[How to] get Electronic Verification Code (EVC) to e-Verify Income tax return for AY 2018 -2019


Now you can e-verify your Income tax returns and there is no need to send physical ITR-V to Income Tax office. 

As per new notification by Income Tax department (Notification 02/2015 dates 13th July 2015),  you can online verify your Income tax return using Electronic Verification Code (EVC).

Presently, individual taxpayers had to send the physical copy of ITR acknowledgment (ITR V) to CPC Banglaore. Only taxpayers having digital signatures could sign it online. But with this new Electronic Verification Code (EVC) facility, tax payers can e-verify their Income tax rteturns.

As the due date for income tax is 31 July, you need to make sure that te returns are file on time. From April 2018, tax rules have changed and a penalty of upto Rs 10000 will be levied if the return is not filed on time. Also, the ITR revision time limit is also changed from 2 years to 1 year.  See details 

In this post, we will explain about what is EVC, How to get EVC, What will happen if you cannot generate EVC etc.


A.  What is Electronic Verification Code (EVC)?

Electronic Verification Code (EVC) is a 10 digits alpha numeric code to verify the identity of the taxpayers and your income tax return online.

  • The EVC would be unique for an Assessee PAN and will not be valid for any other PAN at the time of filing the ITR.
  • One EVC can be used to validate only one ITR.
  • The EVC remains valid for 72 hours but can be generated various times through various modes.
  • The EVC could be used to verify ITR 1 (Sahaj) / ITR 2 / ITR 2A / ITR 3 / ITR 4 /ITR 4S (Sugam).
  • In case the tax returns are already filed or uploaded, the verification needs to be done within 120 days of filing of return.

B. How to Generate Electronic Verification Code (EVC)?

CBDT has notified following four methods to generate Electronic Verification Code (EVC):

  • through Income tax efiling website
  • through linking Aadhar card with PAN
  • through Bank ATM
  • through netbanking

1. Generate EVC through e-filing website

If your salary income is up to Rs.5 lacs and you are not claiming any tax refunds, you can use this method of generating EVC. Before generating EVC, please ensure that the mobile number and email address registered with the CBDT is correct.

  • Login to your efiling account with PAN number as user id and your password.
  • Click on the e-file tab and select Generate EVC as shown in the screenshot below:
  • generate-EVC-on-efiling-website
  •  You would receive EVC on your registered mobile number as well on your registered email address
  •  You can then use this EVC code after e-filing the returns.


2. Generate EVC through Linking Aadhaar Card with PAN

Before generating EVC through Aadhaar Card, make sure that your mobile number is registered with your aadhaar.

  • After login, you would see “Profile Settings” Tab besides downloads. Click on it and a drop-down menu would appear, select Link Aadhaar with PAN.
  • generate-EVC-from-aadhar-1
  • generate-EVC-from-aadhar
  • Fill in the required details and click on Link Now to complete the process.
  • Once you have linked the Aadhar number with PAN, then you can generate EVC at the time of e-verifying your tax return.

 3. Generate EVC through Bank ATM

For this option you have to use the ATM card of the bank which is registered with the IT department. You can generate EVC by selecting “generate EVC for ITR filing” appears on the ATM Screen. The EVC would be sent to your registered mobile number with Bank.

4. Generate EVC through Net Banking Facility

You can generate EVC using Net Banking when you route the tax return filing process of through the bank which is registered with IT Department.

You would have to login into your net banking account and then click on the link to income tax e-filing website where you can generate EVC. The EVC would be sent to your registered mobile number with Bank.

You can use this option only if the PAN is linked with your Bank account and ITR is for same PAN number.


5. Generate EVC through DMAT Account Number 


C. How to use Electronic Verification Code (EVC) to verify Income Tax Return?

Electronic Verification Code (EVC) for e-verification process of Income Tax Return can be used while:

  • Uploading of Return using Net Banking
  • Uploading of Return without using Net Banking
  • For already Uploaded Return
Uploading of Return without using Net Banking
  • Option-1 – “I already have an EVC and I would like to Submit EVC”
  • Option-2 – “I do not have an EVC and I would like to generate an EVC”
  • Option-3 – “I would like to generate Aadhaar OTP to e-Verify my return”
  • Option-4 – “I would like to e-Verify later! I would like to send ITR-V”
Uploading of Return using Net Banking – you got routed to e-filing website through net banking account
  • Option-1 – “I would like to e-Verify my return now”
  • Option-2 – “I would like to generate Aadhaar OTP to e-Verify my return”
  • Option-3 – “I would like to e-Verify later! I would like to send ITR-V”

3. Verification of Already Uploaded Returns requires you to verify them within 120 days of submission or uploading by following below mentioned steps: 

  • Login to your income tax e-filing website.
  • Click on e-file button and select e-verify in the drop-down menu.
  • You will see the List of all the ITRs which are pending for e-verification.
  • Click on the e-verify link as shown in the image



Select any of the options to complete the e-verification process of Income Tax Return.

  • Once you submit EVC (generated through any of the above options), the entire process of verification of ITR is complete. There is no need to send physical copy of ITR V physical copy . You can also check the status of your ITR, it should be displayed as ‘successfully e-verified’.

If you have any queires, feel free to comment below.

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38 Replies to “[How to] get Electronic Verification Code (EVC) to e-Verify Income tax return for AY 2018 -2019”

    1. Hi Deepak, Please check if you have correct mobile number registered with your bank.

      What error are you getting? at what stage?

      1. Same problem here.
        It is not showing any error, instead in ICICI it is going to the home screen. I am not able to navigate post that

        1. Figured out the way. One should go to Manage Taxes in ICICI. Click on Income tax E-filing and then it gets verified.

  1. I have my salary account in CITI bank. Citi bank is not registered in efilling tax department. so how can I e-Verify my ITR file.

    1. In that case, you can e-verify using other options like efiling website of Adhaar.

      You always have option to send the physical ITR V acknowledgement to CPC.

      1. Hi Vivek,

        I’m facing similar issue. I’m also using CITI bank account and I’m not able to verify it through net banking as well as through Aadhar card EVC also because my mobile number is not linked to my Aadhar card. Please help me further.

        Thank you.

  2. I had two ITR-V in Refund Uploaded state. For AY 2014-2015 I received a notification for EVC and I completed that. Now that is in E-verified state.
    For AY-2015-2016 I am not getting that option.
    Should I wait for that option to be activated?
    Should I upload the ITR again and e-verify it?
    Should I send the document physically to Bangalore?
    Thanks for your help in advance!

    1. The returns should be in “Successfully e-verified” status.

      It seems that the return is uploaded but you need to try to e-verify the return again.

      1. Thanks Vivek! It is not letting me e-verify it. When click on e-Verify returns option, it shows me “No returns pending for e-verification”. But the status remains “Return Uploaded” for one of the ITR-V.

        1. Hi Suhani. Thats quite strange. You should contact CPC helpline to check the current status of that return:

          You can call toll free number at 1800-425-2229 or paid number at 080-22546500. Once connected, Press 9 to speak to CPC executive on the IVR response.

  3. Hello Sir,
    I have an FD of Rs.90000 @ 10.5% cumulative interest for 21 months will there be a TDS on this FD and when?

    1. Hi Neha, If the total FD interest in one financial year is more than RS 10000, then TDS will be deducted by the bank.

  4. I have filed itr 1 for A.y.2016-17 through e-file. but while selecting for e-verify, i had used do not have evc and like to generate evc to verify return, and in that case while pre validating bank account details, my account is with BOB but in bank name it is showing only of PNB. so now how can i e-verify my return. And i m having Refund this year. And i m not using Net banking. And Aadhar option to validate return is also not working in my case? can i send copy of return to banglore? but now this option is not displaying while e-verifying the return.so would it be valid? please suggest..

  5. Hi Vivek jain,

    Nice to see you replying for all the questions.

    I have only Citibank account and when i try to e-verify it is not showing under the list.

    When i try to e-verify through account number, only Punjab National Bank is available.

    When i try to enter IFSC code of my bank. it becomes invalid.

    please help. If you provide your contact number. it would be a ease for me.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Jerry,

      Yu can e-verify the income tax returns through various options:

      – via NetBanking
      – via AAdhar OTP
      – via DMAT account number
      – via egistered Mobile Numbe
      – via Bank ATM (SBI, Axis, Canara Bank)
      – Via Bank Account number (PNB, UBI)
      – Registered Mobile Number & Email ID (only if your total income <= 5 Lakhs & there is no refund,no demand)

  6. I have citi bank salary account which I cannot use for e-verification. But I also have SBI account in my name which is NOT a salary account. Can I use this non salary account for e-verification?

  7. I had filed my return or uploaded but not verification is made can I e verify after 31 July 2017 is it possible

    1. Hi Rohit, If you are e-verifying the return, you need to do it before 31-JUly-2017 otherwise the return will be classified as delayed return.
      However, if you are sending physical copy, you have 120 days to do so.


    1. Yes Citibank is not in list for EVC verification. But you can verify your return using other means like Aadhar.

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