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Comparison of Online Income tax filing / efiling sites

There are two options to file returns online.

  1. File your Income Tax return online for FREE at Income Tax Department website.
  2. Using an online e filing Service provider. If you need any help, there are online service providers / websites which helps & allows you to file your return online. The charges varies from Rs 150 – Rs 3000.

Here is the comparison

Website For Fees
TaxSpanner Individuals, NRI, Businessmen Rs. 249 – Rs 2499
TaxSmile Individuals, NRI Rs 250 – Rs 3100
TaxShax Individuals Rs 181 – Rs 524
myITreturn Individuals, NRI FREE – Rs 999
IncomeTax Department All FREE

See my other post on – How to file your Income Tax returns online for FREE.

SBI has recently tie-up with TaxSpanner and they are offering promotional discount with charges starting from Rs 150.  See the details here

If you have used any of these websites, please provide your feedback so that other members can get its benefit.

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