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Income Tax Return ITR forms for FY 2015-2016 (AY 2016-2017)


CBDT has issued the Income tax return (ITR) forms for the financial year 2015-2016 (AY 2016-2017). Normally the last date of filing returns in 31st July.

ITR No Eligibility Forms
ITR 1 For Individuals having Income from Salaries, One house property, Other sources (Interest etc.)  itr12016
ITR 2 For Individuals and HUFs not having Income from Business or Profession  itr22016
ITR 2A For Individuals and HUFs not having Income from Business or Profession and Capital Gains and who do not hold foreign assets  itr2a2016
ITR 3 For Individuals/HUFs being partners in firms and not carrying out business or profession under any proprietorship  itr32016
ITR 4 For individuals and HUFs having income from a proprietary business or profession  itr42016
ITR 4A Presumptive business income tax return  itr4s2016
ITR 5 For persons other than,- (i) individual, (ii) HUF, (iii) company and (iv) person filing Form ITR-7  itr52016
ITR 6 For Companies other than companies claiming exemption under section 11  itr62016
ITR 7 For persons including companies required to furnish return under sections 139(4A) or 139(4B) or 139(4C) or 139(4D) or 139(4E) or 139(4F)  itr72016


Some changes to IT Forms

1) Schedule AL added to all forms (including for ITR1 , ITR 2)  –  Declare Net Worth if Income more than Rs 50 Lakhs.  See detailed post othis requirement.

2) In ITR 4s –  Nature of Business needs to be mentioned, If more than one Business, then indicate three main activities or products. 


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