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List of petrol pumps giving Cash


Government has now allowed selected petrol pumps to give cash upto Rs 2000 on swiping of your debit card. At present this facility is available to state run petrol pumps which has SBI POS Machine only.  This will be extended to other pumps within few days to other bank’s machine (ICICI, HDFC,Citibank)


Here is the list of 700 petrol pumps that are dispensing cash  –  petrol-pumps

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Note that the daily limit for petrol pump is Rs 1 lakhs., which means they can only serve 50 customers in a day. In many petrol pumps bank staff has not setup machines or provided cash yet.

See the latest rules for the exchange , or deposit or convert the old currency notes. Government are changing rules frequently. Check the latest update here.

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