Day: January 27, 2019

Arbitrage Funds – Should you invest in it ? – Details & Review

Last updated : 28th January, 2019 Arbitrage Funds, as the name suggests, funds which make money from Arbitrage opportunities. Many investors are not familiar with this type of Mutual Funds. They normally know Equity Funds, Debt Funds etc and think Arbitrage Funds are just other fancy schemes under Equity Funds. However this is not the

Best Top Performing Sector or Thematic Equity funds – 2019

Last updated : 28th January, 2019 When you have invested in other Equity funds, like Large, Midcap, Small cap, Multipcap Equity funds etc, you can consider allocating some funds to any sector specific or Thematic funds. As the name suggests, these funds invests in share of specific industry (e.g. pharma) or specific theme (i.e. infrastructure)