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Top Foreign Investors (FII) in Indian Stock Market and their Holdings

Do you want to know which FIIs are largest investors in India? and which stocks they are holding? While this should not be the only criteria to find good stocks, but it could definitely be one parameter.

See below the FII who have invested more than $1billion in Indian Stock Market. (Last updated 26th July 2021)

FII Portfolio Value No of Stocks
(in Rs Crores)
Government Of Singapore 97,593 39
Europacific Growth Fund 50,113 8
Government Pension Fund Global 49,263 72
Vanguard Fund 33,955 28
Oppenheimer Developing Markets Fund 31,540 5
Nalanda India Fund Limited 26.792 28
Smallcap World Fund Inc 20,308 28
Elara India Opportunities Fund Limited 16,776 24
Amansa Holdings Private Limited 14,678 21
Master Capital Services Ltd 12,964 23
Apms Investment Fund Ltd 11,649 10
East Bridge Capital Master Fund Limited 9,904 14
Lts Investment Fund Ltd 9,032 16
Albula Investment Fund Ltd 8,564 16
New World Fund Inc 7,314 3


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