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Mutual Funds

Earn more with DIRECT plan of Mutual Funds


Last updated : 25th April, 2014 From Jan 2013, Direct Plan for Mutual funds are in the market. In the first month, people were sceptical if there is going to be much difference in returns on Standard Plan & Direct Plans of Mutual Funds. Here is the NAV Comparison of some MF under Standard Plan & DIRECT Plan over last 1 year So, fromt the table you can see that you can see the Savings made by DIRECT Plan of Funds over last 1 year.   A.  What is Direct Plan of Mutual Funds? From 01-Jan-2013, Investors have the option ... Read More »

Mutual Funds – Taxation Aspects


Last updated : 10th July, 2014 In this post, I will explain the Taxation aspects of Income / Returns from Mutual Funds. The taxation depends on type of Mutual fund scheme you have invested in.  The taxation will be different for equity schemes, and non equity schemes ( for e.g debt schemes, money market etc) Broadly, there can be following 2 type of Income from Mutual Funds: Dividend Capital Gains A. Dividend Received  – Tax Free in hands of investor Any dividend received from Mutual Funds is exempt from Tax in hands of investor. So , if you have selected ... Read More »

[How to] Invest in Mutual funds in India – online / offline options


Last updated : 22nd April, 2014 Mutual funds are one of the best options for Retail investors to invest their money in different asset classes. It gives benefit of professional management of your money, offers liquidity, allow diversification and tax benefits. A.   Quick overview of process to Invest in Mutual funds 1) Submit KYC Form – KYC is must for the first time investors and need to be done ONLY ONCE and valid for all Mutual fund houses. You need to submit KYC form along with the Proof of ID & Address. You can submit it to your nearest ... Read More »

CPSE ETF Details & Should you invest in this PSU ETF?


Last updated : 9th April, 2014 What is CPSE ETF CPSE ETF (Central public sector enterprises ETF) is the new ETF launched by government which is comprised for 10 Bluechip PSU companies. Its objective is to raise money from public & invest in the shares of PSU companies which are part of this ETF. Through this ETF government is targeting to raise Rs 3000 crores. The NFO is closing on 21-Mar-2014. What is ETF ETFs are like mutual funds which can be bought and sold on stock exchanges.  It is a security that tracks an index, a commodity or a ... Read More »

Top 10 Reasons to Invest via Mutual Funds


Last updated : 25th April, 2014 Mutual funds are one of the best options available to small retail investors to diversify their investment and earn superior returns.  Through Mutual Funds, you can invest in various types of products – for e.g.  Equities, Bonds, Fixd Income, Gold, Commodities companies, Index etc. In this post, I have tried to list some major benefits of investment in mutual funds   1) Professional Expertise As we can’t be experts in everything, so it is better to leave certain things with professionals.  Fund managers are highly qualified & experienced, track the market activities closely, speak ... Read More »

Basics of Mutual Fund


Last updated : 2nd May, 2014 I remember, when I advised one of my friends to invest via Mutual funds, he replied – “I am afraid of share market and that’s why I don’t want to invest in Mutual Funds. “ Do you also think, investing in mutual funds means investing in share market and it is as risky as share market. Then you are not correct and need to understand the basics of Mutual Fund. It is a Myth that : Mutual Funds means Share Market. Mutual Fund by itself is not an Investment but it is a way ... Read More »

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