[How to] View your Form 26AS online – Check Tax Credit Statement


The last date for filing return is quite near (31st July). Before filing the returns, check your Form 26AS to make sure that TDS deducted are appropriately credited to your account.  As the due date for income tax is 31 July, you need to make sure that tte returns are file on time. From April 2018, tax rules have changed and a penalty of upto Rs 10000 will be levied if the return is not filed on time. Also, the ITR revision time limit is also changed from 2 years to 1 year.  See details 

When your employer deducts TDS from your Salary or your bank deduct TDS on your FD Interest, they need to deposit this amount to Government against your PAN. If they enter your PAN incorrectly, you will not get credit for that TDS amount.

So, It is always better to check your Tax Credit Statement (Form 26AS) before filing your Income Tax return.

What is Form 26AS

Form 26 AS is consolidated tax statement which includes details of

  • tax deducted on behalf of the taxpayer by deductors
  • tax collected on behalf of the taxpayer by collectors
  • Advance tax/self assessment tax/regular assessment tax, etc. deposited by the taxpayers (PAN holders)
  • Details of paid refund received during the financial year
  • High value Transactions in respect of shares, mutual fund etc.

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What if your TDS details not appearing on Form 26AS or appearing wrong

If you think that the details under yoru Form 26AS is not correct, you should immediately contact your employer / bank who has deducted the Tax for rectification. Common mistakes are wrong PAN number with the deductor (employer / bank etc)


How to check or view Form 26AS online ?

There are 3 ways / options to check Form 26AS

  • Income Tax India efiling website
  • NetBanking of Authorised banks
  • through registration at TRACES Website


Option 1 –  View Form 26AS on Income Tax India efiling website  

To check Form 26AS online on Income Tax efiling website, you need to visit


  •     Register on website for FREE
  •     After you login, you will find the option to view Form 26AS under “My Account” tab


You will be re-directed to TDS-CPC tool where you can see your FOrm 26AS 

You will need to enter Date of Birth verification & Confirm and then select the relevant Assessment year to check the relevant Form 26AS



Option 2 –   Check Form 26AS via NetBanking of Authorised banks
You can check your Form 26AS, if you have internet banking at one of the 35 authorized banks. Y can check by logging into your net banking account – there will be an option called View 26AS or View Tax credit Statement. See the List of Authorized Banks.

You can check your Form 26AS without registration at efiling site.


Option 3 –   View Form 26AS through TRACES Website

 This facility is available to PANs that are registered with TRACES website for view of 26AS statement.

The PAN holder has to Register as new user (as taxpayer) and then fill in the required details from Step 1 to Step 4 during which an activation link and activation code will be sent to the registered e-mail ID and registered mobile number.

After successful registration and login, the taxpayer will be able to view his 26AS statement free of cost in three modes i.e. HTML, PDF and Text format. Link to TRACES portal.

While accessing TRACES website, you might get an error – Site is not available due to technical reason.  If you are accessing this asite from outside India, you will get this error.

For NRI who want to check 26AS from outside India, they need to use this link below

TDSCPC services for NRIs is available through https://nriservices.tdscpc.gov.in/nriapp/login.xhtml . Kindly register and access TDSCPC NRI services through same.  




You should check your Form 26AS at least before end of year as well as before filing Income Tax returns.  It is convenient to check your Form 26AS either via Net Banking or Income Tax efiling website.



Common Errors (faced mainly by NRI)  –    Form 26AS site down

Some people gets following error when trying to check their Form 26AS  – “ Site is not available due to technical reason.”
The reason is that this service is available within India only. So NRIs who are trying to check their Form 26AS from outside India are getting this error.

For NRI who want to check 26AS from outside India, they need to use this link below

TDSCPC services for NRIs is available through https://nriservices.tdscpc.gov.in/nriapp/login.xhtml . Kindly register and access TDSCPC NRI services through same.    


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[How to] View your Form 26AS online – Check Tax Credit Statement


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    • Hi Abhay, Many people face this issue.

      1) You need to ask any family member in India to check on your behalf.

      2) Alternatively, when you file income tax return online using Quick e-file web option , then automatically all TDS deducted will appear in TDS section. You can try to check there.

      3) Recently, they have started this new option – TDSCPC services for NRIs is available through https://nriservices.tdscpc.gov.in/nriapp/login.xhtml . Kindly register and access TDSCPC NRI services through same.

  1. I changed my job on 13 th March 2014. My previous company deducted tds till 8 March 2014 and shown in form 26 as .
    But my present company did not deduct tds for salary from 13 March 2014 to 31 March 2014 and neither this is shown in form 26 As. They have issued me form 16 from 13 to 31 March 2014 showing salary income only and no tds.
    I want to know shall I skip this income while filing return. Otherwise my tax liability will increase., by adding this income to past year income.pls advice.

    • Hi Neeraj, Your new company may not have deducted tax, because you have not provided them the last employer salary details.

      While filing return, you need to add both the employer’s income and calculate tax. then you need to pay the balance tax as Self assessment tax.

  2. hi,sir

    i have an Nre and Nro account opened 3 years ago but banker doesn’t ask my pan number for NRO

    while i called bank , for NRO furnishing pan card the manager said no need for that.
    but the TDS has been dudected from your acc . but i couldn’t see from statment the deduction amount.

    • If PAN number is not there in Bank account, TDS may be deducted at higher rate. Also, it is important that PAN is updated so that any TDS is reflected against that PAN and you can then claim the TDs amount when filing the returns.

  3. I am a PIO and have a PAN card. My banks in India have my PAN card information.

    I have no income in India other than from the interest in bank account. Do I need to declare my income outside India when I file my tax in India? Do I need to pay any income tax on my NRE savings and FDs?

    • Hi, It depends which type of bank account you have in India. Is it NRE or NRO or resident saving account.

      NRE FD Interest is tax free. You donot need to pay tax in India for these.

  4. Hi,
    I accidentally registered on efiling website as TRACES website did not work at that time as I am NRI and it did not work outside India. However the efiling wesbsite registration did not help either. Finally I asked my relative to visit TRACES website for 1% TDS already deducted and it was done. My query is: efiling is not of use to me being NRI. Therefore, How should I cancel my registration of efiling as I have now received an email saying “compliance for non filers for Assessment year 2013-2014” which is not applicable to me. I sent grievance request online to efiling however I have been asked to call 1800…. number that is unreachable. Thank you in advance for the guidance. Will really appreciate it.

    • Hi, You cannot deactivate the efiling registration.

      You can respond to the compliance notice that Income is below taxable limit and hence no return filed.

      You need to file return to show the capital gain & claim the 1% TDS amount.

  5. When I checked the Form 26AS using option 1 as specified above it redirected me to another webpage, but after entering the required details all the details are coming empty. And while registering in TRACE website it is asking for TAN no of companies in which I have worked. Actually in the year 2014-15 after working for 9 months I changed my Job, so the first company deducted tax every month but I failed to collect form 16 from them. What should I do?

    FYI: I last filed my return in 2011-12 after that I went for MBA and did not filed return thereafter.

    • Hi Suhel,

      Have you checked the right assessment year. If there are no details, then it may be possible that TDS amount was not deposited by the employer.

      Please try other option to check 26AS.

  6. Recently, screen notified a new website for NRI’s to register(tdscpc.nri.gov.in) for TRACES. I have registered few days back and submission was successful but no confirmation received by email so I can’t access the site. How long it would take to get the confirmation?. Any advice from any members?

  7. Dear Sir,

    Earlier I used to log in to my income tax account on incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in and I was able to view my Form 26AS.

    But from few days whenever I try to view my Form 26AS its showing an error that either bank details or pan details are not correct or it has not been processed to traces.

    CA of my company login to my account on incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in by resetting its password and from then only its showing this error.

    Sir please if you can suggest me what to do in this case and how to rectify this error because I need to view my form 26as urgently.

    Thanking you in anticipation and I hope I will receive a reply soon.

    Prateek Chawla

    • Hi Prateek, If you are able to login to Income tax efiling website after password change, then there should not be any problem. However, you can also check Form 26AS from your netbanking.

  8. Hi
    I am visiting canada to my relatives in back to back family functions and remain here for few months.Since filing for ITR to be done by 31 july 2016 and I am here and want to fill ITR from here.I am not able to see 26AS statement as it is asking to go through NRI route.Since I am not an NRI and will go back to India in few months .Pl advise how to see 26As and to e-file ITR before 31 july 2016.

    • Hi Girish, Apologies for the delayed response. I think you might have figured it out. It is always difficult to access 26AS from outside India.
      You can try some VPN software to mask Indian IP address and then try to check that.

    PAN NO.

    • You can check your Form 26AS as per the method above. If you have internet banking, you can check 26As within your bank’s site as well.
      You can also check the TDS deducted at the Traces portal.

      It is possible that TDS is deducted by the bank if 15G is rejected. So it is better to check if any TDS is deducted and then you can file return to claim refund.

  10. This year I could not view my Tax Credit Statement (Form 26AS) on Incometax India Efiling website. But previous year I could easily view and download my 26 AS Form through my login ID of Efiling. What to do ? Please help.


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