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No TDS for PF withdrawals of up to Rs 50,000


Last updated : 7th October, 2016 The government has now changed the rule on  TDS deduction on PF withdrawal. Now, no tax would be deducted at source for PF withdrawals of up to Rs 50,000 from June 1 2016. So no TDS if your withdrawal is upto Rs 50000. The Finance Act , 2016 has amended section 192A of Income Tax Act, 1961 to raise the threshold limit of PF withdrawal from Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,000 for Tax Deducted at Source (TDS),” the notification stated. The provision will come into effect from June 1, 2016. Earlier in the budget, the ... Read More »

Inoperative PF accounts will earn interest from April 1, 2016


Last updated : 7th October, 2016 From April 1 2016,  EPFO has again decided to give benefit of accrual of interest on the inoperative PF accounts. The board has reversed the decision taken in 2011. This will benefit a large section of the estimated nine crore inoperative accounts of subscribers switching jobs. EPFO has estimated that over Rs 30,000 crore is stuck in these inoperative accounts. Inoperative EPF accounts are those where there has been no contribution from either the employee or the employer for 36 months. The decision not to give interest on these accounts was taken in 2011 ... Read More »

PF Interest rate raised to 8.8% for FY 2015-2016


Last updated : 18th October, 2016 The Union finance ministry on Friday agreed to increase interest rate on provident fund deposits to 8.8% for 2015-16 from the 8.7 % decided by it earlier. The Central Board of Trustees (CBT) had decided 8.8 per cent interest rate, however, the finance ministry approved only 8.7 per cent interest on PF deposits citing lower earnings. This is the third rollback on EPF in the last two months. Last month the government was forced to withdraw the Budget proposal to tax a certain portion of withdrawals. Subsequently, it withdrew tighter withdrawal norms.   Read More »

Government withdraws new PF withdrawal rules


Last updated : 7th October, 2016 The government has revoked the order tightening rules for withdrawal of provident fund money.  The decision ensures that individuals will NOT have to wait till the age of 58 years to withdraw employer’s contribution from their PF money. The notification in Feb put curbs on full withdrawal of provident fund by members after unemployment of more than two months, while it also barred withdrawal of the employer’s contribution before the age of 58 years. The decision was first to come into effect immediately, but was first deferred till April 30 and then till July 31, ... Read More »

New EPF Withdrawal forms – withdraw PF without employer signature


Last updated : 7th October, 2016 EPFO recently launched “New EPF Withdrawal Forms”, ( Form 19 UAN, Form 10C UAN and Form 31 UAN) which can be used to withdraw PF amount without employer signature.  Employees will no longer need the approval of their employers to withdraw money from their Employees Provident Fund (EPF) corpus. Conditions to use this new facility to withdraw PF without employer attestation: You must have UAN number activated.  (See – How you can activate UAN) You must link your Aadhaar number with UAN.  You must provide your Bank details with UAN. You KYC have been verified by ... Read More »

EPF Mobile App – Check EPF Balance and Activate UAN


Last updated : 7th October, 2016EPFO has released mobile application (M-EPF) for employees, employers and pensioners. This app can be downloaded either from Google Play store or it can be directly downloaded from Laptop/ PC for manual installation from the link below: Once you download the Mobile App, you will get the welcome screen. You can see that there are options for employees, employers as well as pensioner. When you click on the “Employee ” section, you can see two options  Activate UAN Balance / Passbook   1) Balance / Passbook –  You can click on Balance / Passbook, to see ... Read More »

Government withdraws controversial EPF tax proposal


Last updated : 18th October, 2016 Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday (8th March) that government has decided to withdraw the proposal to impose tax on withdrawal from the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) contributions. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley also withdrew the Budget proposal of taxing employer’s contribution to provident and superannuation fund (SAF) beyond Rs 1.5 lakh. The rollback of the controversial EPF tax proposal is a step in the right direction and will bring welcome relief to the salaried class, say tax experts With the rollback of these proposals, EPF will continue to be ... Read More »

EPFO launched mobile app, mobile based services for members


Last updated : 7th October, 2016Retirement fund body EPFO launched a mobile application and other phone-based services like accessing PF account details for its over 3.54 crore subscribers, 49.22 lakh pensioners and 6.1 lakh employers. EPFO launched three mobile based services for the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) members. Mobile Application, SMS-based UAN (Universal Account Number) Activation and Missed Call service A. Mobile Application Once the new mobile application from the EPFO website is downloaded, the members would be able to activate their UAN accounts from their mobile phones and access their accounts to view monthly credits and details available with ... Read More »

[How to] check PF balance via short SMS code


Last updated : 7th October, 2016EPFO has recently launched SMS services for its members who have Universal Account Number (UAN).  In 2014, EPFO launched the UAN facility where a portable Universal Account Number was allotted to all the members. Once you active your UAN, you can use different services such as PF balabce, PF passbook, monthly SMS of contributions etc. Read my article on How to activate your PF UAN. The newly launched EPFO Short Code SMS Service is available only to those members who have activated their UAN (Universal Account Number). To use this new SMS facility, the member ... Read More »

UAN may be made mandatory for PF subscribers


Last updated : 7th October, 2016 EPFO is currently considering to make Universal Account Number (UAN) – portable PF mandatory for all members. The UAN facility was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in October last year and provide many benefits. The main benefit is that the the UAN remains portable throughout the lifetime of an employee and they don’t have to apply for PF transfer claims at changing jobs. It is even more beneficial for workers in the construction sector, who often change their contractor after short span of time and take up new jobs after finishing one contract. ... Read More »

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