Best Performing International Funds & Arbitrage Funds – 2018


In my previous post, I have listed the best Performing Equity Funds ( Large Cap , Midcap/ Small Cap, Diversified Funds), balanced Funds, Debt Funds & Gold Funds. Now ion this post, we are mainly looking for best performing Equity Sector Funds, International Funds as well as Arbitrage funds.

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Equity Mutual Funds – Sector / Thematic

Please note that Sector Funds invest in particular sector and involves higher risk as compared to Diversified funds. Sector specific risks exist in such funds.

Please see the post below for the best performing Equity Sector and thematic funds – (Infrastructure & Banking funds have given 40% returns in last one year) – See the link below:

Equity Mutual Funds – International

Please note that International Funds invest in International markets and involves higher risk as compared to Diversified funds. Such funds also carries Exchange Risk.  You should avoid investing in International Funds.


  Annualised Return (in %)
International Funds 1 year 3 Year 5 Year 10 Year
Motilal MOSt Shares NASDAQ 100 ETF 31.64 18.86 22.77
Franklin (I) FF US Opp. -Direct (G) 31.76 13.10 17.58
ICICI Pru US Bluechip – Direct (G) 20.14 12.40 14.85
Edelweiss Great China Equity OffShore 32.10 11.40 15.52
Franklin Asian Equity Fund (G) 15.90 11.96 12.09
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Equity Mutual Funds – Arbitrage Funds

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Such funds exploit differences between spot market & derivatives market. These funds enjoy tax benefit of Equity funds wile giving returns similar to Interest rates.

  Annualised Return (in %)
Arbitrage Funds 1 Yr 3 Yr 5 Yr 10 Yr
Reliance Arbitrage Fund 6.99 6.86 7.87
Axis Arbitrage Fund 6.89 6.93
SBI Arbitrage Opportunities 6.82 6.47 7.62
Kotak Equity Arbitrage 6.65 6.74 7.83
ICICI Prudential Equity Arbitrage 6.49 6.75 7.78
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Note that if you invest in DIRECT plan for above funds, you will get higher returns approx 0.5%

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    • It is better to invest in MF systematically on a monthly basis . It helps to average the cost.

      You can consider investing in following Mutual funds

      UTI Equity Fund (G)
      ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Eqty (G)

      Birla Sun Life MNC Fund (G)
      SBI Small & Midcap Fund (G)
      Can Robeco Emerg-Equities (G)

      UTI MNC Fund (G)
      Reliance Equity Oppor – RP (G)

      • Hi Vivekji, i am reading your posts snd really liking too much as your response on each query is very clear to understand.
        I have below queries and need your great advice.
        1. Have some savings of 25 to 30 lacs and want to invest in non risk markets and earn atleast 8% return. Is it ok to go for FD or any other thing. After 2 yrs i hav to use this for home loan repayment.
        2. I am also on short term onsite, so shall i go with yes bank NRI account which gives 7% FD interest without tax? Pld advice if any.
        3. Also want to start the SIP of 15000 monthly basis for next 15 to 20 years and looking for good list of Mutual funds as per current market. Please list atleat 4 to 5 so the return will b averaged incase some one not perform.


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