Income Tax Dept to send notices to further 21.75 lakh “non-filers”



The Income Tax Department has now performed the 2nd round of data matching and identified additional 21.75 lakh potential non-filers



The department had initiated a business intelligence project in February 2013 to identify PAN holders who have not filed I-T Return and about whom specific information is available in Annual Information Return (AIR), Central Information Branch (CIB) data and TDS/TCS Returns.

 The department has already sent letters to the 50,000 potential non-filers in the first batch..  The results of this initiative are very encouraging and 5,36,220 returns have been received from the target segment. Self assessment tax of Rs 1,017.87 crore, and advance tax of Rs 898.22 crore has also been paid by the target segment

IT dept has urged all tax payers to disclose their true income and pay appropriate taxes.


The information relating to the 21.75 lakh new non filers has been made available on the ‘Compliance Module’ on the e-filing portal of the Income Tax Department.

The information will be shown only to the specific PAN holder when the PAN holder logs into e-filing portal at

The PAN holder will be able to submit the response electronically and keep a printout of the submitted response for record purposes


10 Replies to “Income Tax Dept to send notices to further 21.75 lakh “non-filers””

  1. Hi Mr.Vivek,

    I am a non residential indian, for last 10 years. I too got a notice from income tax department for asking to file a return for last 4 years.
    I have a land and uncompleted flat on my name in india.
    I dont have any income generating sources other than some Fixed Deposits.
    Do i need to submit an IT return? If so how to do this? How to reply to the notice?
    Request your valuable feedback.


  2. Hi Vivek,

    This is siva, i didn’t file the ITR for 3 FY (2010-2013), If i wnats to cleare that, what should i needs to follow. do i need to check with any CA or i can itself do by online by paying itself. Please Advice. Thanks.

    1. Hi Siva, You can only file belated return for AY 2013-2014( FY 2012-2013) & AY 2014-2015 (FY 2013-2014) now.
      You can do it online bu yourself. See below :

      For other years, it is better that you prepare return 7 calculate tax. You cannot file return for those years but you can pay due taxes. so that if the scrutiny happens , you will all the taxes already paid.

  3. Sir,
    I am private tutor. I also receive some money from my son as gift on regular basis to run my livelihood. I have invested in equity and later sold equity and mutual funds but my total income from all sources are below the taxable limit.
    I have got a notice from IT Dept mentioning followings:
    1 2010-11 AIR-005 Paid Rs. 1,00,000 or more for acquiring Shares
    2 2012-13 STT-01 Purchase of equity share in a recognised stock exchange
    3 2012-13 STT-02 Sale of equity share (settled by the actual delivery or transfer) in a recognised stock exchange
    4 2012-13 STT-03 Sale of equity share (settled otherwise than by the actual delivery or transfer) in a recognised stock exchange
    5 2012-13 STT-05 Sale of futures (derivative) in a recognised stock exchange.
    6 2012-13 TDS-194A TDS Return – Other Interest (Section 194A )

    shall I reply that my income tax is below taxable limit. Plz suggest needful

    1. Hi, Because you have all these share transactions, the notice is sent regarding non-filing of returns.
      As you cannot file the returns now, the only option you have to respond that return was not filed as income was below taxable limit.

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