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HDFC 10x Rewards program SmartBuy (upto 33% benefit)

HDFC 10x rewards program is an accelerated rewards program that give you more rewards (10x times more) than usual points. In this program, you can get 10x more reward points on the spending made through HDFC SmartBuy portal.

Currently, 10x rewards is applicable for 2 credit cards –   HDFC Infinia credit card & HDFC Diners Black credit card

How this 10x rewards program is beneficial

This program has been very popular and beneficial as you can get almost 33% worth of cashback on your spends. In other words, it gives 33% off on your spending, which is the best in the credit card industry. 

Do you get 33% off ? No. but you get 10x points and when you redeem (1:1), it works out 33% benefit.

How much rewards you can accrue?

Previously anything you buy through HDFC SmartBuy portal would have accrued 10x reward points. But things have slightly changed and lower reward points are given for certain merchants.

Infinia/Diners Black Worth
Instant Vouchers (130+ merchants – see list) 10x 33%
Flights 10x 33%
Hotels 10x 33%
Makemytrip 10x 33%
Buses 10x 33%
Oyo 10x 33%
Trains 5x 16.5%
Amazon 5x 16.5%
Flipkart 3x 9.9%
Compare & Buy removed

Other cards

Is there any cap?

Yes there is a limit on the bonus points as below. 

  • Infinia –  15,000 Points  (equal to Rs 50000 spend)
  • Diners Black – 7,500 Points  (equal to Rs 25000 spend)

Note that above cap is only for extra “Bonus” points and there is no cap for normal points accrual.

HDFC Bank Card Type Maxcap per calendar month
Infinia Credit card 15000 reward points
Diners Black Credit card 7500 reward points
Regalia / Diners Privilege Credit card Rs 2000 cashback
Other Credit / Debit card / Prepaid card Rs 1000 cashback

How can you redeem?- for Infinia Card points

You can redeem your points in following ways:

  • SmartBuy/ Infinia portal Flights and Hotels booking – conversion rate of  1 point = Rs 1  
  • Redeem against Shopping Vouchers  (normally 1 point = Rs 0.50)
  • Cashback credited to statement (1 point = Rs 0.30)

See the calculation

  • So, if you do shopping of Rs 50000 in a month (on SmartBuy 10x category), you will get total points = 1665+ 14985 points = 16650 points
  • These points can be redeemed for Rs 16650
  • So effectively, you got Rs 16650 off on spending of Rs 50000. A Saving of whopping 33.3%

Time limit for redemption

  • You have 3 years to redeem the points

Points to Note:

  • the bonus reward points are credited within 90 days of the transaction. But, currently it is not very easy to reconcile the points. Many users have complained about the credit of points, so it is advisable to keep track for transactions and check later if the points have been credited.


With upto 33.3% worth of redemption value, it is probably the best rewards program available on the credit card market. Check out full features of HDFC Infinia Credit card.

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