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DDA Housing scheme 2014 – Details & Forms



UPDATE 25/11/2014  DDA Housing Scheme 2014 draw results are announced. Please see the link below to check if you have been allotted a flat

UPDATE 5/11/2014 –   DDA Housing Scheme 2014 Draw Results :  DDA also now postponed the draw date to November 10. Once the forms are uploaded ont he website, the applicants will be given opportunity for 1-2 days to check the details & rectify it if needed.

Update – Last date for DDA Housing scheme is extended to Oct 15 2014.

DDA new Housing / Flat Scheme 2014 is biggest ever housing scheme by DDA with over 25000 flats on offer. The Delhi Development Authority’s (DDA) 2014 housing scheme kicked off on Monday 01-Sep-2014. 

Here are the important things you must know about the scheme:

Who can Apply in DDA Housing Scheme 2014?

  1. Any citizen of India who is at 18 years of age and
  2. who personally or whose dependent family members don’t own a home in Delhi

What’s on offer  :  

  • LIG –  20,000 +  homes that will be newly constructed by the DDA will be one-bedroom apartments in north-west Delhi’s Rohini and Narela neighborhoods, Mukherjee Nagar in north Delhi, and Dwarka, near the airport. These apartments will cover an area between 344 sqft to 525 sqft, and will cost around Rs 15-21 lakhs)
  • MIG – Around 500 homes are being offered to buyers in what DDA calls a middle-income group. These are slightly larger homes, between 818 sqft to 1367 sqft in area, and costing between INR 42 – 70 lakhs. They are available only in three areas of the capital: Mukherjee Nagar, Narela and Kalyan Vihar.
  • DDA is also offering to resell around 800 existing homes, a handful of which are in the south Delhi neighborhood of Kalkaji.

FREE Download – DDA Housing Scheme 2014 – Brochure & Form


Choice:  Unlike previous schemes where applicants could give a choice of flats in 5 categories/areas, the 2014 housing scheme gives only 3  such options.

Timelines for DDA Housing Scheme 2014 :  Registrations are open from 01-Sep-2014 till October 9 2014.  Last date for DDA Housing scheme is extended to Oct 15 2014.

How to Apply in DDA Housing Scheme 2014?

1)       You can buy a brochure which includes application form (for Rs 150) from Vikas Sadan (DDA office) or from selected branches of 13 empanelled banks.

2)       For the sale of brochures with registration forms and payment of the registration amount, the DDA has tied up with following 13 banks.

  • State Bank of India
  • ICICI Bank
  • Axis Bank
  • Yes Bank
  • HDFC Bank
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • IDBI Bank
  • IndusInd bank
  • Union bank of India
  • Central bank of India
  • Punjab National Bank
  • Syndicate bank
  • Corporation Bank

3) To apply, you will have to deposit Rs.1 lakh as registration amount which will be returned if the flat is not allotted. The registration amount for EWS flats is Rs.10,000.

4) You can also fill online form available on Bank’s websites. Online payment can be made through NEFT / RTGS/ Net Banking if you are applying online.

To Apply using Banks – HDFC, Kotak, Yes bank, PNB & Central bank of India, you can use following link

You can also apply online –

HDFC Bank –

Central Bank –

Kotak Bank –


Yes Bank –


Axis bank –

ICICI Bank –

Syndicate bank –

IndusInd Bank

Corporation Bank –

Union Bank –


Where to download forms for DDA Housing Scheme 2014 – You can download the form from DDA Website or visit designated bank branches.

FREE Download – DDA Housing Scheme 2014 – Brochure & Form

Documents required for DDA Housing Scheme 2014: At the time of filing applications, you just have to provide a copy of PAN Card & a photograph. Only one application form with Rs.1 lakh is to be submitted.

 DDA Housing Scheme 2014 Draw Results :    DDA also officially announced November 5, as the tentative date for the draw.  The draw will be held within 15 to 20 days after October 9 and possession will be given latest by March 2015.

Selling Restriction   Though the keys to the homes are given out shortly after payment, home ownership will not be granted for five years, according to DDA. This is to prevent speculators from applying for these homes and selling them on quickly for profit, says Ms. Dhar.

Should you apply for DDA Flat in this scheme??

In 2008, 5.67 lakh people applied for DDA’s 5,238 flats (over 100 applicants per flat).

Two years later, 7.5 lakh people had applied for 16,118 DDA flats.

in 2014 scheme – Nearly 20 lakh applicants are estimated to apply for this scheme.

DDA flats have been very popular because they are cheaper as compare to market rate. for e.g , a 2 bedroom, hall, kitchen (BHK) DDA flat in Dwarka is priced between Rs. 41 lakh to Rs. 70 lakh (depending on the area). The market rate for such a flat is between Rs. 70 lakh to Rs. 1.2 crore, brokers say.

But this time, you will not be able to see the flat within 5 years as ownership is transferred to you only after 5 years.


Update  – 22-Sep-2014  – Price correction of certain flats

20 days after it launched,  the DDA has realised that the prices of some flats have been wrongly printed in the scheme brochure. In a public notice on Sunday, DDA announced that the prices of following is incorrect:

  • 40 one-room, extendable type flats in Rohini’s Sector 20 and 25 should be read as `21.40 lakh instead of `19.80 lakh, as printed in the brochure.
  • One three-bedroom flat in Shalimar Bagh is actually priced at `46.50 lakh instead of `37.50 lakh, it said.
In the brochure, these flats are shown at serial number 5 and 17 and have the locality code of 15 and 51, respectively. In the corrigendum, DDA has asked applicants to take these changes into consideration while applying for these flats in the housing scheme form.

“Flat prices provided in the housing scheme brochure are always indicative and tentative, which we have mentioned in the brochure. DDA has not revised prices of any flat and the corrigendum has been issued because an inadvertent error had crept in,” said a DDA spokesperson. “It could be a calculation or clerical error but DDA has not recalculated prices of any flat, otherwise prices of only 41 out of 25,034 flats only would have not been revised” she said.


Check / Confirm your Application Status on DDA Website – where you have submitted at bank (online / offline)

In case of message “No Data found ” Please contact the concerned bank  through which application has been filed online/off line.

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  1. Mr. Jain, thank you for the comprehensive coverage, would you be able to advise what are the prevailing rates in the regions where DDA is offering flats and potential upside in 5 years. Regards

    • Hi Anil, There are multiple regions on offer. It is better to check prices at leading portals like or

  2. How good is DDA Housing Scheme 2014 for investment purpose? I m ready to wait for 5 years. I had doubts as some people say construction quality is not good. and many flats from previous allotments are not filled.i have below questions .
    1) How much return i can expect in next 5 years?
    2) while comparing 1BHK and 2BHK which is better return wise to invest.
    3) Can you suggest some good locations which we should give in preference while filing form.
    4) are old inventory flats ( already built one ) worth applying for ?

    Please help!

    • Hi Abhishek, From my understanding the previous DDA flats were offered well below the market price. So lot of people who got allotment, sold them straightway at higher price. that’s why they have put this 5 years no sell clause.

      the future returns are unpredictable but it is highly likely that it should give decent returns in 5 years.

      I am not aware of many unsold inventory from last time.

  3. Hello vivek,

    when we filling the form, applicant have to fill Are you a Delhi Resident ?
    If a person comes in delhi and working here and paying rent . In this case the ans. is NO or YES.
    plz explain.

  4. What is the significance of giving choices ? On what basis we should put choices?

    • By giving option to select choice, gives you an option to select where you want to live and what kind of flat.
      You should put option based on your preference, number of flats available etc.

  5. Hi,

    -Is online payment through safe?
    – DDA asked for PAN card copy submission, but in online submission we gave PAN Card no. only. Is this process complete by just giving Pan Card no. and making payment or do we need to submit any hard copy to dda/bank after online payment.

    • Hi Yuvraj, Payumoney is payment gateway which many bank are using , so it is safe to make DDA payment through them. For e.g if you go to HDFC Bank site to apply for DDA, it will take to Payumoney site.

      I think in case of online form submission, you just have to put the PAN number & donot send the copy to bank.

  6. Dear Vivek, i couldnt understand 3 option thing, is there any way to apply for all flats for all
    locality or at least LIG MIG and Janta flats in all locality.
    Thanks in advance

  7. Dear Vivek,
    will u please let me know when bank are stating to provide finance for registration fee for DDA 2014.

    • Hi Gaurav, Not sure if banks are launching products like before.

      • IDBI Bank has already brought this, contact any IDBI Bank branch or call 1800-200-1947 ;

      • Saurabh kumar srivastava

        Mr Vivek jain
        I have allotted a LIG flat in Dwarka sector 23b . I have paid demanded amount and submitted all required documents for possession in 25.03.2015 in DDA office. Till date i am not received any possession letter or any information in this regard .Plz advice me what I do for the same.
        Saurabh Kumar Srivastava

  8. For physically disabled category, when the possession will be given?? at one place in the brochure it is written that possession will be given after 90% of the total payment has been completed and at other place it is written that from PD category firstly 25% payment will be taken and rest of the payment will be taken in monthly installments over 15 years.

    • As per Page 8 of the brochure attached in post above,

      The allotment of DDA flats to persons with disability will be on Hire purchase basis. The initial payment will be 25% and rest of amount will be in monthly installments over 15 years.

      • means lock-in period for physically disabled category is 15 years?? also as per point number 16, possession will be given only after 90% of the total payment is completed, so for PD category if initially they are taking only 25% and rest they are taking in installments over 15 years time, then when the possession will be given?? after 25% payment or completion of 90% payment (90% payment completion in case of PD category will be somewhere around 13-14 after the allotment)??

        • I think, the possession will be given immediately, but the ownership will not be transferred. Ownership will be given only after 90% payment. So you cant sell the property. I am not 100% sure though.

  9. Please suggest me best 3 preference location wise under 20 lacs in DDA Housing scheme 2014.


  10. Can NRI apply for DDA flats. If yes, will the residence proof will be foreign country residence proof?

    • Hi Bhavna,
      NRIs can apply for DDA flats. You need PAN card for applying.
      it is also better to give communication address as Indian Address as any correspondence will be on that address. Also, better to pay with NRO / family member Indian saving account as in case the application is unsuccessful, the refund will be given to that account.
      If applying through NRE, the refund processing can be difficult as NRE account can accept money only from overseas.

  11. Hi Vivek,

    Please help me with these questions —

    1. Is it a good investment option for NRI’s?
    2. Which are the best locality under MIG?
    3. If luckily I got selected in draw, do I need to come in person or can my indian relatives takes possession on my behalf?
    4. Can I sell it before the lockin period?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Amit,
      First you cannot sell the property before 5 years.
      I believe you need to come in person to get the possession as few documents needs to be signed.
      Also, it is more of a draw rather than investment. The chances of getting allotment is 1%

  12. my father help me in purchasing dda flat if alloted can i take möney from father and 2nd question that i have no account in 13 bank but i have a/c in obc bank can i fill in refund coloum in form

  13. thanks vivek and will dda not raise any objection if i will take whole money of demand frm father

  14. Hi Vivek,

    Thanks for clearing most of the doubts from above comments.
    My mother, my wife and my younger brother is living with me, can they apply for DDA EWS seperately on behalf of my address proof of Delhi ?
    My elder brother is not living with me , can he also apply for DDA on behalf of my address proof?

    • Any one can apply. You only have to provide address proof if the flat is alloted.

      Proof of residnence requirements are given on page 4 of the brouchre above. it should be passport, election card, ration card, driving license, telephone bill, electricity bill, water tax, house tax receipt, bank passbok with name & address, aadhar card.

  15. I am currently in Mumbai & looking to apply for Newly Constructed LIG/ One Bedroom flats.

    1. Could you please help me in providing following information vis a vis flats in Dwarka 23B, Rohini 35-35, Narela G2 & G8 and Siraspur & Narela

    – Distance from New Delhi Railway Station/ ITO/ Rajeev Chowk
    – Connectivity by road & DTC bushes
    – Nearest Metro Station(Present & Proposed)
    – Water Supply Situation

    2. Could you also help in clarifying effect of litigation by local villagers in the Rohini (reference: . Could this affect the allotees in future or hamper development of civic infrastructure like roads & seweraes.

    3. Why the unit area rate of ‘Siraspur & Narela’ is higher than well planned sub-cities of Dwarka 23B, Rohini 34 & 35 and Nareal G2 & G-8.

    Thanking you in advance.

  16. If i give 3 preferences, will my application be considered only for these locations or i will be considered for localities available at that time.

    What happens if I do not give any preference, will it be considered randomly for all localities

  17. My father is a disabled(90%) person. i have only two doubt the first one is on time time of submitting application form of dda flats in ews reserve flat for disable the income certificate is mandatory to show. because my father have no income certificate now he need to apply. secound one is will disable person have to pay hole amount between the 365 days or is there any scheem please help me sir

    • 1) Proof of income is to be submitted only after the draw of flats ( Page 3)

      2) As per Page 8 of the brochure attached in post above,
      The allotment of DDA flats to persons with disability will be on Hire purchase basis. The initial payment will be 25% and rest of amount will be in monthly installments over 15 years.

  18. Hi ,

    My mother owns a flat in Delhi. Am I eligible to apply in DDA. I am not a minor.

    The form says if any “dependant relation” has a house in Delhi , then one is not eligible to apply. How to comprehend whether my mother is dependant on me or not? My father is retired ( and has substantial savings for taking care of himself and my mother) and I also pay rent to my mother for claiming HRA allowance.

    Please clarify my doubt

    • Hi Amit, There is no clear cut definition of dependents. However, if they are not dependent on you financially then you can apply for the flat even if she owns a house.

  19. hi
    i want to know about mode of payment after alloted the flats. can i pay monthly basis plz give me monthly details of payment and how many years i can pay it…

    thank you…

    • Hi Ritesh, For normal category, you need to make payment within 90 days from the date of issue of demand-cum-allotment letter. I believe, you can take home loan from banks.

      For Disabled & EWS category, they have option to maker payment over 15 years.

  20. hi, i want to fill my oriental bank of commerce saving a/c detail in refund coulum and branch as mrv school dwarka but in the form there are less coulum .can i fill short form obc bank instead of full name of bank


  22. If someone wife has a small flat / plot in delhi unplanned village area (not in urban planned area) which is not regularized by DDA or Delhi Govt. Also wife acquired flat/ plot her own and huband do not have any share on it. Can husband apply for DDA housing scheme 2014??

    • Hi Onkar, The form clearly says that

      The applicant must not own any dwelling unit (including residential plot / flat) in Delhi, New Delhi or Delhi Cantonment either in his/her own name or in name of his/her spouse or in name of his dependent relations including unmarried children.

      • Thats why asked it says applicant must not own….if his wife or husband has flat their own and applicant do not have any share then legally he/ she do not own it.
        Further ses format of affidavit in form its says not own property in urban area of delhi. Delhi villages do not comes under urban area…
        Is thess are wrong interpretation??

  23. hi vivek
    if anybody has own plot in unauthorised colony in delhi, can apply for dda flat or not.

    regards sanjeev

    • The form says that

      The applicant must not own any dwelling unit (including residential plot / flat) in Delhi, New Delhi or Delhi Cantonment either in his/her own name or in name of his/her spouse or in name of his dependent relations including unmarried children.

  24. 1:- the ews flat starting amount ₹ 10000 is refundable or not refundable. if the amount is refundable than how can i get the amount when i pay through Demand Draft.

    • In the form you need to provide Bank details and refund will either get directly credited or you will get the cheque with bank details printed.

  25. Hi ,
    Could someone please clear my doubt.
    I want to apply on behalf of my wife’s name too who has account in her name but unfortunately does not have transaction password to online transfer amount and we stay outside delhi. So I want to apply online where I will transfer 1L amount from my account and will give her account details in refund account detail section.Please tell me is this feasible or this can cause any issue in refund if it does not get through the lottery.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Ashok, I think you can do that. because the refund will be processed against account number mentioned in the form.
      It is not linked to account from which payment has been made.

  26. hi,
    my wife falls in SC category,if she applies can she take me as co applicant.I fall in general category.

  27. Hi ,

    I am planning to fill DDA LIG flat for my Mother, my mother do not have any source of income/assets, so i and my maternal uncle will provide the funding to my mother. Just wanted to confirm from you, whether DDA will ask the source of funding or not ? If yes , will there be any repercussions ??

    Also advise, as recently the circle rate has been increased in Delhi ,so will it impact the prices of DDA flats in this scheme or the prices mentioned in brochure are final??


    • Hi Rahul,

      DDA will not ask for source of income. You can pay on behalf of your mother. But make sure that you enter her bank account details in the form in case of refund.
      Also note that in case the flat is alloted, Bank may not give home loan to her as she will not have sufficient income documents. In that you will have to make all the home payment without loan.

      2) I am not sure about revision of rates.


  28. Hi,

    Me and my wife both are applying for dda. can we issue cheque of 1L for each form from a single account which is on my wife name?
    For refund, we are mentioning our own individual account in respective form.

  29. Hi Sir,

    In case I am allotted a flat, and take a bank loan for the same, will I be able to claim Income Tax benefit on interest paid for that loan, as soon as I get the possession? I have this doubt as I will not be owner of that flat before 5 years and will only get the possession as per the DDA rule for 2014 housing scheme.


  30. Hi Vivek,

    Please revert on the query i asked on 28th sep. Thanks in Advance !!

  31. Hi Vivek,

    I want to apply online on father’s behalf; however, he doesn’t have online access to his bank account. Since, I have online access, I would like to pay for his application from, but I am not sure if that would be okay. Would you know if it will be alright to pay from my account for my father’s application?


    • Hi Kunal, Yes you can pay from your account. But please make that in the form you enter your father bank account details for refund.

  32. hi vivek
    i want to know has dda inceased the registration fee for EWS catagory.Is it still 10,000.Also my domestic help needs the EWS certificate ,what is the procedure for it.
    Please help

  33. Sir
    By mistake I typed my fathers name in short as in pan card it was written full what to do

  34. Dear sir

    Is it necessary to stay in that flats and it can’t be rented to others for next five years as it would be liable for cancellation? As an investment option, how good it is for a young psu officer like us?

    • I think after taken possession, it can be given on rent. As far as I know the restriction is for selling.
      In past, people were buying DDA flats in lottery so that they can sell it once they get allotment.
      But as the selling is restricted for 5 years, you need to consider that you want to block that whole amount for 5 years.

      Also, from investment point of view, you should treat as any other property investment like location etc. Normally the DDA flats are offered at little lower than market prices, but I think they offer also less re-sale value due to construction quality.

  35. How do i change my bank account number after i submit my form online, I have submitted the application online with wrong bank account no.
    Can someone please guide

    • Hi Sourav, I am not sure of any online option to modify application form. I think you can write letter to DDA address about wrong bank account details.

      • Hi,

        My father has paid an amount to dda with some wrong details in A/c details

        Account no where it is to be was as DHHN010000. But my father transferred to DHHNO 10000. Where after ‘N’ he has written ‘O’ which is to be zero and without any space

        Kindly suggest what should I do in this case

  36. Hi vivek,

    i ma submitted dda form and point no-15(Ragistration amount Details ) i mistake write branch name wrong .can you tell me in this case my form rejected or not

  37. Dear Friend,
    After applying ONLINE and paying the amount by NEFT on SBI portal, do I need to send the application and payment receipt with a Photograph to DDA delhi office and/or SBI Bank Delhi? I am not a RESIDENT of DELHI and thus do I need to care for this issue?

  38. Hi Vivek,

    I am an NRI and want to apply for dda scheme. I have NRE and NRO account. i am confused what account to fill in DDA application. I read your comment that money return will be problem in NRE account. Should i pay for application from my NRO account or If i use my mothers account for payment, do i need to fill her account details in the form.

  39. in the dda Broucher front page 14th line mentioned that if you select only one location than you put “cross” sign on the remaining colum but the bankers told that when you apply for EWS flats you need to fill only one colum and remaining two colum left as a blank colum. therefore in ews what should i need to do. left the colum or put cross help me

    • In page 2 (printed) of DDA brochure , Point 4 (vi) it says that if any box is left blank or preference not given as per codes, then form will be treated as Incomplete & will be rejected.

      So you should put your preference code and cross other boxes.

  40. Hi Viivek,
    am NRI, I have only NRE account to make payment, though have a normal saving account which is in sleeping state and can only receive the money inflow. Is it possible to fill in the bank details of normal saving account(for refund), and make payments through my NRE account or family member account?

  41. please clarify my problem,
    I online submitted form on 30/09/14 via paymount sbi.and all transaction is cleared and data is available in my mail also,but when i check my application status on dda site. it is showing no data found.Now i am confused about my money and status of application.please tell me what to do.
    thanks in advanced

    • hi Ashok, As there were holidays in last few days, pleae check in 1-2 days and that should appear on their website as well. if not contact your bank.

  42. have a question here….what is the initial amount one have to pay (for PD person) while registering…
    I mean wts the registraion money for him.

    is it 10,000 or 1,00,000..
    plz reply asap….

  43. Dear Sir,

    I am applying for self as well as for my wife.The issue is that I we have only one net-banking enabled account which is on my name. Can I deposit the registration amount of my wife’s form from my bank account via net-banking? Kindly advise as the form is held up for want of clarification in this regard.Further,as I am outside of India presently,I don’t have the option of depositing the form at the Bank’s branch.

    Thank you so much and warm regards,


  44. Is it possible to fill online form and pay the money from my brother account.?

  45. Hi Vivek,
    I am appliying for my mother through online portal under EWS category. But my mother doesnt have a pan card.
    As it is stated that no pancard is required for EWS category, so I tried to apply online.
    But since it is mandatory to mention pan card, i am not able to apply online. Can I put dummy pan card no. like ABCDE1234F to move forward? Will it still be valid?

    • PAN card is not compulsory for EWS. May be you need to submit physically in the bank.
      Writing wrong PAN may make form invalid.

  46. Have query, I m a physically challenged much amount I have to pay at the time of registration ( 1lac or 10000)..
    Plz let me know asap ?

  47. I am tryinf to submit my application through link but after clicking submit button, nothing is processing. I have provided all the details in form and there is no error coming.
    Is there anything that application can be submitted during bank time only as i have tried to submit the application in night at 9:00Pm.

  48. My domestic help wants to apply for a flat under EWS category but does not have Rs 10,000 registration fee.Does any bank give a loan for this amount?

    • Hi Aparna, Ithink banks are not giving loan to EWS category, They are mainly giving loan for RS 1 lakh. as they need income docs as well as PAN etc.

  49. Hi

    I applied online for DDA Scheme on 2nd Oct. 14 but till date it shows Data not available on DDA Website. What to do?

  50. Can I make payment from my friend’s account, because my Internet banking is not working? Means details are mine but just transfer money from my friend account. My question is if flat will allot, then will it be on my name?

  51. Hi vivek,

    I mistakenly entered delhi residential status to YES instead of NO as i am a resident of jammu. I also have emailed director housing DDA regarding this issue and told them to make correction if possible else cancel my application so that i get my money refunded without entering into any hassle.

    Kindly suggest the course of action that i should follow.

  52. Sir I have made an error in filing father’s name, I have not submitted the form till now, will white ink or correction allowed, or i have to buy a new form?

    • I think if you have made error, you can cross it and write new details & sign near that.
      otherwise you can get new form / apply online.

  53. sir i have filled the form in my name but as my father paid the money thru his sbi ac dd, so he has written his bank details in the form.
    so now will there be a problem in refund as form is in my name but my fathers ac details are there in the form.??

    • Hi Suman, It can be problem, because the applicant name will be different that name in Bank account. The refund may get rejected.
      Also, if refund will be sent by post – it will have your name & account number (but that account no is your father’s, so it cannot be cleared)

      • I also have the same problem. Can you please provide the remedy for it. How can i resolve this problem.

        • What is your query

          • Hi,

            I received refund cheque from DDA. because of name mismatch, clearance was rejected by bank. Can you please suggest how to get this resolved?

          • You need to apply to the DDA to issue the refund cheque in corrected name. Also what is the reason for name mismatch?

          • thanks Vivek. It was because of online registration and no field for A/C owner name and no validation….

          • Hi Ishwar, Whether the Name of Applicant on DDA Form was not same as name in the Bank ? What was the name on DDA form & Bank Account ?

          • Hi Vivek, Applicant name on the form and mentioned Account owner name are not same…

          • what is the difference in name? Are both different people ?

          • How to resolve DDA refund cheque related name mismatch issue issue:

            If there is any mismatch in the Payee name and account owner name of the mentioned account number, do approach/contact/phone your respective bank branch (using which you applied for DDA Flat Scheme). carry following while going to bank branch:
            1) carry passbook of an account whose owner name is exactly same as the Payee name mentioned in the refund cheque.
            2) carry an ID proof of the applicant
            3) carry origional refund cheque
            4) DDA application photocopy
            5) photocopy of 1 to 4

  54. I want to apply for the DDA however I donot have any source of income but if I apply jointly with my husband then my husband can apply for loan . Pl advise .

  55. hi, i had submitted my form on 25 sep with sbi dd in sbi bank and still showing it as no data found on dda site plz suggest me

    • In case of message “No Data found ” Please contact the concerned bank through which application has been filed online/off line.

  56. there are frequent news in some flats from 4 years 10000 flats mein se sirf 6 family are residing.who would purchase such flats …also they are cutoff from delhi..very interior..kindly give top two preference in LIG plz help

  57. While submitting the DDA application my transaction failed due to Payment Gateway Error. Application charges (Rs 100177.85) has been deducted from my account and did not receive the Application number. Please guide me?

    • Hi Anubhav, Please check with your bank and the charges will be revered in due course. If the application number is not generated, it means you have not applied.

  58. For NRIs – should they provide residence address as their out of country address and the correspondence address as in India address? I do have a PAN card…

    Please advise.

    Thanks for the great help you are providing to every one!

  59. Hi Vivek,

    I am also receiveing the error “No data found”. Also teh application number is generated.
    Does this mean that the application is processed or not?


    • If the application number is generated, it means that the application is processed. it might get sometime to get the bank data update don DDA site.
      But you can always check with your bank.

  60. sir.
    on 4th October 14 i submitted the dda application form in axix bank janak puri branch but when i checked it on dda site it shown no data found. what can i do to know the status

  61. I am a earning member in my family ,I apply a application in DDA and want to apply another application in wife name ,but she is house wife so please suggest that through end finance me ma co applicant ban Santa ho. Issue merit do application to count nahi yogi. Please reply

  62. Hi Vivek,
    I have filled and submitted form today for my mother but I believe I did mistake during filling. In father’s name slot I started the name with “Late” as my grandparents are no more with us however rest of his name is same as per my Mother’s Pan card details. Please suggest, thanks.

  63. Prasenjit Banerjee

    Hi Vivek,

    I would like to know that, saturday i have submitted the dda application form, but i missed to fill the point no. 9 i.e, Category code. It would be General.but i missed that to fill.

    So for same application form shall be rejected or consider.

    Pls confirm.



  64. Hi vivek
    I want to apply online for ews categary form but doesn’t have pan no.
    While applying online,it is asking for pan no.
    Now what to do?
    Can I give pan card details of my brother?

    • No you cannot give PAN details of your brother if you are applicant.
      In that case, you need to submit physical form at bank branches.

  65. Dear sir,
    i wish to know if luckily i get a flat in DDA HOUSING SCHEME 2014..and unable to buy then the money being deposited with DDA i.e; 1Lac would be refunded or not ? please help me out in this regard.

  66. Hi Vivek
    I have already applied for DDA, My wife is applying, can i be the joint applicant with her.

  67. Hi Vivek
    While filling up the form i have committed one mistake, Instead of Locality code i have i have written Sl no i.e. instead of 41, 42,45 I have written 28,29,32. is there the chance of rejection of form???

    • it may be rejected. You can send a letter to DDA regarding the mistake and ask them to correct. May be they can accept to correct.

  68. Deep priya dhillon

    Dear Vivek,

    I had filled the DDA application form offline through ICICI Bank. I had mentioned my locality options as 25 , 41 and 42. However when i checked my application online the locality preference is reflecting as 25, 41 and 72.

    Hence the incorrect 3rd option is entered in the system. However there is no option with locality number of 72 at all. WHAT DO I DO ???? no-one picks up the phone at the toll free number provided.

    • I think you need to visit the branch where you submitted the application. Also in the meantime, you can write a letter to DDA regarding the mistake done by bank.

  69. Hi,
    Sir, while filling up the form online, I did a mistake by mentioning my own name in the place of father’s name, the amount has already been remitted. Will there be any problem ?

  70. Hi Vivek,

    I have one doubt regarding the document required after application is selected. For residence and correspondence address i have filled my Delhi address. I am living on rent on from last 2 years at the same address. My adhaar and passport are on same address which I submitted as proof.

    Now the requirement is to give proof of ownership of the residence address which I don,t have. Secondly I don,t have any other residence. I am living on rent from last 15 years and there is no ancestral home inherited. In this case how DDA will process my application?


  71. Pawan Kumar Yadva

    I have applied under reserved category but while checking application status it is showing general category.
    Please suggest me with whom i should contact?

  72. Hi,
    I want to know that is there any option for a General Cateigary person to Go for Hire Purchase Scheme, If one got luck to get the his/her name in Draw. Or anyother option , so that one can do payments on installments.?

    Pls. guide on this.

  73. Hi ,

    I had applied on 7th Oct through Axis Bank offline. But while checking my application status still it is showing no data found so what should i do? My application no is 1330972.


    • Hi Hitesh, it is better to check the status with the Axis Bank branch where you submitted the offline form. It may take sometime to get the data uploaded to DDA site.

  74. Dear All Frnds,
    I hv applied for dda schemethrough sbi and took loan for initial payment..When i checked the photocopy of filled form i found that i forget to fill my category.. i enquire with the bank they told me that they hv send it to dda..what to do now..kindly help..

    • If you have not selected the category, they may reject the form. You may send the application to the address mentioned in the DDA form quoting your application number to correct the category.

  75. Hi Vivek,

    I submitted my DDA form at Axis Branch on 27th sep but still when i am checking DDA site i am getting ‘No Data Found’.


  76. Important information:

    ALL Banks have been asked to give applicant details by 28th October to DDA.

    This information is for ALL, please spread it so that people like us are relieved of the tension. I have been waiting for my name to be displayed and was worried till now. So folks, do not worry. Check on 29th October.

  77. i have applied on general category

  78. Sir,

    I submitted application through bank, pan number showing on DDA website is incorrect.

    Please suggest what to do now.

    • You shoudl contact the bank where the form was submitted. You can also send letter to DDA with application ref & copy of correct PAN

  79. I am not able to found my application status today is 31 oct ….where to contact.. anybody please help me out

  80. I submitted application online through SBI website. By mistake i type wrong last alphabet of PAN number. Please advise how to make necessary correction.

  81. Hi ,

    While checking the status of my application it is showing locality code as zero. I have applied through axis bank offline and there was no option to give locality code there while submitting my application.

    • You need to give the locality code preference in the form itself.

      • Yes I just realize that there was option to fill the locality code . but nobody told me to fill tat option while submitting my application. Now is there any way to fill it.

        Regards hitesh

        • Hi Hitesh, It is upto individual to fill the form completely. No one at bank will bother to tell you these details.

          I think the form will be rejected and you will get refund in due course.

  82. Will DDA consider my application for draw.

    • Hi Hitesh, It is upto individual to fill the form completely. No one at bank will bother to tell you these details.

      I think the form will be rejected and you will get refund in due course.

      • Hi Vivek,

        Thanks for your reply, when they will going to reject my application. i can see my application status online on DDA website its showing there. So will my application be included in draw or not?. my application no is 1330972.

        Kindly check.

        Thanks in advance…………….

  83. Hi Vivek,
    I have submitted the the form through online where i have mentioned my current corresponding address where i lived as a rented house but now i have left that house & sifted to other location so please confirm how can i change my address as i want refund cheque to new address.

    Its urgent please help me out.


    • I think when you see yoru form on DDA website, you can write to DDA to change your correspondence address.

      • Hi,

        I can see my application status over DDA site, but how can i write to change my address as there is no communication medium to share my query.

        If you can help me to get email address so that i can write directly to them.

        Vivek Singh

        • You need to send them the application by post on th address mentioned on the form. I think I have mentioned the address in one of the queries above.

  84. I have submitted my form with pnb bank on 30-09-2014
    till now my application status is showing me no data found
    I contacted the PNB bank where I have submitted, they said they forward my form to their head office branch rohtak.
    I have emailed their head office but have not received any response plz tell me what should I do????
    & plz provide me the result date of dda scheme 2014….
    application no. 0890040

    • Hi Sunny, you have no other option but to wait and chase the bank. You should regularly chck the DDA site to check if the data is uploaded. data for many applicants are yet to be uploaded by banks and they are expected to finish by 5-Nov

  85. HI,
    While filling form on, last digit of pan number was missed. Please confirm how can I inform to DDA for this? Please provide emal id or address of DDA

  86. My Application number 0518564 is still not uploaded on dda website. Could you please sugggest whom to conatct now. Bank said that they have submiited the form but it it not uploaded on dda website till now.

  87. Hi,

    DDA is keep on delaying the draw results. How can I cancel the application and get the refund?

    • Hi Deepak, There is no such option available. Once the draw is done, all unsuccessful applicants will get refund within 3 months

  88. Sir What is the reason for delay draw ????
    Kahi koi gadbadi ki kosis to nahi ho raha hai??????

  89. I am having my NRE account and has given the same account number for refund, so will it be possible to have the refund in the same account?

    • It may not be possible to get the refund in NRE Account. As in NRE Account only funds from outside India can get credited.

  90. DDA alloted me flat in narela sector G-8, what return i expect after 5 year??

  91. Sir, I got LIG flat in this draw.
    I filled the online application form but by mistake i uploaded my wife’s photo and sex as F. (i was first filling in her name but later on decided to apply on my name only).
    My name, fathers name, PAN card No, bank account, address are correct.
    Please let me know how to get this corrected. should I wait for allotment letter adn then go to DDA or should I try to get it rectified before allotment letter is generated?
    What is the process for it ?
    Thanks and regards

    • Hi Suresh, It is better to contact the DDA as early as possible to get the error rectified. Normally they may require affidavit on stamp paper.

      • Thanks for your reply. I tried calling their number, but no there line seems to be not functional.
        As I currently working in Channai can you kindly suggest me if I should go to delhi and try to meet “some one” in DDA office OR should I wait for gettign allotment letter and clarity of contact person for next step and then go there.
        Thanks again for your expert advice.

        • can u please respond?

        • It is not advisable to wait for allotment letter. Sometimes it is difficult with government organizations to get information over phone. they need you to enquire in person. if you have any relative, then you can send them for inquiry. Else you can send them the details by post, Not sure whether it uis feasible for you to visit delhi only for this inquiry.

  92. I got a dda LIG flat in PH category. if i pay money in monthly installment. any interest on that money or interest free

  93. Hi,

    I got the LIG flat , but I have submitted the form finance from Axis Bank.

    Now what is the next step ?

    Do I need to wait for allotment letter or contact Bank. ?
    Not sure where DDA will send the Allotment and demand letter to Bank or to my Address ?? As Bank fill there address while submitting the Application form.

    How to took home loan for this.

  94. how i surrender my flat???? wht is the procedure?

  95. sir,

    if someone who has been alloted a flat under ex servicemen category then is it necessary for him to give his allotment money from his pension account? also if dat person has not provided pension income in his ITR dan can it be a issue at the time of possession? why the department needs itr?

    pls reply asap

    • Hi Deepti, For ex-serviceman category, they need to submit the Pension Certificate. It is not necessary that allotment needs to come from Pension Account.

      Re the ITR, it may be an issue if the pension income is not appearing there.

  96. Hi,

    I want to know that what is the meaning of proof of ownership of residence. I do not own any property and living with family so no rent agreement. What document they need under this document.

    The bank account I filled in form is having company’s address so will it create any problem?

    • for the address mentioned in your form, you need to submit the ownership proof. You may submit utility bill in name of your parents.

  97. There is small clerical error in my name kindly let me know how can i correct it.

  98. I have been alloted a flat in rohini. could u plz tell me when & what document is require & time limit to pay amt is it after 3 month of possesion or upto 31st march 15 or 3 month from the date of draw.

    • Hi Pradeep,
      1) The documents required after DDA flat draw is provided in the page 2 of the DDA form ( link given in the post)
      2) the payment needs to be made within 90 days of the date of issue of demand-cum-allotment letter. You can deposit in next 9 month along with 12% interest as well. (Details given on Page 6 of the form)

  99. Dear sir, my father is lucky to get get a mig flat in dda housing scheme 2014 draw. but he is not eligible for home loan because he has only 3 years in his retirement. so I want to ask you that is there any way by which I can get this flat for myself because bank is ready to give me loan. One more question is that os it profitable to buy a mig flat worth 70 lack in narela.

  100. Vivek sir i have applied through online banking and got result as unsuccessfull. Will money got refunded automatically to my account by dda or i have to claim it?

  101. hiii, i have got MIG allotment in Narela, Brochure says its cost is around 68 lakh rs, i want to ask is this the right amount or DDA will offer ssome other amount in Demand letter???

    can we pay the amount in Instalments????

    • The amount in allotment letter will be the final amount. You need to pay within 90 days of issue of demand-cum-allotment letter. You have further 9 months to pay with 12% interest.
      You can take a home loan as well.
      You cannot pay in installments.

  102. Dear Sir,
    First i ant to thanks you for providing such a good guidence and knowledge
    I have been alloted a dda flat 1 bhk in dwarka sec 23b i want to know whether it is worth buying
    what is the premium if i sell it in market
    what is the the expected rent and what about locality
    with regards

    • Hi, Apologies but I am not sure about the sale or rental prices for these areas. it is better to do a quick research on reality portals like 99acres magicbricks etc

  103. What documents can be produced as ownership proof of residence

  104. What documents can i produce against Ownership proof of residence of the applicant.

  105. please anser my query

  106. Vivek ji,

    I want to know, that I mentioned account which I was using for last company. It has address of that last office, I left that company some 2 years ago. So will it create any problem? If yes, what can be alternate solution for this?

  107. Hi Vivek.. That for clarifying all doubts on dda. I have got lig flat and based out at Mumbai. I just need one clarification. Will I need to come down at Delhi or the remaining process can be done online?
    Plz suggest.

  108. Dear Sir
    Thanks or your valuable suggestion please advise me whether it will be beneficial or me to retain this flat 1 bhk in dwarka sector 23 b. is it a worth investment

  109. Sir I am staying on rented house owner is not ready to rent agreement to fufil the condition of proof of ownership of residence.can i give proof of my permanent residentail property. But that is not mentioned on application form. Pls reply.

  110. Dear Sir
    I did not received my allotment letter yet now what to do?

  111. I am from mumbai. I would like to surrender my dda flat.
    How can i surrender flat without visiting dda office in delhi?

    • Successful applicants have the option to surrender the flat before the issue of possession letter from DDA.
      Allotment will be automatically cancelled in case the payment is not made within the prescribed period. And the amount deposited will be get refunded without interest.
      There may be charges applicable as well.
      Details of documents required as given on Page 4-5 of DDA Brochure ( link & pdf file given in post above)

  112. Sir pls suggest, my name is wrongly printed on the draw sheet but all the other details are correct. What to do

  113. surjit singh arora

    allotment letter still awaited. more than 20 days have been passed after the draw. what should i do now to receive the allotment letter intime

    • surjit singh arora

      sir in notice d d a has given 15 days period for despatch the allotment letter through speed post but i am surprised to see that from which date i should count 15 days and up to which day the the prescribed day 15 days should consider the allotment letter.

    • Hi Surjit, Have you received the allotment letter now. if not, I think you need to contact DDA regarding the same.

  114. Dear Vivek

    Thanks for all inputs. Can you pls let me know if there is any action required or process to be initiated by unsuccessful applicants for getting the refund or if the amount will come back automatically. I paid via formzero and my icici bank account.

  115. Hi vivek,

    I have few ques which i have mentioned below.

    We have got a dda flat in rohini sec 4 but its not upto the mark can we change it.
    The flat is on my mothers name so can i go and submit the documents and do the proceedings.
    I have not recvd any letter from DDA when can i expect that.
    Plz reply

  116. Dear Sir
    I am still waiting for allotment letter as i did received it yet please guide me hat to do now?

  117. I mentioned wrong PAN no in application form . will it be a problem in refund.????????

    • If you have not allotted a flat and refund is due, then there will not be any issues as refudn will be sent to the bank account directly.

      • I also have the same problem. i have quoted wrong PAN no in online application and and i have not been allotted with any flat. But the problem is that i have not received the refund till now.
        is this delay is due to wrong PAN? can they forfeit the money in such case?

  118. Hi ,
    I applied for DDA flat scheme 2004, and I made a payment through an NRE account. my application didn’t come through draw. How will I get my refund to an NRE account?

    • small correction , I applied DDA scheme 2014 (not 2004)

    • I don’t think that amount can be credited to NRE account. As only overseas funds are allowed to be credited in NRE Account.
      Your bank may reject the payment.

      • I received the cheque in Rs. , but bank is not allowing to credit to my NRE account as you mentioned.
        What’s solution now? If I provide the check details, can DDA issue a new check for my NRO account? Or can DDA can send the draft ? Let me know

        • Whether the account number is printed on the cheque?

          If yes, then you need to contact DDA for re-issuance of cheque under new resident / NRO account
          If no, then you can open new NRO / resident account and deposit the cheque

  119. Dear Sir

    I (allottee) am resident of Mumbai. Please provide contact numbers at which I may clear some doubts about formalities to be fulfilled for this allotment so that I may not face any problem on reaching New Delhi for the same.

    T C Agarwal

  120. Dear Vivek,
    I have won dda lottery n got 1Bhk flat in narela under ST category. 2 question plz.
    Can we sell this flat to any category post 5 year cap or it can be sold to reserved categories only.?

    Is it wise to invest in dda flat in narela given the size n location of flat.

    • 1) Post 5 year, you can sell the flat ( irrespective of category)
      2) Mostly DDA flats are priced below market rate, so it may give good returns.

  121. any news for document verification for Rohini sec.34

  122. Hi vivek,
    We had applied for DDA online but could not be fortunate enough to get the draw.
    Now we have received the refund cheque but it has my name with my husband’s account details as he is the joint applicant in that.
    Please suggest the action to get the cheque cleared and moreover whom should we contact.. DDA or the cheque issuing bank??
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Divya,
      the cheque should be issued in the name of main applicant with main applicant bank details as given in the form.

      In your form,
      1) Are you the first applicant
      2) whether your bank account number was filled in the application form.

  123. Indrojeet Mukherjee

    Hi Vivek,

    I have got the refund back but the name in the cheque is my wife’s name and account number is mine. And the account does not have my wife as joint.
    Can we get the cheque re-issued by DDA? If yes then what is the procedure ? And what all would be needed.

    • Hi Nitin,

      I think you have few options:

      1) Add your wife as Joint account holder in your account. In private banks it is easy to add the joint name. OR
      2) visit the bank branch and check if they can re-issue the cheque with correct details (after getting some additional documents)
      3) If above is not successful, then you ned to apply to DDA and not sure how much time they will take to correct.

  124. Hi Vivek,
    I filled one application in my sisters name online and the account number mentioned in the application was incorrect(last digit). Now bank has issued the DD and I want to correct the account number so should I visit the bank branch or DDA? Need advise, please help me out.

    • Hi Nitin,

      I think you have few options:

      1) visit the bank branch and check if they can re-issue the cheque with correct details (after getting some additional documents)

      2) If above is not successful, then you ned to apply to DDA and not sure how much time they will take to correct.

    • pls contact the bank through which you applied for dda scheme. carry passbook, id, origional draft and photocopies…

  125. Hi,

    I have been allotted for a LIG flat in Rohini Sector 34.
    I have financed registartion amount 1 lahk rupees through bank.
    Please let me know in case of surrender, will DDA refund the money back to Bank or I have to Re-pay to bank and DDA will repay to allotee.


  126. Hi Vivek,

    congrats on this amazing website and thanks for keeping it uptodate and accurate.

    Are there any similar schemes in other states like Goa? I`m form Goa, and would be interested in availing such schemes, if available?

    Any idea, whom to contact or reach at a local level, to find out about this?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    much thanks and regards,

  127. Hi Vivek,

    I have taken a loan from HDFC bank for my flat in Narela. Bank is saying they will issue the cheque on DDA’s name but DDA has written that they will take the money through online payment(chalen) only. So, what is the procedure to give the money to DDA in case of loan and can the rest of money I give in cash or how? . Plz help me.


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