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How to quick e-file ITR 1 & ITR 4S online – Step by step guide



You can file ITR 1 & ITR 4S online (without using the excel ITR file). In this post, I am providing step-by-step guide to file these returns on Income tax efiling website.

Filing returns on Income tax wesbite is completely free and easy.

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Things to note:

Step by Step Guide

1) Go to Income Tax efiling website –

2) On right hand column, you can see the Button “Quick e-file ITR 1 & ITR 4S online


3) You will then get the Login Form – please enter your login details  (enter PAN number in small letters)


4) Once you are logged in, you will see the ITR form with various tabs  (in this case, I have taken example of ITR 1)


5) Click on “Personal Information” tab and enter the following

  • Personal details
  • filing status


6) then Click on tab “Income Details” and enter your Income from Salaries, House property, Other Income etc

Also enter the amount of 80C dedcuction claimed.

  • Salary income as per Form 16 to be entered in B1
  • Other income like Interest to be entered in B3.


7) Click in “Tax Details” tab. In this tab you need to show the TDS deducted as well as Self assessment tax paid.

Normally, The TDs deducted by Banks are automatically shown here. If not, you need to enter the details from Form 16/16A etc. Or you can get the TDS detaisl from Form 26AS.


Note that any self assessment tax paid, need to be shown under SCH-IT section above.

8) Click on “Taxes paid and Validation” Tab. In this section you will see the balance of tax to be paid / refund

If there is an amount in D17, which mean that you need to pay more tax. In that case, DONOT submit the return now.

  • First pay that amount unsing the Self assessment challan –
  • Then enter the self assessment tax in Tab – Tax Details (See screenshot in point 7 above)
  • then D17 should show 0.


Enter Bank details in D20, (whether there is refund due or not) – This is new requirement in the form.

You need to proivide details of all your bank accounts.

9) Once you enter all these details, click on “Submit” to file the return.

10) You can now either e-verify the return (in that case, no need to send physical copy)- Read my other post on how to e-verify the ITR

Or you can send physical signed ITR V acknowledgement to CPC Bangalore.


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  1. I have a query regarding Income Tax filing.
    Bank TDS has been deducted from my account, but I have not yet received the maturity amount. The FD is still due for next financial year to mature and interest will be paid in next Financial year.

    So my question is as TDS has been deducted in financial year (2015-2016) and there is no other income for the Financial year 2015-2016(FD interest paid), so how do we file the ITR in this case as income from other source interest paid is 0 for financial year 2015-2016

    1. Shall we remove the TDS paid from TDS from other income (Form 16A).
    2. Claim TDS paid, with value in other income as 0


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