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Best Top Performing Sector or Thematic Equity funds – 2018



When you have invested in other Equity funds, like Large, Midcap, Diversified Equity funds etc, you can consider allocating some funds to any sector specific or Thematic funds.

As the name suggests, these funds invests in share of specific industry (e.g. pharma) or specific theme (i.e. infrastructure) etc.

These funds have higher risk as compared to diversified Equity funds, so you should allocate 10-15% of your Equity portfolio to such funds (depending on your risk profile)

Some of the best performing Sector / Thematic Funds are as follows for investment in 2018


 Annualised Returns (in   %) 
Equity Sector Funds1 year2 Year3 Year5 Year 
Franklin Build India – Direct (G)3732.416.127.8Infrastructure
L&T Infrastructure -Direct (G)48.84022.5 Infrastructure
JM Basic Fund -Direct (G)32.335.718.420.7Infrastructure
IDFC Infrastructure – Direct (G)46.339.820.519.2Infrastructure
Reliance Diver. Power -Direct (G)
CICI Pru Infrastructure-Direct (G)34.428.710.916.2Infrastructure
SBI Pharma Fund – Direct (G) 1.2-23.318.6Pharma
Reliance Pharma Fund – Direct (G)
UTI Pharma & Health – Direct (G) 6.51.8215.5Pharma
Tata India Pharma & HealthCare – RP (G) 4.5-3.8  Pharma
SBI FMCG Fund – Direct (G)50.832.719.721FMCG
ICICI Pru FMCG Fund – Direct (G)
UTI Banking Sector – Direct (G)40.237.513.917.1Banking
ICICI Pru Bkg & Fin Serv-RP(G)38.941.517.422.6Banking
Reliance Banking Fund – Direct (G)39.836.113.918.7Banking
ABSL Bank&Financial Ser -RP (G)37.437.917.8 Banking
SBI Banking & Financial Services -DP (G)39.137.5  Banking
Invesco India Banking – Dir (G)4536.617  
ICICI Pru Technology – Direct (G)
ABSL New Millennium-Direct (G)40.418.111.920.2IT
SBI IT Fund – Direct (G)30.3136.418.2IT
UTI Transport&Logistics -Direct (G)29.326.914.632.6Transportation
Can Robeco FORCE – RP (G33.627.512.818.4Finance, Retail & Entertainment
Reliance Media & Enter. -Direct (G)19.4159.313.1Media
Tata India Consumer Fund – Regular (G)59.937   
SBI Magnum Comma Fund – Direct (G)30.841.420.916.3 
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