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5 most Expensive stocks are giving Best Returns


Many people love to trade in penny stocks as the amount required is low. But do you know that India’s 5 most expensive stocks are best performing stocks over 1,3 & 5 years time horizon. 

Just comparing Stock price is not parameter to determine whether one stock is better than other.  Stock priced at Rs 1000 may be better than stock valued at Rs 50. You need to see the other parameters to determine how attractively priced a particular stock is – PE ratio (Price Earning Ratio).

Most Expensive Stocks & their Returns
Most Expensive Stocks CMP PE Ratio 1yr 3yr 5yr
MRF 22301 11.54 92% 245% 1224%
Bosch 10067 37.14 14% 69% 244%
Page Industries 6623 50.64 102% 361% 1771%
Eicher Motors 5748 54.02 116% 387% 2563%
Shree Cements 5088 22.05 26% 172% 730%
Returns calculation as on 25-Mar-2014
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