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Now you need to send ITR V by “Speed Post” only



Income Tax Departmet has now asked assessees filing returns online to send ITRV by “speed post” only.

Earlier, ITR V could be send by either Ordinary Post or Speed post.

When you file return online, ITR V (Acknowledgement) is generated, which needs to b signed by you and send it to Central Processing Centre (CPC) of the department in Bengaluru.

IT department has now changed the procedure and has disallowed sending the paper statements through ordinary post or to a designated post box number. You need to send ITR V by Speed Post only.

In order to prevent the hassle of sending by post a hard copy of e-filed return, the Income Tax department is also planning to bring in the facility of electronic signatures for taxpayers to endorse their bonafides.

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  1. hi Vivek, suppose bkg amt has been credited in our co’s bank A/c late night on 31/03/2014 and we came to know about it today only(2/4/2014), now how can we pay service tax on the same as due date was 31/03/2014? we also have debit amt of the same party in our books as on 31/03/2014, amt of which is diff. from the bkg recd. if we adjust bkg amt agt debit amt, it would be wrong. how can we pay service tax on bkg now? pls advise.


  2. hi vivek,
    i am an individual self employed and income 6-8L..
    what are the fees generally CA charge for ‘preparation & filing of IT Return’ for 1 year?

    • Hi Piyush, It will depend on the complexity of your returns & income calculation under various heads like Business, Other Sources, Share trading, Capital gains etc.

  3. sir , thanks 4 the reply. i am a lawyer and my income accounts for professional fees and fd interest only and nothing else . my expenses are mostly phone, electricity, property tax, office, books, salary, gifts etc.. in that case how much fee should a CA charge ?

    • Normally just for filing returns, they may charge Rs 10000 to Rs 15000.
      Also in case your books of accounts needs to be prepared, they will charge more.

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