanderbhayander again it sayas no records plz assist me what should i do n how?


  51. sir ,
    My epf number is not visible on site. getting below.

    STATUS for Member ID: MH/BAN/0048475/000/0399117

    Invalid Input / Member name mismatch against this MH/BAN/0048475/000/0399117

    **Data updated till 10-11-2014 14:20:12

    after i have followed other option to download the e -passbook from via my PAN login on portal

    but i am getting below now.

    Please check whether you have entered correct account number.If yes, then details of the entered account number is not available at the portal for verifying the account number as it is not uploaded by the concerned EPFO Office. You may contact the concerned PF Office that maintains your account.

    I have checked my UAN number against my MH/BAN/48475/399117 on portal
    MY UAN is :-100080207855

    Your UAN is allotted, kindly get your UAN No. from your employer.

    Now where i can proceed to check the EPF….totally confused,…

    • Hi Amit, I think you are employed with TCS.
      Please check with your HR whether the company maintain PF with EPFO or with private trust? It the company maintain PF in private trust , then the details will not be available on EPFO site. You can get only from your HR.

  52. Sir

    I was worked Reliance Info comm Ltd

    As per my pay slip Pf account no is showing in 8 digits. when i try to UAN register its not allowing to enter 8 digits.

    Pls help me out.

  53. i want my pf balencce

  54. I have missing my pay slip for PF account number, so arrange my pf number and working in Allied digital Services Ltd., so please arrange my pf number ASAP.

  55. still not recived sms my mobile number

  56. My pf details is GN/GGN/0005572/000/0263776 but it’s not working. I am getting this error.

    STATUS for Member ID: GN/GGN/0005572/000/0263776

    Invalid Input / Member name mismatch against this GN/GGN/0005572/000/0263776

    Please help me.

    • Check with your HR

      1) if the PF is maintained by EPFO or company trust. if it is maintained by company trust, you will not be able to see the balance at EPFO site.
      2) Confirm the exact name in their PF return.

  57. I have worked for a Co. Now My PF account is in-operative. My employer (Co is service Provider for a Bank). and very infamous for PF issues. many are running door to door for 1-3 years. is there any way to solve this problem quickly

  58. I am last 14 month working the maintence organaigation i am ask the over hr head last 10 time my epf .balance but not reply me plese given my balance

  59. If your company is SIS PROSEGUR LTD.,then your PF number should be




    Pls check that.

  60. If your company is SIS PROSEGUR LTD.,then your PF number should be




    Pls check that.

  61. If your company is SIS PROSEGUR LTD.,then your PF number should be




    Pls check that.

  62. hi, i have tries to get the sms. the site says : you will receive the message shortly. But i am not getting any mesage.
    CAN we check two pf numbers’s baalnces using one phone number.

  63. HI,

    I am not getting my PF amount details on my Mobile Number —
    Every time its say , details has been sent to your mobile .

    Please help me on this.
    MY PF account number is —KN/25011/2592

    Mobile Number is 9711918009
    Please help me on this .


  64. Mahul Milan Mukherjee

    I have checked my PF balance through e-passbook download option….I worked in this company at Cuddalore,TN from July 22nd but still my pf balance show till 03.07.2014….i can’t understand why they are not showing the update….when I asked my HR he told me that they deposit the amount on time but may be pf office not updated….my pf no. is TB/PDY/0001807/4127….my name is Mahul Milan Mukherjee and my DOB is 15/11/1976
    My second question is i can’t access my account through epfo website…when i put my pf no. their, they show data not available but when i access through with my registration then I check my pf balance.
    I did’t understand why this difference to check my account and why it’s till not updated….please help me.

  65. Mahul Milan Mukherjee

    Sir, please reply my query stated above….

  66. Dear Sir,

    Please send SMS for my Pf balance to this mobile no
    ; 9374935051

    Name : Mahesh r padhiyar,
    Company Name :- you broadband india pvt ltd,
    My Pf no :-GJ/SRT/32574/2231
    UN NO: 100214845504

    Mahesh Padhiyar

  67. Hi

    I am trying to check my pf Balance but when i click on know u r of balance below error reflecting on my screen.
    Description: Unable to locate the server named “” — the server does not have a DNS entry. Perhaps there is a misspelling in the server name, or the server no longer exists. Double-check the name and try again.

    Requesting you to please check & confirm.

  68. Hi

    My Pf number MH/THN/99050/0000217,

    Please tell me the Balance

  69. Dear sir
    Please Sir send my pf balance in this number .9717194322
    Name-ravi Kumar Nonia
    My pf no. Is-DS/SHD/00030463/000/0000053

  70. Hi, I left my job in Aug 2014 after working for 1.8 years in an organisation. And i have some money in my PF which i want to invest. Is it a good idea to not withdraw the PF? Will it give any returns? Or please suggest some better alternatives to invest. Thanks

    • Hi Karan, if you are currently working n another company, then you can get it transferred to new PF account, Normally PF is giving you interest of 8.5% tax free.

      if you withdraw, then you can invest in options like Equity mutual funds for long term.

  71. Hi Sir,

    I was working in Company1 for 5 years and resigned 4 months back and joined Company2(Current Employer for 3 months). I resigned from Company2 and will move to Company3 sooner.

    But i did not tranfer my PF from Company1 to Company2.

    Can I tranfer both the PF from Company1 and Company2 to Company3 after joining?
    Do I have to do anything now?
    Any restrictions on number of days for PF transfer?

    My Company1 PF : TNMAS00313090000094297 -> I am able to check the account.
    My Company2 PF : MHBAN00484750000422190 -> I am not able to check this account Online. Pls help me. It says, no info is available.

    Thanks in advance.

    • 1. Yes you can transfer both PF directly to your 3rd company
      2. You donot need to do anything now. just fill the PF transfer form in new company
      3. For the company , you are not able to check PF, it may be possible that data is not updated as you joined for a short time.

      • Thanks a ton for your response sir.

        I joined the current company before 3 months. They maintain the PF with them separately. I got the PF Account number from them and still couldn’t find it in the portal. I am following it up with them.

        Thank you sir.

  72. sir my pf no Hp/sml/0004276/000/0000635 plese helph m

  73. Hi Sir,
    My name is Kandala Samarendra Reddy as per my pay slip.
    my pf account is DL/20846/113405
    i am getting input/name msmatch..can you please help regarding this issue.

    • Hi, I think your are working with Genpact. As the PF numbers are changed, you need to check with your HR the correct new PF number.

  74. Deependra Singh Shekhawat

    Hi Sir,

    I joined the company on 08/08/2012 and left it on 12/12/2013 and my old PF account number is KN/BN/34177/57340 but when i am trying to check my balance it says invalid input.

    Could you please help me to get the new account number.

    Thanking You,

  75. dear sir
    please send sms for my pf balance to moblie no
    name somashekar dms
    company name V4 management services pvt LTD
    my pf no. BG/BNG/41768/99

    somashekar dms

    • Please try to check the balance as per steps above. your PF should be BG/BNG/0041768/000/0000099
      if you get any error, please post here…

  76. Hi,
    My name is Ekta Bawa. My company HR has told me that my pf account number is DL / NHP / 33612/1500. I had requested for a pf withdrawal but when I check my claim status online it says on records found. I have also tried with number DS/NHP/33612/1500. It only says no records found. It’s been almost 2months. Please help me. Please.

  77. I just happened to visit here and I am quite amazed to see how vivek is answering all the query raised by the visitor.

  78. Hi vivek

    Any update on my issue. PF account number DS/NHP/33612/1500. When I check my claim status online it says no records found. Please help

    • If your employer is AMERIPRISE INDIA , please try this number – DS/NHP/0033612/000/0001500

      • Hi vivek. . Yes my employer is Ameriprise India. But even with the pf number you provided it says no records found. What shall I do? Please help

        • Apart from claim status, are you able to check the PF Balance.
          If not, you need to contact HR saying that something is not correct with PF number.

  79. Hi Vivek, I was working with Accenture from 2008 to 2012 ..and my PF no. is MH/BAN/45665/83399 which i have not withdrawal yet. I m just looking to know my PF balance so i visit the site “” but i m not getting any message with PF status on my mobile. Also please suggest which option is best to transfer the PF money or withdrawal the money ?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  80. Invalid input / Member name mismatch

    My PF no is: TN/MAS/51136/515
    Mobile number: 8754408834

    When i try it on online it is giving the below error message. And I had tried by so many ways like below
    TNMAS00511360000000515 and TNMAS51135000515. But it shows the same error message.

    Invalid Input / Member name mismatch against this TN/MAS/0051136/000/515

    can you please provide correct information.
    My mail id:
    Please help me .

  81. this is my PF Account number : PY/BOM/1012275/000/0000009

    And my name in pay-slip as Ravikiran Veerappa Hubballi

    and my office is in Hsr layout Bangalore ,

    Please let me know how to check my balance and also i want to claim my pf amount , what is the procedure .

    Please reply back to my email: 9008164029

    • I think your employer is INNOVALUS TECHNOLOGIES (based on the PF number provided).

      Pls follow the steps above to check the PF balance.

  82. Im not receiving any SMS. Once I enter details on website, there is no error message. It says SMS will be sent shortly.

  83. My PF no is: TN/MAS/51136/515
    Mobile number: 8754408834

    When i try it on online to check the PF Balance it is giving the below error message.

    Invalid Input / Member name mismatch against this TN/MAS/0051136/000/515

    can you please provide correct information. My mail id:

    • If your company is QUSCIENT TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED, then you need to try the following

      Also enter the full name as in your HR records. If you still get error, check with your HR dept the exact name they provided to EPFO on their PF returns.

  84. no pf detail

  85. pf balance

  86. jitender singh rawat

    company name Infosecure Consulting Pvt. Ltd. (www.tim

    my pf account no is missing plz giv me a/c my a/c no.

  87. Name is Kuntal Nandy
    My PF number is – MH/THN/204330/00062.
    My Mobile number is 9015928042 and 7835850022.

    I am not able to see the status of my PF withdrawal. Actually I have applied for the same in the month of Nov’14.

    MY organization name is WNS Business Consulting Private Limited and Located at Gurgaon, Haryana.

    Can Anyone (who are authorized for the same) help me on this with the current status.


    Dear Vivek Sir
    My Pf No Gj/srt/801555/835 my name raj kumar tripathi 9826478400
    on line check my balance but says name mismatch please help me

  89. The website is not opening once you click on Know your balance.
    Is there any other website / link where I can check my EPF balance?

  90. Yes vivek my employer is Ameriprise India but even now when I check my pf claim status with the pf number you asked me to try with it still says no records found. Please help

    • Hi Ekta, Are you sure that your PF number is correct. Normally it is also mentioned in Salary slip.
      The last section of number is more important – 1500 which is your individual PF number ? (DS/NHP/0033612/000/0001500)

      Have you moved to a different company ?

  91. Hi Vivek… as per the number provided by the company HR the pf number is correct. The last section of the number the HR provided me was 1500. I left the company in July this year and have submitted my pf papers on 26th October. Kindly assist me

  92. Hi vivek once again. number was provided by HR and was not mentioned on my payslips. My HR had also provided me with a UAN NO. 100021225093.

  93. hi ,

    the link to check the balance is not working. pls advise

  94. Hi vivek

    I try to check my claim status but still not getting any kind of information via cliam status. Plz advise.

  95. i’m applyed 17/07/2014 my ticket no :TKT 000000000070308 can u gave me right get my PF MONEY.ASAP.

  96. Hi vivek. . My pf number I’d DS/NHP/33612/1500 and UAN number is 100021225093. When I check my pf claim status online it says no records found. How to check through the UAN link you have sent ? My employer is Ameriprise India and I had submitted forms for withdrawal to my hr in October. They confirmed me that my forms have been sent to pf office and I shall get an update soon. But yet I don’t have any update. And online it says no records found. Please help me.

  97. Hi Vivek,

    I have tried to enter the details, but everytime it is showing

    Data not available. For detail’s please contact respective EPF Office.

    Please suggest me, how to check the status of my PF balance.
    I am working in a private firm from 4th August,2014.

    Souhreed Kumar Datta

    • Which company do you work for. As you have joined few months back, it may be possible that the data is not updated at EPFO.
      You should also try to check the online PF passbook which is more updated. See details below:
      If not, also check with your HR , if the PF is maintained at EPFO or company’s private trust.

      • Hi Vivek,

        First of all thanks for your swift reply.
        I am working Deloitte Consulting Pvt. Ltd. and have followed the suggested steps.
        This time I am getting this statement “Request for UAN for this member Id XXX is already under process. (through ECR) ”
        Please tell me what should I do next!

        Souhreed Datta

        • It seems that the UAN number is not yet allotted to you. In the meantime make sure that PF deduction is shown on your payslip and you have your PF number (normally on the payslip).
          Check EPFO site again after couple of months. You can also followup with your HR that the account is not visible online & UAN number is not yet allotted.

          • Thanks Vivek!

            Yes the PF deduction and my PF number are there in my payslip.
            I’ll check with the HR team once!


  98. I am working since last 1 and half year. I am trying to check my PF balance from last 15 days. Its showing error alwaz.,. Whats the procedure to get it checked can u pls help me out.

  99. Hi am working Datawind Innovations Pvt. ltd .. i have my pf number but it is showing error ” NO recoreds Found for ur search ” please help me to check my PF balance my PF number is ” PN/43001/400″ and my number is 9540462168 my name Mukesh Kumar

  100. Hello sir my PF NO is TN/53662/184 which was in my pay slip. I dont no how to check can you help me sir, my name is V. Dinesh mobile no is 9790749530

    • I think your employer is CHAKRA INFO SOLUTIONS.
      you can try PF number TN/MAS/0053662/000/0000184 OR TN/AMB/0053662/000/0000184
      with correct name as on payslip

  101. Hi sir

    Myself Ramesh, I have tried to check my PF Balance, I have entered correct data only, but it is displaying below error.

    STATUS for Member ID: AP/HYD/0037852/000/0026773

    Data not available. For detail’s please contact respective EPF Office.

    **Data updated till 26-12-2014 13:23:54

    Please revert back with details, how can i check my PF balance

  102. Hello Vivek,

    I was previously working for Justdial Bangalore. When I am trying to get the PF details for my PF account, I am getting the results like

    Data not available. For details please contact respective EPF office.

    My account details are as follows:


    Also I have tried with the following combinations:


    Kindly help me in this regard.

    Awaiting your reply.

    Debojyoti Bose

  103. Hi Vivek,
    I have checked my PF balance by following above steps .
    As per Message :
    EE amt:Rs 19614
    ER amt:: RS 11084
    Accounts update upto 31-03-2014

    I was employee of symphony teleca for 3 years , Every month 1270/- used to deduct as PF. my confusion is for 3 yrs EE amount showing as 19614/- only.
    Please clarify on this??

    Thanks in advance .

  104. plz give pf amount details..

    my pf ac no-PU/PUN/0005817/00A/0001310

  105. Vivek, fantastic write up! Thank you for the step by step approach.

    One question – Is the total of the PF balance EE + ER?

    Thanks in advance.

  106. I have submitted PF withdrawl form through my previous company in Oct-2014, but the money is not deposited in my account till date. When I checked the claim status on EPFO, it shows no record found. I have contacted my previous company and they say they have already submitted the form. Please guide.

  107. Rabindra Nath Dey

    To know my balance

  108. Ee amt and er amt please explai it and how do calculate my account balance?

  109. Dear Sir/ mam,

    Am tried so many websites and phone calls for searching the Pf balance amount. But the problem is not yet resolved still am searching the where is lacking/parked my amount

    So request your intervention and help me out

    working company i process as a bank employee past 7 years completed


  110. How to take my pf Balence and claim details I try more times but it show name and code is mismatch but iam entered correct please help me

  111. Hey Vivek,
    I don’t know why im not able to see my pf account balance !! I was working wid sutherland global services !! TN/MAS/49694/97510 This is what i hsve on my payslip !! And the error is invalid input name mismatch !! Plz sir revert back as soon as its possible !! Fone num -7710017935

    • I think the pf number should be TN/MAS/0049694/000/0097510
      enter your full name as in payslip / employer records.

      Please check using this PF details.

  112. PLEASE I need help to check my pf balance can anyone give me your number

  113. Good work..your website really helped me..Thanks..:)

  114. Hi Vivek,
    I am getting data not available error while checking balance.
    PF No: MH/201464/203.
    Name: Vishal Ghorpade.
    I have worked for this organization for 6months and now i have joined new organization is there any way to transfer this amount to new organization pf account ?





    • Hi Ganesan,

      Check the revised PF number from your HR. it should be like AP/KKP/0068839/000/0000279

      Try this and then try to check the balance at the link given in post above.

  117. Hi, I have pf number MH/PUN/122409/001791, but when i try to check online it gives the error “Please check whether you have entered correct account number.If yes, then details of the entered account number is not available at the portal for verifying the account number as it is not uploaded by the concerned EPFO Office. You may contact the concerned PF Office that maintains your account.”. I have recently moved to new company and i do also have old pf number “MH/BAN/48475/596054” When I try both are giving the same error . COuld u please let me know what to be taken care from my side.

    • Whether your old company is TCS & New company is Principal Global.

      In that case your new PF number should start with PU/PUN/0122409/000

      Your old PF number should be MH/BAN/0048475/000/0596054

      If you have joined recently, then your new PF number may not be active. But your old PF should work.

      You can also try to transfer your PF balance online to the new company

  118. My previous organisation is Reliance HR Service Pvt Ltd,I worked there from 29/03/2010 to 03/07/2014.

    My PF A/C No is – MH/VASHI/118056/87164 . My PF contribution was Rs.612/- per month.

    Then what is my total PF amount (with interest) as on 02/02/2015? Please Help…

    • you worked fro approx 51 months.

      Employee contribution should be approx. – 36000
      Employer contribution should be approx. 33000


    • Hi Naval,

      Is your company – LUXUR WRITING INSTRUMENTS
      You should check with your HR the revised PF number. It should be DS/NHP/0017980/000/0000077

  120. Hi,

    I have recently received the UAN number and i have checked the passbook where i can see some amount available.
    But when i check it in below url then it is saying as Data not available. what does it mean?

    Acc No: AP/HYD/0063513/000/0000171
    Name : Kishore Kumar Mamidi

    Please help

  121. I don’t have my PF account number and company code.How should I check my PF balance. Company is not helping me.

  122. Its very iritating the EPFO Site. Its never shown my PF balance . I tried more than 100 times.

  123. sir ‘
    i was worked at national coalateral ltd service,mumbai for a one year.But i unfortunately lost the pf slip. and the said company is now wind out at berhampur ,How can i got the pf amount….

  124. dear sir

    my pf number is wb/cal/34609/81962 but when i checking its show member name mismatch . how i check my pf blance

    • Is your employer Genius Consultant?
      Try this PF number WB/CAL/0034609/000/0081962

      Also check with your HR, what name they are mentioning in PF returns.

  125. Hi sir my pf uan no-100000735762 check my balence

  126. Hi.
    I have checking lot of times and still cant see my PF balance. It always shows error message member bame mismatch against this no TN/MAS/0049381/000/0000136. my mobile no. 9994472149

  127. Hi,

    While registering for the UAN, I am getting “mismatch in uan and member id” error. I have checked in my payslip for the input details multiple times and details are OK. Is there step which needs to be completed by the employer before the employee can register.
    I have got the UAN number from my previous organization just few days before my last working day, so, IS there any step which should be completed by employer for completing this registeration process.
    Please help.

  128. Very good article Sir. Just what i was looking for.
    Thank you.

  129. sir how can i know about my pf account number, my hr is not providing me that number, i have my establishment code which is HR/KNL/0035278000. If i m visiting epfo website it does shows the company details and the name of the members against which contributions have been made. but it does not shows the details individually. so i m not having my pf number
    so how can i check my epf balance. please sir do provide a solution whethar their is anyway i can check my epf balance. thanks.

  130. Hi, Vivek, my PF no. is GN/GGN/10379/000/462.
    I am not able to check my balance, its showing no records found & further i have registered myself on member portal dnt know how to proceed. How to generate UAN No. online or employer will give the UAN No.

  131. Sir,
    I am not having office code in my payslip. now how i have to check my pf balance.
    this is my pf no. DL/937589/13960. please help me for this.

  132. 9250823778

  133. Hi ,

    Just now i gone through PF website… PF#-AP/HYD/KKP/XXXXXX/XXX…is this is a valid format…it’s showing as invalid

  134. My PF number is KN / 10088 /15***. I worked for Infosys Technologies. I think the new equivalent number is PY/BOM/0010088/000/0015***.
    But even when I try this I get name mismatch error. What could be the reason.
    Note: I have just masked the last three digits as ***. When I entered in site I gave correct number only. Can you please suggest what could be wrong.

    • Check with your HR the name they are putting in their PF return. Also check if the company deposits money to EPFO or maintain own private PF trust.

  135. How much time its take to update the pf after deduction

  136. Hi,
    My pf no is MH/BAN/128608/5. I am getting an error as member name mismatch. how should i check now?

    • If your employer is LEXVIA LEGAL SERVICE , then your PF number should be


      Check with your HR,the name they are putting in PF returns.

      • Valentina Dcosta

        I checked by entering the above mentioned number, it still shows Invalid Input / Member name mismatch against this MH/BAN/0128608/000/0000005. There is no HR in my previous office. All employees including me were terminated as the office was shifted to Pune. I worked there for 6 months, can I withdraw the pf amount, if yes then what are the documents required for this purpose?

  137. in epfo my status display my account is settalment but i dont receive my pf account so please help me…..



      If yes, then PF number should be DL/CPM/0014743/000/xxxxxxx
      You need to get your PF number from your HR or it may be on your payslip.

  139. MEMBER BALANCE INFORMATION page is empty for me. There is not fields inside it. Its completely blank and empty. why?

  140. i am k harshwardhan kanekar i working past 3 year in bangalore in agrigold constrution but my pf amount is un clear sair please help me sir my pf a/c no 58257 joining date 01/09/2011 my cell no plese help me sir 9880376395

    thanking you sir

  141. Hi.My pf acc number is DL/20029/019732 .I am unable to check my balance as it shows data not available .PLease help on this

  142. Hi, I tried checking my PF balance online by following the steps provided. I received the below message: Your Account has been marked as In-operative Account. For details please contact respective EPF Office.

    Let me know how can i proceed further to check my PF balance. Thanks.

    • It seems that there were no transactions in your PF account for last 3 years and your account is marked as Inoperative.
      If you are currently working,then your should transfer your old PF to your new PF account.

  143. Dear Sir,
    my self musafir yadav,i am work in transport corporation of india ltd. from 02.02.1999 to 03.06.2006.
    we ahave allready applied pf withdrowl from but till not any received pf payment by the co.

    so pls gide me what we can do.

    musafir yadav

  144. Kamlesh vishwakarma
    March 11, 2015
    Hi.My pf acc number is BPL/0026111/ 000/0001892/.I am unable to check my balance .PLease helpon this

  145. sudheer venigalla

    Dear Sir,

    This is my pf account no: AP/KKP/80411/107

    when i’m going to check the balance statement from the below link

    it shows like this

    STATUS for Member ID: AP/KKP/0080411/000/0000107
    Invalid Input / Member name mismatch against this AP/KKP/0080411/000/0000107
    **Data updated till 27-02-2015 13:23:12

    Please help me to check the balance

  146. abdul hassan aarif

    sir my pf no is tn/12101 02096 i left company three year back and i got my pf amount but i didnt get my pf pention bond every time im checking but it is mis maching please check and inform as soon as possible my mobil no is 9986699257

    • For pension amount, you need to submit Form 10C to your employer. You can either withdraw the amount or get the pension after the retirement age.

  147. pf no kn/26174/169

  148. Can anybody tell me how i can check my pf amount status my pf account is starting MH /94725

  149. Can some one assist me on this i left my previous organization a year ago i have received my pf but now they have sent me an letter that says that i need to tranfer my pension amount to my new employer because i am employed.
    Is there a way i can receive this amount without tranferring it to the new employer

  150. HI Vivek,

    i am deepak from chandigarh and i joined HTIS telecom in Sept 2014 . i got pay slip in which pf number is mention

    HR/GGN/32871/1531, when i check my balance through above steps it still say ” Data not available. Please contact

    your respective EPF office”, whats that mean?

    is there no any record? or company cannot submit any document ?

    when i check through establishment code, company deposit amount, they show my name.

    and also still i cannot get my UAN number, may i know at what duration UAn number is generated?

    Plz comment

  151. sir my ac no-GJ/AHD/0015684/000/0041538

    I want to refund amount.i left the company 31-03-14

  152. HI,

  153. how to check my epf balance give to directions

  154. Hi,

    I worked for 2years for my previous company and currently am working for other company. it’s been 2years, when i left my job I have filled form13 and enclosed required some documents and posted to PF office requesting to transfer my PF amount from my previous company’s Account to Current company’s PF account. i received email from my previous company stating it got transferred to new account but now am not able to check the status whether it got transferred or not. whenever i check status online Current Account details.i will receive SMS with details “Good until last year date”. am not able to check up to date status . if need to check current status i believe i should wait for some moths

    could you please suggest me as it’s 2years back if not transferred will i be able to get my amount transfer now or with drawl. what are further steps i can follow.

    Thank you,

    Vijay Kumar

  155. I got message of Bal EE-53367 and ER-34050 as on 04-03-2015 accounts updated upto 31-03-2014. I left organization on 22nd sept 2014. Can employee contribution be heigher than employer contribution. and what should be my PF account balance after leaving. as it is updated upto 31-03-2014 my monthly pf deduction was 1600 approx.

  156. Hi Vivek,

    Could you please help with this situation,i worked for my previous company for 2 years and currently am working for other company. when i left my job(2years back) i have requested to transfer my PF amount from my previous company’s account to current account. i have filled Form-13 enclosed required document and sent through post but whenever i try to check my current account details online i receive SMS with not updated information it showing last year date. am not able to check whether it got transferred or not. i also received a confirmation email from my previous organization stating it got transferred.
    could you please suggest me how do i check whether it got transferred or not. if not transferred will i be able to do it now.


  157. my pf number is dl/935842/532. when use this number for check my pf balance doesn’t not show

  158. One year back I registered and got my pf balance details but now I want to know current available balance of my Pf account. can you help me….

  159. please show the pf account

  160. how to know pf account number???

  161. sir with due respect that i want to know my totel balance what can i do please suggest me because whenever i tried it shows only 1689 updated upto 31-03-2014 please guide me what can i do


  162. sir please tell how can i know my total amount of epf till at that time

  163. tried so my times to get the sms the webpage showing ” Your EPF balance has been sent through SMS on your specified mobile number. You shall receive the SMS shortly.” but i never got any sms & also i registered for e-passbook but it showing that my e-paasbook is not uploaded on the portal………..dnt know what to do in both cases, could you guide. thanks..


    Respected sir,

    My name is Satish T Nadiger.
    My pF no.BG/BNG/0035224/000/0627851
    my e-mail -:
    Cell: 09449973514.

    • Have you tried steps above.

      You can also try checking through ePassbook and UAN. The links are provided in the post above.

  165. I had worked in Zydus Cadila in past and i want to withdraw my pf Balance but dont know pf no. So is it possible to get my pf Balance? And also not possible to getting it from company because some isuee of that time.

  166. Hi my pf account according to my payslip is KN/BN/44087/995 and correct me if i am wrong, my new pf account should be BG/BNG/0044087/000/0000995, but still whenever i am searching by this name its saying invalid input. Kindly help me to know my pf amount status. My company is Arvind Lifestyle Brands Ltd.

  167. My Pf number is DL/935189/77. I am not able to see my details. It says Name mismatch. Could you please help me with the details.

    • if your employer is COUNTDOWN TECH PVT LTD, then your new PF number will be DS/NHP/0935189/000/0000077

      Pls try again.

  168. alok kumar singh

    pl . send my pf account no and balance my details given below alok kumar singh s/o ramesh narayan singh , date of birth

    21-04-1981 ,village -shivpur , post – baghi , distt- mirzapur

  169. I have tried by 10 times. still i am not getting any SMS. But after submit, it displayed message as ” you will receive SMS shortly to mentioned mobile number”.

    But it is not happening and also there is no error..
    Kindly reply…..

    • May be you can try other options to check the balance – epassbook / UAN.

      The links are provided in the post above.

  170. Please help me sir,

    pf no DL/939403/00102 we have check pf balance then shown error invalid input name mismatch.

  171. how to chack balance

  172. bishamber prasad ratre

    pls provide me

  173. Hi
    My Pf No is WB/PRB/29849/608 , Can u please provide m the balance and please tell m to check my pf number online

    thank you

    • Hi, Your PF number looks correct.
      Please try the steps mentioned in the post to check the PF balance. If you get any error, please let us know.

  174. bishambar prasad ratre

    bishambar Prasad ratre
    Vill-po-raliya the-katghora dist-korba c g 495677
    work at company Rajeshwari industriyal (deepka gevra korba)
    Email id
    Please provide my pf no.

  175. Hi Vivek jain
    My Pf number is
    can u please tell m to how to chck my pf balance
    thank you

    • hi Sir
      Sorry to mention my number
      Pf Number :AP/HYD/1031/977000

      • If your employer name is NEW BHEEMA LANDS HOME, then your new PF number should be GR/CDP/0001031/000/977000. Please also confirm with your HR.

        For checking the PF balance use the revised PF number and follow the steps mentioned in the post.
        You can also check through online ePassbook or UAN. Links for both are provided in the post above.

    • replied to your another query

  176. Pls give me the information about ppf amount against pf no-wb/prb/29210/17379

  177. i am trying to check my online balance but unable to open, since i was working with a company for 6yrs and now i have change the company but i have not remove any money as to liable for pension scheme which is of 7 yrs contination so i have tranfer to this company and now i want to check my balance whther this company is contributing my pf and whether it is actually transfer or not.

  178. abhishek sahotra

    i m trying many time to know my pf balance detail. but I not get my pf balance detail. plz help me to know PF detail. my PF no. HR/GGN/1062174/058, abhishek sahotra mob. no 9318779840. I will thankful to u for this.

    • what error are you getting?

      Have you tried other methods like ePassbook or UAN. Links are provided in the post above.

      • Hi Vivek

        The links mentioned in point 3 of original post are not working. I get following error:

        “Service Unavailable HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.”

        Please help if you know anything about it.


  179. Pushpreet Singh

    how I can check my PF Balance. SHANKS SECURITY SERVICES Chandigarh have deposit my PF. My Pf No.

    is PB/CHD/003080818-000-0000965. But my name in is not correct My name have is written

    PUSJPREET SINGH in stead of PUSHPREET SINGH My Mobile No. is 9779981586 Please tell me the

    solution of checking of balance & change of my name

  180. rohan.mariappa.dodmani

    name rohan.mariappa.dodmani.
    my pf no. mh/pun/121853/0003231.
    my mobile no. 7774986421 pls check my balance

  181. I have a query regarding PF.
    Actually I left my company 2 years . I am yet to collect my PF.

    The thing is I have changed my name officially by publishing in gazette and newspapers after I left the job.

    What is the procedure for collecting my PF ?

    Also, in my case can I apply for a UAN?
    Additionally,my PF number is displaying as inoperative account when I checked online.

    • Hi Maria, Are your currently working. In that case, you can submit the PF transfer form to your new employer.
      Even if the old company has changed the name, their PF number may be the same.

  182. Dear Sir i got the pf number but UAN number is showing under process how much time require for processing of UAN number

  183. shyam sundar sharma

    hello sir,

    i lost my pf. silip and the dealer in which i worked is gone.
    how can i get my pf balance and pf no.
    please help me

    shyam sundar sharma

  184. Sonu Kumar Mishra

    Invalid Input / Member name mismatch against this GN/GGN/0027111/000/000xxxx

    I’ve tried many times, but keep getting the same error. Please help!

    • You can try other options like registering for ePassbook or UAN. The links as to how to do it, is provided above.

  185. Dear Sir,
    P.f Form sumbit very long time but P.F amount not credit in my a.c.
    please help me.

    Rathod Mahendra. A.
    P.F NO:AP/HYD/29074/1149

    EPF : MH/VAS/119359/146
    MOBILE : 7738609558

  187. my pf nos on my payslip is PY/BOM/61240/009 but it always shows some error . Please let me know if its correct pf nos .

    • Hi Sagan, if your employer name is FOUR CLOVER REALTY PVT. LTD., then your PF number is PY/BOM/0061240/000/0000009

  188. My pf no. on my payslip is MH/212518/126. I have tried checking 100 times & still cant see my EPF balance. It always shows error message ‘Invalid Input/Member name mismatch’.
    I have entered all the details correctly & rechecked multiple times. Pls help me, this is getting really frustating.

  189. dear , im yuvraj from my pf is not show online name mismatch error my pf no is TN/35791/131008 DONT SHOW PF BALANCE

  190. I M YUVRAJ JADHAV ON STATUS IS NOY DISPLAY THIS ERROR Invalid Input / Member name mismatch against this DL/CPM/0034191/000/0012779

  191. HI Sir,

    My self Rajveer singh my pf
    sir i have not recieved any sms for infomation about my pf Balance.
    please help me

  192. yuvraj tukaram jadhav

    my pf number is kn/46370/23311 member name mismatch

  193. vivek sir,

    Greetings of the day
    My pf no GN/GGN/0032033/000/0000142 so please confirm me pf balance.

    Rajveer singh

  194. Roopanki Kalra

    Hi, every time I enter the details it says “Data not available. For detail’s please contact respective EPF Office.”
    Why does it say so? Can someone please explain?
    Thanks in advance.

    • It seems that data in your PF office is not updated or your account is too new.
      FOr how long your PF account is active and which employer ?

  195. sir,
    i am recently register on member portal and try to find old company (finolex cable) pf A/C passbook/ balance but showing in- operative account …… please help…
    pf a/c no – MH/PUN/3481/13052

    But not knew my current pf a/c ( company name- parag milk foods pvt ltd)

    • finolex cable PF should be PU/PUN/0003481/000/0013052

      parag milk PF should start with GR/CDP/0069185/000/XXXXXXX . you need to get your PF number with your HR.

  196. Hi,

    My PF A/c n is MH/424/0129846.

    UAN – 100317123874

    EPS NO MH/424/95265.
    Please help me in transfer my PF

  197. I know the old establisgment code of my company and I checked for the new established code. It shows 2 EPFO office details. COmpany name is same in both. How do I get the details of my PF account. Extension aslo not avaialble in my slip.


    pf Balens

  199. satyakant Pradhan

    Dear Sir
    I have been working a organizatition from last 6 yr,on my sallary sleevs my PF NO is-HR/GGN/10693/31659
    Sir how to check my balance.please healp.

    • If you are working with Bharti Airtel, then your PF no should be GN/GGN/0010693/000/0031659
      Pleaser try steps in post to check the balance.

  200. Hi, Vivek
    Am sadiq please let me no my pf status when ever I tried it’s showing the link is not found…..
    Pf no:
    MH /BAN / 128426 /401

  201. Rajesh Kumar Gudhenia

    Please help me to know the status & balance of given below PF A/c. DL/CPM/0004494/000/0000513.

  202. Hi,My PF number is MH/PUN/34224/000,but I am unable to check my PF status,because MH/PUN is not showing there.Please help

  203. Hi, My name is Mohammed Moiz and PF number is DS/NHP/336055/138, but i unable to check my RF Status please help me or Email me.

  204. Vivek sir there is error occur while I check my of balance that is invalid no or mismatch name, my of no is MH/PUN/3/406302/600 like that,plz suggest me

  205. manohar gharate

    can u help me check my pf ac balance my pf ac no.TN/MAS/0052971/000/0000364

    • Is your employer – FUJITEC INDIA PVT LTD?
      Have you tried steps above to check the balance >?

      Have you also tried UAN method – please see the details in the post.

  206. Valentina Dcosta

    Hi Sir,
    Actually I entered the pf number & name of my colleague & my mobile number by mistake. I read the agreement part & still have not received any sms, will i be in any kind of legal trouble?

    • If you have done once by mistake, donot worry there will not be legal trouble. People can always enter the number by mistake.

  207. hi sir,
    i have to check long time for to know my father pf balance . but that page will is occur error again and again. pls give correct way to know the balance.. 0001906/000/0000190- this is acnt no

    • Hi Sara,
      The OF account number seems incomplete. Please provide the full PF number, Also what is his employer name ?

  208. bivas bhattacharyya

    Dear Sir,
    Previously i was employee of Eicher Tractor.I have not with drawn my amount from my PF also it has not been transferred to current organisation.When i try to check PF balance following message appear.please help

    STATUS for Member ID: HR/FBD/0001573/000/0000963

    Your Account has been marked as In-operative Account. For details please contact respective EPF Office.

    **Data updated till 23-06-2015 10:12:30

  209. yuvraj tukaram jadhav


  210. HYD/31028/000/669338

    • if you are working with LARSEN TOUBRO LTD.,[ECC-CG], then your PF should be AP/HYD/0031028/000/0669338

      Please try steps above.

  211. plz pf web help me

  212. Hii..

    I have been trying to check my PF balance but some how didnt succeed, could you please help me out.
    My PF account no. is DL29390004229


    • Hi Shashank,

      It seems that PF account number is not in correct format. Please see the format above in the post.

  213. dear Sir,

    please help me to no my PF Balance
    my PF NO:KN/BN/23358/227
    my Mobile NO:9886361401

    • If your employer is SHIVA ANALYTICALS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED, then your PF number should be PY/KRP/0023358/000/0000227

      Pls try steps above.

  214. I’m camplan to epf official officsar
    Chit my providen pontd
    For is campany jupiteer hoshpitaily pld ltd

  215. pleas sand my pf balance

  216. Hi Vivek…For quite some time I used to be able to view my balance online, download the passbooks etc…However, for the last few months, I’ve not been able to do so because I “never” receive the confirmation PIN on my registered cell phone…Is there any other way to get the balance except talking to HR…Furthermore, I even attempted changing my number…However, due to the same issue that has not happened…One last thing , can I re-register myself on the member portal with a different telephone number…


  217. pls give me my pf balince

  218. Hello Sir,

    My PF number at JP morgan is MH/92681/27325 and in the new format believe it should be KD/MAL/0092681/0027325. Yet when I follow the given steps i am getting the error

    “Invalid Input / Member name mismatch against this KD/MAL/0092681/000/0027325”

    I double checked the name I gave in website is matching what is in payslip and the number given is a working number.

    Not sure what to do further from here. Please advise.


  219. HI SIR,

    MY PF NO IS 9308
    CODE IS MH/4154

    please help me how to check my pf balance..

    • If your company is OTIS ELEVATOR COMPANY INDIA LTD, then you new PF number should be KD/MAL/0004154/000/00009308

      Pls confirm with yoru HR and then check the balance as per link in the post above.

  220. i know my epf deatles

  221. WB/14336/4162

    Required pf balance

  222. vignesh vishwanathan


    I can’t able to check my PF balance…

    my PF number like GN/GGN/131****/000/0000***.

    when I tried to see balance it’s throwing below mention error

    “invalid Input / Member name mismatch”

    Kindly suggest me to see PF account balance

  223. hi sir,
    i am ANVESH i had applied PF withdrawl so, i want to know the status and my PF acct no: KDMAL00478080000056897 Can you please update the status and when it is going to transfer amount to my bank account .please update

    phone number:9986863963
    mail id:

    • Hi, How did you apply for PF withdrawal – by submitting form to employer or online ? Please give more details.

  224. I tried to check the PF balance on the site and it is saying Invalid & mismatch with member name . The PF number is

    GNGGN00055720000116167 and the Establishment name is HCL TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED.

    Please help.

  225. Hi This side Divya, just wanted to know, my husband was working in Chandigarh under a gurgaon based firm named “Fullerton Securities& Wealth advisor Ltd” and the same branch no more exists in Chandigarh and my husband left job way back in 2011 or 12, he has not withdrawn his PF, can you tell what exactly we need to do in order to get pF amount.

  226. My PF Number shown in payslip is PYBOM/11394/160666.

    When I tried to get PF details in EPFO website I got following error.
    “nvalid Input / Member name mismatch against this PY/BOM/0011394/000/0160666”

    How to get the correct details.

    • Hi Philip, I think your employer is Wipro Technologies.

      May b you can check with your HR if the PF is managed by the company trust or EPFO. If company trust, then you cannot check the balance on EPFO site.

  227. 1.which fund manager/house to select in NPS..?
    2.Incase of E term insurance which kind of cases are covered..?

    Plz reply…

    • 1) In NPS, if you are selecting the Equity funds only, you can consider selecting the ICICI fund manager. Their performance was marginally better historically. However, all funds manager returns were within difference of 0.75-1%.

      2) e-Term Insurance is for Life Insurance. and the amount is payable in case of death of insured person. You can also take additional riders like accidental death where additional payment is made incase of death b accident.

  228. how to invest in ELSS schemes..?

  229. my pf no is-GJBRD/67522/202
    plz check my acc,i tried but said that its not in the record
    plz plz plz

  230. Gadde Ravi Teja

    Hi, I have forgotten my uan password and changed the registered mobile number too. However I went to uan helpdesk and submitted details and got reference number and msg to new mobile number says that helpdesk will contact me soon. my question now is, will they cal me and provide uan password or they will send sms? and how long will it take to resolve this.

  231. Hi Vivek,

    I am unable to check my PF balance. I tried to reset password, it says Invalid username or phone number. Please help.

    PF number: BG/BNG/24960/65645
    Company: Dell International Pvt Ltd

  232. Hi Vivek,
    I am not able to see PF ,it says Data Not available,contact EPF office,
    although i can see my past organisation pf balance but not for current,
    Current PF is : PY/KRP/0035329/000/0034183.
    I joined this organisation in july 2015 ,and in sms i am getting Accounts updated upto 31/03/2015)…please help me in getting reason for not seeing current orgabnisation PF.

  233. ajit karambelkar

    Dear Sir,

    My Name : Ajit Karambelkar
    PF Account Number : MH/AB/82939/11
    My Company Name : Endress & Hauser -Aurangabad
    My Mobile: 8888866424
    My Email :

    Can you please sms my PF balance? also I cant retrive my password from UAN site. It is going on my old cell number which is not active now:(

    Ajit Karambelkar

  234. Dear sir,
    PF AC NO- HPSML0001887/000/0004092
    UNA NO-100291317008
    M.NO -8679290899



  235. Dear Vivek Ji,

    I Wrote your all comments and Replies. I fully satisfied your all solutions.
    I just want to fully tanks to you for the same.

    I Just want to knowledge about PF Trustee account. why company open this. can I get balance for the same as same of other PF Holders.

    Please provide me your email id for contact in future.

    • Hi Sushant, Some companies doenot keep the PF money into Govertment PF. They create their own trust to maange the PF money and therefore they have PF trustee for such PF trust.

  236. I have tried N no.of times to chk the passbook. But every time it shown the message that it will take 4 days to update the passbook.

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