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Comparison of Gold ETF vs Gold Mutual Funds vs e-Gold – Which is the Best ?


If you want to invest in Gold, electronic form of investment is better than buying physical gold due to reasons of safety, storage, liquidity, purity etc.You have few options of buying gold in electronic format  like e-Gold, Gold ETF, Gold Mutual Funds etc.

In this post, I have compared the features of different options of buying gold in electronic form.


e-Gold (NSEL) –   Very Cost effective as compared to Gold ETF / Gold Funds. Best for those you want to invest for longer term & large amounts. Also, Physical delivery of Gold Coins/Bars can be taken. But need to open separate DMAT account with NSEL.

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Gold ETF – Gold ETF for those who already have share trading account and do not want to open separate account with NSEL for e-Gold.


Gold Mutual Funds –   For those who don’t have any DMAT account and want to invest smaller amounts in Gold.


Here is the quick comparison of features of Gold ETF, Gold Mutual Funds & e-Gold:


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 Please share your views, opinions on comparison of these different forms of investing in Gold.

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