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Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana Account – Saving scheme for Girl Child – Details & Review

Last updated : 9th May, 2015 In Jan 2015, the government has announced a new savings scheme called “SUKANYA SAMRIDDHI ACCOUNT” (SSA) / Sukanya  Samridhi Yojna which is mainly for saving money for the girl child’s education and marriage. It provides tax benefit u/s 80C as well as Interest rate of 9.1%.  9.2%. Interest rate for the current financial year 2015-16 is 9.20 per cent against 9.1 per cent in the previous year. In the post below, we will try explain the features of this savings scheme and answer your queries related to benefits and drawbacks of SUKANYA SAMRIDDHI ACCOUNT, ... Read More »

9.50% IFCI NCD Issue Jan 2015 – Details & Review – Tranche II

Last updated : 6th September, 2016 9.50% IFCI secured redeemable non-convertible debentures (NCD) Issue January 2015 IFCI has opened its public issue of NCDs Tranche II on 01-Jan-2015 &  it closes on 04-Feb-2015  offering 8 investment options with yield upto 9.50% .  This is the second NCD issue by IFCI with previous one issued in Oct 2014.  Type of Instruments – Public issue of the secured redeemable non-convertible debentures (NCD) Size of Issue –Rs. 250 crore with an option to retain oversubscription up to the residual shelf limit of Rs. 790.81 crore Listing – Proposed to be listed on NSE & BSE  (within ... Read More »

DDA Housing scheme 2014 – Details & Forms

Last updated : 26th November, 2014 UPDATE 25/11/2014  DDA Housing Scheme 2014 draw results are announced. Please see the link below to check if you have been allotted a flat UPDATE 5/11/2014 –   DDA Housing Scheme 2014 Draw Results :  DDA also now postponed the draw date to November 10. Once the forms are uploaded ont he website, the applicants will be given opportunity for 1-2 days to check the details & rectify it if needed. Update – Last date for DDA Housing scheme is extended to Oct 15 2014. DDA new Housing / Flat Scheme 2014 is biggest ever housing scheme ... Read More »

SBI Savings Plus Account with MOD High Interest Scheme – Details & Review

Last updated : 2nd May, 2015 In one of my earlier post, I did explain how you can earn upto 9% interest on your Savings account. (Read the post here). Many members asked me about whether such facility available with SBI. So in this post, I am providing details regarding Sweep-in facility in SBI and how can you earn more from your idle Saving Account balance. Savings Plus Account is a Savings Bank Account linked to MODS (Multi Option Deposit Scheme), wherein you can earn high interest from your idle funds in Savings Account. Sweepin Facility – The surplus funds ... Read More »

Bank FD – Facts you must know before you invest

Last updated : 2nd May, 2014 Bank Fixed Deposits are one of the most popular investment avenue for risk averse Indian investors. With benefits such as -decent interest rates (9 – 10%), capital safety, bank reputation, accessibility etc.,  it may seem to be good option. However, a prudent investor should carefully consider all the aspects before taking the investment decision. 1)  Advertised Bank FD yield may be misleading In recent times, many banks in their advertisement show the Annualised yield from FD, which is misleading.  For e.g in below SBI advertisement, you can see that SBI is advertising that you ... Read More »

Tax Free Bonds – Should you invest in these?

Last updated : 12th April, 2014 Tax free bonds are flavour of the market since 2012 with many Government & PSU companies raising thousands of crores from market via these Bonds. There Bonds are offering good returns for long duration as well as tax free income.  In 2012-2013, Around 10 government owned companies raised Rs 50000 crores via tax-free bonds. Positive Points Safe & Secure – All tax-free bonds are issued only by government-owned companies. So they are unlikely to default. These are normally rated AA or higher. Tax FREE Interest –  Interest received on these bonds are fully exempt ... Read More »

e-Gold by National Spot Exchange (NSEL) – Benefits, Buying Process, Charges & Tax aspects

Last updated : 23rd April, 2014 All Trading on NSEL is currently suspended. NSEL went bust in July 2013  after two dozen counterparties declared their inability to settle payments amounting to Rs 5,600 crore to more than 13,000 investors. UPDATE – 27  Mar 2014 NSEL is grappling with a payment crisis for settling dues worth Rs. 5,600 crore after it suspend trading activities in July 2013  following a government directive. The Forward Markets Commission (FMC) on Mar 27 2014 allowed scam-hit National Spot Exchange Ltd (NSEL) to convert e-series gold contracts into physical form – a move that would benefit ... Read More »

Public Provident Fund Scheme (PPF Account) – Features, Tax benefits

Last updated : 1st May, 2014 Public Provident Fund (PPF) is one of the safest, long term investment options with tax benefits. This scheme is managed by Government of India. Why should you invest in PPF Account? Safe investment –  Government scheme Long term – 15 years Returns approx 8.5 – 9% Tax free Interest & tax free maturity amount Deduction u/s 80C for investment made in PPF Amount in PPF account is also exempt from Wealth tax. PPF account is free from attachment by a court in respect of any debt or liability Tax benefits of PPF Account PPF ... Read More »

Where should I invest my money?

Last updated : 28th April, 2014  There is a famous saying in financial world that you will become rich by “Investing” not only “Saving”. Well, Isn’t Investing & Saving is the same thing? Actually No, when you save money, you put it in extremely safe, liquid option like Bank Account, Fixed deposit etc. Saving is mainly to keep pace with Inflation or short term goals or for emergency. When you want to invest, you look around for various available options which can grow your wealth. Based on the goal horizon & risk appetite, you can invest your money in options ... Read More »

Personal Finance resolutions for New Year

Last updated : 23rd April, 2014 Happy New Year !!! January is the month of resolutions. Most people make New Year’s resolutions focussing on physical fitness. At the same time, keeping eye on your financial health is very important. So here are financial resolutions you should make for this new year. 1. I will prepare a master list of all my financial assets Prepare a list of all your investments (shares, mutual funds, NSCs, bank FDs, bonds etc), DMAT accounts, insurance (LIC policies, ULIP, health insurance etc), loans, etc. To start with, write down all these data into an excel ... Read More »

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